Barbara Hofmeister
I help stressed, overwhelmed and confused Millennials re-discover
their path to a meaningful,  prosperous and happy life. 
Be clear – Be free – Be moving!
Get clear – Get unstuck – Get moving!
Feeling stuck in a rut? I help you overcome your inner blocks & limiting
beliefs so you can finally start moving towards your dream life. 

I help you ignite a more fearless approach to
life – one that let’s you take bold action so
you can fail forward into a thriving future.

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Feeling stuck and frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed?

Welcome! You are in the right place!

You are probably reading this because something is not going quite right. No surprise! In today’s fast moving world life can easily be overwhelming. Career, family, friends, hobbies – are pulling us in all directions. Even the most focused of us can become distracted by seemingly never ending demands and fall into a vicious cycle of procrastination and frustration.

Or you feel stuck in a rut but have not idea what is stopping you from achieving your goals; don’t know what stands in your way.
Or maybe you are looking for more meaning, for true purpose in your life but don’t know what the first or the next step could be?

Whatever it might be, you are in the right place.

I believe it’s time to ignite a more fearless approach to life and really go for “it”, whatever your “it” might be.

I believe it’s time to approach life boldly, time to take some risks, and fail forward in order to succeed in a BIG way.


Check out what we offer. It can change your life!

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Services Offered

Here you will find everything you might want or need to get better, more fulfilling and meaningful results in your life.

Coaching, Group Coaching, Online Challenges & Programs, Retreats, Mastermind…


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My 1. recommendation is to read “To Be or Not To Be – The Choice is YOURS!”  I wrote it to give anyone who is interested in living a life of true choice a real STEP-BY-STEP PLAN to get there…

Barbara’s Media Page

Barbara is a renowned international speaker, trainer and a certified master coach with over 22 years of experience. Her speciality is LIFE COACHING you to a fulfilled, meaningful life…


YOU are good enough!

Let me share a post I read in a forum. It was about self-consciousness and being good enough: I decided that I'd go to McDonald's to get some food. Now I'm not overweight, but I do like McDonald's and I work a lot so there are times when I end up there too often. On...

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Success Stories


Meet Barbara

Meet Barbara


Barbara Hofmeister, who is known today as a best-selling author, a renowned international speaker, trainer, and a certified Master Coach, pushed uphill for much of her life. That is why she got so deeply involved in the topic of personal growth and development and is set on making it easier for the people she works with.

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