9 ways to boost your mind power - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

We are always looking for ways to boost our inteligence so here are a few easy techniquest how we can boost our mind power.

1. Breath deep.

The deeper your breath, the more oxygen you get into your blood and consequently into your brain. Breath through your nose and you’ll notice that you use your diaphragm more, drawing air deeper into your lungs. Several deep breaths can also help you to relax, which is conductive to clearer thinking.

2. Learn a language.

Learning a new language introduces your mind to new concepts and new ways of looking at things. It also seems to halt the age-related decline in the brain. Learning a language is one of the best brain exercises.

3. Mind Exercise

If you use problem solving techniques on a regular basis it will become a habit. One would be to redesign everything you see for a while or make words out of number plates of the cars you see, play sodoku or scrabble. If you use just a couple of these fun techniques on a regular basis you will not only become more resourceful but also more confident.

4. Use Transport University

While driving or using public transportation or while exercising, hiking, waiting for someone… you can listen to audio books, teleseminars, audio programs etc. instead of to music. Just imagine what you could learn in that underused time?

5. Meditate

There are a lot of different meditation techniques. The simplest one you can do at any time is to close your eyes, relax your body and pay attention only to your breathing. When your mind wanders, just bring your attention back to your breathing. Even if you only do it for five or ten minutes it will help to clear your mind and get it ready for more challenging tasks.

6. Correct your posture

Posture affects your thinking process. Prove it to yourself by doing math in your head while slouching, looking at the floor and letting your mouth hang open. Then do the mental math while sitting up straight, keeping your mouth closed and looking forward or slightly upwards. You’ll notice that it’s easier to think with the latter posture and you will feel even better when you stand up and throw your arms up in the air and look up at the ceiling smiling.

7. Memory exercises.

Concentration and clear thinking are more or less automatic once you remove distractions. Learn to watch and stop your busy mind. As you notice things that are subtly bothering you, deal with them. This might mean making a phone call or putting things on a list so you can forget them for now. With practice, this becomes easier, and your thinking becomes more focused.

8. Write.

Writing is good for your mind in a number of ways. It is a way to tell your memory what is important, so you’ll recall things more easily in the future. It is a way to clarify your thinking. It is a way to exercise your creativity and analytical ability. Diaries, idea-journals, poetry, note-taking and story-writing are all ways to use writing to boost your brain power.

9. Listen to Mozart.

In a study at the University of California, researchers found that children who studied piano and sang daily in chorus, were much better at solving puzzles, and when tested, scored 80% higher in spatial intelligence than the non-musical group. In another study, 36 students were given three spatial reasoning tests on a standard IQ test. Just before the first test, they listened to Mozart’s sonata for Two Pianos in D Major for ten minutes. Before the second test, they listened to a relaxation tape. Before the third, they sat in silence. The average scores for all 36 students: 1st test: 119. 2nd test: 111. 3rd test: 110. A nine-point boost from Mozart!