Awe Inspiring Alaska - Master Coach Barbara Hofmeister

The first port of call was Ketchikan, apparently the wettest town in North America and true to its legend it rained.

The ship is larger than the highest building in Ketchikan

Probably the most impressive day on my Mastermind cruise to Alaska was the day we were in Misty Fjord. I swear the ship was almost as wide as the Fjord and our Greek captain did a great job turning it around just in front of a massive glacier.

This is how close we were to the fjord walls

We watched as large chunks of ice broke out of the wall  while seals were sunning themselves on the small ice bergs floating in the fjord.

Seals on an Iceberg

It was truly MONUMENTAL!

I was very moved to see the power and beauty of nature which we are responsible for maintaining. We must preserve and not destroy further.