The Power of Accountability and Gratitude

Yesterday we talked about how I learned to be really accountable – not the half hearted attempt I see in so many but the real thing – every single day. Why was that important?

It was important because it taught me 4 great lessons.

  1. That I was not always doing what I said I would do and that that disempowered ME much more than the other person involved. This was a vital lesson.
  2. That accountability helps you change bad habits much faster than anything else.
  3. That having an accountability partner gets you results in record time.
  4. I understood the power of gratitude but that is something we will talk about tomorrw.

Did you know that being accountable makes you reach your goals 8 times faster? That it makes you up to 8 times more productive?

These are amazing number, aren’t they?

So if you have big goals or a goal that seems unsurmountable, or if you want to break bad habits, get yourself a true accountability partner. If you want to focus only on your things, get a good coach (make sure it is someone who knows what they are doing and who is 100% committed to your success). I get amazing results with my clients because I hold them accountable.

Or if you are willing to help someone else reach their dreams then consider becoming the accountability partner of a friend or colleague but make sure both know what they are in for. It has to work both ways. You both hold each other accountable for your actions.

I found it hard to find an accountability partner for myself because most people do not want to commit 100% (to you or to themselves).  Usually a coach or a Mastermind group work better.

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