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Christmas in Germany

Why do I mention¬† there is a difference between thetypical saying “Merry Christmas”in the anglo countries to the “Frohe Weihnachten” in Germany? I mention it because it very much shows the differences in the way we celebrate Christmas. Here in Germany it is very much a family holiday. Maybe a little like Thanksgiving in the [...]

Forgive today!

If you could forgive one person today who would that be? Today was the funeral of my cousin. He was 1 1/2 years younger than me.  As children we did everything together. He was my best friend and with all the little prats we played we used to drive my Grandma crazy. He was the [...]

Praise and Critizism

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Your Happiness – Your Misery – Your Choice!

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Oxfords interviews Barbara Hofmeister

Here is a short interview I did in Oxford, UK    

Integrate the lessons

On my last trip to London they actually upgraded me to business class on the way back. I thought that was nice of the universe -.) and of British Airways! Something else to be grateful for. I went to London solely to attend a seminar on NLP and Time Line Therapy. The 2 days were [...]

It’s my Birthday!

Today no wisdom or suggestions, just a few photos with my family. Enjoy!  

Don’t let anger waste your energy

Anger is something that can control our lifes. If we tend to get upset easily we better learn how to control that anger instead of letting it control us. Did you know that you use 8-10 times more energy when being angry? I read this in a medical article but I also know it to [...]

Grateful for the Upgrade

After the near missed flight to London I spent an extremely enjoyable 2 days there attending a seminar of Topher Morrison. I left it slightly early as I had learned my lesson and wanted to make sure I arrive with plenty of time at Gatwick airport. But I missed the airport train at Victoria Station [...]

Create a Vision of your Ideal Life