The Root of the Problem

Who has not bought something that promised “heaven on earth”or “push button results” but then did not deliver? I myself have experiened that more than once especially when buying stuff about internet marketing.

I bought it because I thought the “Guru” would help me get where I want to go.

And this is the Root Of The Problem!

Because NO OUTSIDER can ever get you where you want to go.

YOU are the only person who can take you where you want to go!


There is no Guru, teacher, mentor, author, speaker, shaman, or whatever who can do that for you. Ever!

Sure, they can show you what workes for them, they can give you motivation and encouragement …and they can help you keep moving when the going gets tough.


They can’t! Not even if they want to. Only YOU can do that.

So whenever you’re considering buying advice, coaching, mentoring, seminar tickets, or whatever – understand this:


…Unless you put what you learn immediately into action and keep using what works for you on a regular basis until it pays off for you.

And if you’re waiting until you get some big amazing break-through before you actually start moving in the direction of your dreams, you might be  waiting a very long time and never get to live your dreams.

But there is a truth and it is kind of anti-climax:


And the stuff that’s worked for lots of other people will probably work for you too …IF YOU PUT IN THE EFFORT.

And that is the key word there.


I want to add another word to the effort and that is “educated”.

Now we have “educated effort”. And that is a great thing.

See, with “educated effort”, you can do anything you want.

If you add in a little “determination” you become damn near unstoppable.

Then throw in persistance and you WILL get to where you want to go – 100% sure!

Let’s take a look at the last part of that sentence.

YOU will get to where you want to go.

I didn’t say “[INSERT GURU HERE] will get you where you want to go”, did I?


YOU will get yourself to where you want to go.

All a “Guru” can give you is education, motivation, and useful tools and techniques.

But that’s only 25% of what you need.

You still need to throw in 25% effort, 25% determination, and 25% persistance.

…And that’s the 75% that YOU and ONLY YOU can provide!

So that’s why

YOU are the only Guru who can get you to where you want to go!

So the gurus are not the problem. You – not putting what you learn into action – are the problem.

And I have been guilty of that too but we are here to learn how to improve our self and today’s lesson is a big one. If you get it, life will change 🙂

The books, the seminars and workshops aren’t the problem. Most of them work if you take the learning and add in some effort, determination, and persistance until things happen for you.

But that clearly is not what we do. Instead we keep buying books and go to seminars that go unused. We buy one thing and before using it fully we jump to the next one …without implementing the stuff we’ve just learned.


Because The Short-Term Pain Of Effort Is Often Perceived
To Be Worse Than The Long-Term Pain Of Failure!!!

There it is. The ugly truth…

It’s hard to get out there …try …work like crazy … probably hit a few road blocks …and then keep on moving forward until you succeed.

It’s a lot harder (and less fun) than buying the latest “ultimate workshop” or course and enjoying that temporary mental “high” that comes from the false sense of productivity you get from making the purchase and enjoying yourself during class.

But the fact is, the ONLY way you’ll get anywhere is to realize that YOU ARE THE GURU and that ONLY YOU can make it happen.

So if you keep on buying advice without putting forth determined and consistent effort to implement what you’ve learned, you will spend your time and money in vain.

But if you’re willing to endure the short-term discomfort that stems from stepping outside your comfort zone and actually start taking consistant action in the right direction, you’ll get to where you want to go.

All we so called “Gurus” can do for you is give you the tools. It’s up to you to put them into action.

My Challenge To You

It is the last month of the year and I want to give you a challenge:

1. Don’t buy any new advice in the next few weeks or even months. Go back and re-cap whatever you’ve learned in the past. It’s still valid and if used will be immensly valuable to you.

2. Turn off your computer and write all the good stuff you are re-learning in a journal. Do it OLD SCHOOL because by hand-writing what you find useful it will go deeper into your consciousness and will be easier to recall when you need it.

3. Review those notes and write down every possible action you could take to start walking towards your dreams – immediately. Do whatever actions jump out at you. Don’t over think this. Just do it. Life is short.

Mike Litman has the best words for this. He says:

“You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it going.”

4. Join a support group, either build one yourself or join a GOOD Mastermind group. If you join a paid group make sure it is led by an experienced leader and do not pay everything up front just in case it does not fit your needs.

5. Get yourself an accountability partner. Make sure it is someone that also has big dreams and goals so you can support and help each other. This has to be a win-win situation for both.

6. Measure the results of your activities (note the word ACTIVITY!) and tweak accordingly if you notice that you are going off your choosen path.

7. Repeat 1-6 with determination and persistance until you truly live your dreams.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Oh – and if you’ve ever looked for a magic formula, that’s pretty much it.

Does your Life have meaning?

Yesterday we looked at what you would do if you had all the money you would ever need and could do anything knowing that you could not fail.

What did you come up with?

Would that give your life more meaning?

If it would, why are you not doing it?

You might come up with some good sounding excuses like “no time” or “no money” but in most cases you do not really need money to start doing what you wrote down. But what you do need is a decision and true commitment to make it happen.

Let me tell you a story. I have been invited to speak at the Festival of Enlightenment next June. The initiators of the festival were regular people with a big dream. They are coaches, good coaches with a big dream and one day they decided that they want to make that dream come true. They founded the idea of the Festival of Enlightenment and from that moment on invested all their time and their life’s savings into what they pronounce to be the

The World’s Greatest  Inspirational Event

7 Days & 7 Nights

June 13th-19th 2011 – Evergreen, Colorado

They are living their dream – against all odds!

If you get a chance to meet them, you will know that they are living their dream, their purpose, their passion. It shows in everything they do and you can see how they thrive on it even though they face massive challenges. It is really inspiring to watch.


But we need to define first what it is that we set our mind to. Before we are crystal clear we just drift through life hoping for the best.

Reflect on your Life

Yesterday we talked about the moments in our life when we are ready to change – hopefully for the better. Today I want to suggest that you take out some time for reflection.

Ask yourself…

What is my life all about?

Who am I?

What do I want?

What are my dreams?

What is my idea of an ideal life?

Give that a few moments of thought and write your answers down even if they don’t make sense at first. This will be the first of several sessions in which we will work on clarifying your purpose and path in life. This is very fundamental work that everybody that is looking to live a fulfilled and purposeful live needs to do.

You don’t want to end up giving more thought to your next vacation than you do to your life, do you?

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they do their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” – Jim Rohn

Do you consider escape easier than change?

Love is where Peace is

We are so used to blame, to look for the fault outside of ourself. It’s our spouses fault, our children’s, friends, family members, our boss’s, colleagues, societies, the politicians… but never ours.

But living a fulfilled life can never be based on faulting – not yourself and even less others.

Living a happy, fulfilled life has to be based on love – unconditional love – for self and with that for others. If you can love yourself unconditionally you will automatically be able to also love those around you (even the politicians 🙂

That does not mean you are always in agreement with their behavior but because you feel love unconditionally, you will be able to respect them and accept their shortcomings like you will accept yours.

When you live in love, unconditional love, you will live in peace

and that love and peace will spread.

Remember, world peace starts with one – with you (and with me).

All in Love


God hugged me

“Knowing others is wisdom,

knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” – Lao Tzu

About 2 weeks ago I returned from an incredible workshop called “Enlightened Warrior Camp” in Malaysia. Actually it was much, much more than a workshop. It was a real life experience and a very amazing one at that.

We learned so much about ourselves; about who we truly are and about what has been holding us back – until now.

Lao Tzu was right. Knowing yourself bring you power and enlightenment.

During our 5 day camp experience we learned about our self-set boundaries and limitations and how to overcome them. We learned that we can do and are much, much more than we ever thought possible.

One person in my group was pysically handicapped and never walked further than a few yards but during one of our experience he walked for miles on soft sand in the heat.

The camp was hard – for me physically and for others mentally – but one could watch as we each opened our hearts and our souls in order to become a true team of over-achievers – of truly enlightened warriors. It was wonderful how we connected from heart to heart while finding and using our true powers.

For the first time in my life I felt totally unconditional love for myself. Not only acceptance and appreciation; no truly unconditional love and respect for self and for all life. I felt the power and choices I have in every cell of my body. It was the most incredible and most beautiful feeling. As if God had hugged me and told me “I love you Barbara”. And to tell you the truth, I think he did.

I cannot share what we did to create these breakthroughs and of course I will honor that commitment because telling you would not do anything, you will need to experience it. So if you ever want to really break through your limitations do join the Enlightened Warrior Camp as soon as you can.

You are what you think

We are still talking about Mark Victor Hansen’s quote:

“You are not who you think you are but what you think you are.

Yesterday we talked about our belief system and how we perceive ourself or how other’s perceive us is not necessarily who we are. Today I want to talk about the second part of the MVH quote and that is “What you think you are”.

We have probably all heard what you focus on expands. Or Napoleon Hill’s “You become what you think about all day long.” This is correct and can be seen in every life situation.

Let me give you some examples. In the last few years since the bank crashes more people than usual are struggling financially. When you can’t pay the rent or your mortgage fear sets in, you start to worry. And what do you focus on? You focus on on the worse case, on how you might lose your apartment or house, your job or your car. Your thoughts are constantly turning around this central point and many of us feel paralyzed by fear and worry.

And remember, what you focus on expands!

O do you want more worries?

Of course you don’t. Still while you are focusing on what is not working in your life this is what you will get more of.

Our thoughts are energy and that energy vibrates and attracts similarly vibrating energy = more of the same. So as you are repeatedly thinking about the same things, especially when you do it with emotion as we tend to do when we are afraid, you create an even stronger energy field that attracts more of the same. That is a scientifically proven fact today.

And that is what Mark Victor Hansen and Napoleon Hill mean with their quotes. We become what we think about most of the time. So don’t be surprised if what you are thinking creates outcomes, creates results you do not want.

The only reason why people go to a coach or to a seminar or workshop is that they want different, better results in their lives. But the results we have are created by us – whether they are desired or undesired.

So think positive, empowering thoughts and take forward looking actions – always towards what you want, never towards what bothers you.

You are not who you think you are

One of my favorite quotes of all times is from Mark Victor Hansen. He says:

“You are not who you think you are but what you think you are.”

What does that mean?

I means that we see  our self in certain ways but that is not necessarily what the outside sees. For instance, I consider myself pretty hard working while my family thinks I am quite lazy because I don’t have a regular job. For them I am either traveling – which to an employed person means either a vacation or a paid trip for the company – or I am at home not doing anything that is apparent to them. Different perceptions and therefore different outcomes.

The same happens within us. We have a conscious perception of ourself and a subconscious one. The conscious one is what we want to see or what we struggle with constantly (because of our belief system). The subconscious is our belief system. All the things we belief we are and can or can’t do and this creates our re-action to situations and things – automatically.

These are things that were educated into us when we were children and they might have been correct then but today as adults we are different. We can do different things in many different ways, still we tend to react automatically and often repeat the same pattern over and over again, i.e. fall for the wrong partner, make bad investment decisions etc. It is because of a core value we hold or a belief that was formed in our early years. We have talked about that before and you can find in depth information how to improve your values and beliefs in the TO BE book

What Mark Victor Hansen talks about is that our perception of who we are is not reality but with what we think we create our reality. I will talk more about  that giving you example tomorrow.

THE most important Life Topic

In the next few days I want to talk – once again – about what makes us tick and why. We will talk  about how we can make sure that we are reaching the outcomes we desire.

You see the most important Topic is to find out who we truly are. The vast majority of us (about 95% in Western culture) have no idea. We don’t even know what we really want, we never become clear on what our purpose is; even less start living it.  And that is a problem as without it we will never be able to live our full potential.

To become bigger as we are today we need to live a bigger life, a life full of purpose and passion. It is my firm belief that we are all here for a reason

That is why so man people are

The Festival of Enlightenment

I have been invited to speak at the FESTIVAL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in June of 2011 in Colorado. This is a big honor for me and I am super excited. Some big names are involved like Janet Attwood, Gregg Braden, Bob Geldorf, Marianne Williamson,  Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Paul Scheele, Marcie Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch and many many more.

It will be a whole week full of great music, teachings and learnings, of spending fun and reflective times with like minded people in a stunning setting. The goal is to really help transform the lives of thousands by getting the message out there that we all have a choice.

We have the choice at any moment of our life to turn our life around; to go into a different direction than the one which has not served us too well.

NOW is the moment to change. It is the only moment we have any influence over. Make it your BEST moment.

Join us in June 2011 in Colorado so we can transform the world by first transforming our self.

Remember, we are powerful beyond measure!!!

Your playing small does not save the world!