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Happy New Year – NY Resolutions are promises

The year 2012 has just started and most of us made some New Year Resolutions last night. My friend KieranRevell send me a great message which I want to share with you as I am in total agreement with what he says. Here it goes: Subject: New Year Resolutions are really promises to yourself – [...]

It’s December 31st, 2012 and you…

It’s December 31st of the year 2012 and you are …. What would you need to have DONE and who would you need to have become in order to be the person you are DELIGHTED TO MEET on December 31st, 2012? Please, do yourself the favor of writing this down while I wait for you. [...]

Look for the message

Last night I watched the film “Troy” on TV. I had seen it once before on DVD and the one scene that had stuck out for me was the scene where Brad Pitt sprang at the giant he was supposed to fight and slit his throat without a moment of hesitation. It had been the [...]

Create a Miracle in your Life

I just met Vincent Genna and like what he does. It is very much in line with what I believe and teach. Therefore I will post it here over the next few weeks but if you prefer you can go directly to his blog too. It is Here is your first exercise for week [...]

Create a Miracle

CREATE A MIRACLE Author: Vincent Genna  |  Category: Spirituality Did you know that the most key ingredient in making everything we attempt become a reality, that the most fundamental and innate ability we have, that the most talked about and taught practice in every self-help and spiritual book, that the number one most important element [...]

What do you want?

Imagine you had all the money you would ever need and could do anything you wanted to do knowing that you could not fail, what would you want to do? Be creative and really look at all the things you love to do and the people you admire and look up to. Who do you [...]

Taking Responsibility

Today we want to talk about taking responsibility for your life = the ability to respond. You always have the ability to respond to any situation. It is true that we cannot change the circumstance but we can choose how we respond to them… 30 – Taking Responsibility When you are taking charge of your [...]

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Real change starts with the small stuff

When we are unhappy about our life or dissatisfied we tend to want radical changes and we tend to want them NOW. But that is not usually how changes happen. Let’s say you want to tone your body. That will not happen overnight. You will start with some easy exercise and step up as your [...]

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