We need balance to be truly successful

Today I took a day off and read a whole novel of over 300 pages. The first novel in over 2 years and I must say I enjoyed it a lot. I also enjoyed laying in the sun (today was only the second really sunny day of this spring) and I absolutely loved doing NOTHING of importance, just enjoying this lovely day! Pure bliss…

Why am I telling you this?

Because to live a more successful life, we need to live a more balanced life. We need to give attention to the different areas of our life: to our family, business or career, to our health, our relationships, our personal development, financial independence and the kind of service we can give to others.

All these areas are essential in our life and we can never be truly happy or truly successful and fulfilled unless we find balance in all of them. Now, if you are having difficulty finding this balance, take it one step at the time. Don’t try to change everything at once. Do it one step at the time.

Start with the area that is most important to you, the one that bothers you most and take one small step at the time. Make a plan how you can improve that area. Just do a little bit every day towards the outcome you desire. List your activities and your most important goals for that specific day. Make your list each evening so your subconscious will work on your goals while you sleep and when you awake the next day, you will find that you’ve already solved some of your problems.

Your outcome will depend on the actions you take!

Every day, do something specific that will bring you closer to your major definite purpose, your single most important goal in life. Successful people are action and result oriented. They set goals and they go for it. Everyday, they accomplish something that is helping them reach that specific goal. So in every activity you do ask yourself if it brings you closer to the fulfillment of one of your goals.

If you take it step by small step and include all the areas of your life I mentioned earlier, you will be surprised how all will eventually fall into place. Don’t be impatient, just keep moving and let it come to pass.

Be well!

Your friend and mentor


5 winning beliefs to achieve anything – continued…

There are five basic elements to reach any outcome you want:

  1. YOU
  2. Your plan,
  3. Your actions and behaviors,
  4. Your path and
  5. The outcome itself.

If you develop a winning belief for each element it will empower you to achieve anything you want out of life.

If you’re not happy with the results you are getting, you need to change your belief system. Remember what Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Instead consider the following questions.

  • What else do I have to know, believe or do in order to be more confident?
  • Second, do I have a mentor that can help me change this particular belief?
  • Third, what advice or message would my mentor give to me?

In doing that for each of the five core beliefs to attaining any goal, you will build a high level of self-confidence. Your winning beliefs will give you more self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth and soon you will truly become unstoppable.

If you believe it, you can achieve it!

Barbara Hofmeister

5 winning beliefs to accomplish anything – continued…

2. Am I capable of doing it? This next part concerns your plan that you’ve outlined to achieve your goal. “Am I capable of taking appropriate action, following the different steps I set up to succeed?” Once you’ve answered that question affirmatively, integrate this in your body and mind by using your emotions. Your body is not just made up of your conscious mind, your emotions and feelings are an important part and the whole system needs to accept it.

3. Is it appropriate for me? This has to do with the actions and behaviors themselves. “Are the actions and behaviors I need to take appropriate?” This is an important question. The actions and behaviors need to be ethical, practical and down-to-earth. Evaluate and decide if your actions are appropriate. If not, change them. You don’t only want to set goals in your life, you want to have high integrity and live in harmony with your core values.

4. Is it possible? Here we need to look at the path to reach your goal. “Am I convinced that it is possible to achieve my goal with these appropriate steps?” The path may be long or difficult. You need to build a strong belief that it is possible to follow the path that leads to great success. You need to persist and never give up when it becomes tough. That is why your believes are so important.

5. Is the outcome desirable? This point analyses the outcome itself. “Is the goal in harmony with who I am or who I want to be?” Again, this is a congruency issue. Define the big reason why you want to achieve this goal and you will find what it is that is truly desirable.

There are five basic elements to reach any outcome you want:

To be continued tomorrow…

5 winning beliefs to accomplish anything

Whether you want a happier life, a body that’s in better shape or a wealthier lifestyle, it all begins with a winning belief system. Beliefs shape our destiny and the more supporting they are, the more we are able to achieve our goals and live our dreams.

Positive beliefs, like “I can do it” “I am good enough” “I have all the resources to succeed” have been formed through your experiences, especially during your childhood. In the same way, negative or limiting beliefs, like “I can’t do this” “I don’t know enough” or “I am not good enough” have been formed at an early age.

But to succeed at anything, you need to develop and maintain powerful beliefs. Ask yourself the following key questions and for each statement you make, rate your degree of belief from 1 to 10.

1. Do I deserve it? This has to do with you. This has to do with your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. “Do I deserve all that I want?,  “Am I worthy of really being wealthy?” “Do I deserve happiness?” Feel these questions in your entire body. This is an essential step that your whole body and your mind need to accept and integrate.

to be continued tomorrow…

Create a plan and follow through

In my last post we talked about finding your true passion. Today we will look at the end result you want to achieve and how we can implant that into your belief system.

To be able to do that you need to create a beautiful and detailled vision of your ideal day. Imagine having reached your biggest goal, imagine living that life you want to tell your great grandchildren about when you are 95…

When you are imagining that, what would your ideal day look like?

Once you can really see that in front of your inner eye, enjoy it for a moment and then start writing it down in every little detail – and I mean in EVERY detail. Start from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Write down where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, location, weather, feelings, sorroundings etc. etc. etc.

Creating a detailled vivid vision can take days or even weeks. DO NOT GIVE UP OR LEAVE IT HALF DONE!

Clarifying your vision could take months but the clearer and more detailled it is, the more you will attract people and opportunities that will help you reach your dream. The clearer your vision is, the more each part of you will get involved. The better you focus on your vision, the stronger your commitment and excitement will become.

Now you can start making a plan and move forward step by step!

What is holding YOU back?

In a survey people were asked what their number one challenge in life was and over 60 % said they think they are holding themselves back. What is meant by that? We seem to use this phrase frequently without thinking of its implication.

How can you hold yourself back? Just picture it. It is impossible, isn’t it?

But you are right, we still do it. It is one of the most common acts of self sabotage. We want to go somewhere. For instance we might want to become more successful in our job or business or open up more towards our spouse or friends – but we are holding back. WHY do you think that is?

In most cases it happens out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection and maybe even fear of success.

What do we gain from it? We gain that we can stay in our comfort zone, that we do not have to cross our home made barriers and try something of which we don’t know the outcome.

But if we do the same things over and over again, how can we ever expect to get different results? It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it?

We cannot find light by sitting in the darkness. We cannot move forward by hanging on wht used to be.  – Dr. Wayne Dyer

We must let go of some of those believes and old, non supportive habits in order to make space for something better and new. Castaneda calls it giving up your history.

If you don’t have a story, you don’t have to live up to it. – Carlos Castaneda

Dr. Wayne Dyer compares it to the wake of a boat. It looks like it has a lot of energy but ask yourself: Is the wake driving the boat and moving it forward?

Unfortunately we seem to be living this illusion because too many people think what is behind us is holding us back but that is not true as it is in the past, it’s gone, done with! Finito!!!

Only the energy we develop in the present moment can drive us forward. If you let what was in the past stop you to move towards what you truly want in life, you are falling for an illusion. Like the wake from the speed boat, it is nothing more than a trail that is left behind.

Look at small children. They never hold themselves back. As soon as they have an idea, they put it into immediate action and afterwards they evaluate the result. If they hurt themselves they will be more careful in the future. But as adults we seem to evaluate more things that might happen or could happen than the things that actually do happen. Weird, isn’t it?

Get rid of your past story! Get rid of what you used to be if that does not serve you or you are ready to move to another level. Instead use your  energy to become what you want to be. Begin to have a passionate love affair with what it is you really want. See it in front of your inner eye as if it were already reality.

Fall in love with the idea so much that you can’t stop to think about it; that it is the first though in the morning and the last at night. See the desired end result you aspire to in your day dreams. Visualize it to the extend that you can see it, taste it, hear it, smell it, and most of all feel it in your bones. When that happens, you will start to see the HOW. Now it is just a matter of filling in the blanks.

Once you can see and feel the outcome, you just have to start taking the steps that are necessary to get there – one by one. As soon as you have made a decision and manifest that into clear goals (going backwards from the end result you are aiming to achieve), providence will send you the right tools and the right people and opportunities to actually turn your vision into reality. Isn’t that what you want?

So why are you holding back?

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Obviously you still have dreams

Otherwise you would not be here. The question is: Do you want to make them come true?

I’ve noticed that the majority of people still have some big dream lurking in the background but most have given up on it. In many cases it has become so vague that it has faded into the background soon to be forgotten altogether. I find that really sad and if you don’t want that to happen to you I have an irresistable offer that will help you actually live your dreams.

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But before you order the book I want you to be aware of something. The “To Be” book is not a magic pill that you can pop and your dreams happen. There is no such thing, no matter what some gurus tell you. However, there are practical steps one can take to arrive at your dream life and the “To Be” book is a full manual, a full program that walks you through these processes of

  • Becoming clear on what you really want

  • Creating a vision of your dream life

  • Facing your challenges and overcoming them

  • Setting clear anchors and goals

  • Using a step by step process to achieve those goals

  • Strengthening your belief in yourself and your abilities

  • Being motivated to taking the right action steps to achieve your dream!

and clearly defining and living your purpose!

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Touching Story of Love and Excellence

Story by Richard Quek

This is the story of Robby. He was a young boy who lived with his elderly mother. His mother wanted him to learn how to play the piano because she longed to hear her son play for her. She sent her son to a piano teacher who took Robby in under her guidance.

However, there was one small problem because Robby was not musically inclined and therefore was very slow in learning. The teacher did not have much faith in the boy because of his weakness. The mother was very enthusiastic and every week she would send Robby to the teacher.

One day Robby stopped attending the piano lessons. The teacher thought that he had given up and in fact she was quite pleased since she did not give much hope to Robby. Not long after, the piano teacher was given the task to organize a piano concert in town. She sent out circulars to invite the students and public to attend the event. Suddenly, she received a call from Robby who offered to take part in the concert. The teacher told Robby that he was not good enough and that he was no longer a student since he had stopped coming for lessons. Robby begged her to give him a chance and promised that he would not let her down.

Finally, she gave in and she put him to play last, hoping that he will change his mind at the last minute. When the big day came, the hall was packed and the children gave their best performance. Finally, it was Robby’s turn to play and as his name was announced, he walked in. He was not in proper attire and his hair was not properly groomed. The teacher was really nervous since Robby’s performance could spoil the whole evening’s brilliant performance.

As Robby started playing the crowd became silent and were amazed at the skill of this little boy. In fact, he gave the best performance of the evening.

At the end of his presentation the crowd and the piano teacher gave him a standing ovation. The crowd asked Robby how he managed to play so brilliantly. With a microphone in front of him, he said, “ I was not able to attend the weekly piano lessons as there was no one to send me because my mother was sick with cancer. She just passed away this morning and I wanted her to hear me play. You see, this is the first time she is able to hear me play because when she was alive she was deaf and now I know she is listening to me. I have to play my best for her!”


This is indeed a touching story of love and excellence. When you have a passion and a reason to do something, you will surely excel. You may not be talented or gifted but if you have a strong enough reason to do something, you will be able to tap into your inner God given potential.

Are you accountable?

One of the reasonswhy people do not reach their goals…

is that they are not accountable to anyone (in many cases not even to themselves!). Did you know that we work 7 to 9 times better when we have someone that we are accountable to? We seem to rise up to the occasion and get that little extra out of ourselves.

The easiest way to illustration that is in with our exercise routine. How often have you wanted to start a daily exercise routine but got distracted or were too lazy and found a good reason (or better said excuse) not to do it today because… But when you exercise with a friend, a colleague or a neighbor, you will pull yourself out of bed and put on your sneekers to meet your partner and do it anyway.

If you want to reach your goal, get your self someone whom you can be accountable to. Make sure that the person you pick has their own goals and is as committed as you to reach them. They should be  supportive of your ideas and goals. Let them know that you wish them to be strict with you whenever you try to stray. That is why coaching works so well. You pay them to keep you on track. That way you have something at stake that you don’t want to lose.

A good accountability partner is invaluable to your success and if both of you have similar goals in mind it works even better.

If you don’t have someone you can work with, get yourself a coach or join a mastermind group.