Do it for yourself!

“Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something,
perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of
anyone stumbling on something sitting down.”- Charles F. Kettering

Do it for yourself!

Accountability is probably the No. 1 reason why some people make things happen while others only talk about them. If you are one of the go getters, you probably don’t need this advice. However I believe we all have strength and weaknesses and it is good when we become more aware of both. So stay with me as this cannot hurt you but it might make you even stronger and more committed to your success.

I remember when my first coach told me to write him an email every single night I did not take it serious. I said ok and forgot it. He had said it very politely and I did not think it was a requirement.
I soon found out I was wrong and it taught me a big lesson.

He reminded me of my commitment when we next spoke and I thought to myself “Oh why bother. I know what I am doing.” but he did not take that lightly and I will be forever grateful to him for doing that.

On our third appointment he asked me if I think coaching works and of course I said yes. Why else would I pay him to coach me, right? “So why don’t you do your accountability every night?” he asked.
“Oh, I am doing everything I said I would. I just don’t send it to you.” was my fast and not completely truthful answer. “Even if you don’t feel it is necessary, it would help the process a lot.” was his request. And he went on to tell me the story of another client.

To cut the story short, I started to do as asked and do it until today. It has become a habit that I would not miss for the world and tomorrow I will tell you why.

Until then, be successful!

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