Don’t forget to get started

Too many of us never get started because we keep waiting for the perfect moment.

I used to be a so called “perfectionist” – someone who always wanted to make things perfect before showing them to anybody. That way I had plenty of excuses to never really get started and consequently nothing much happened in form of results even though I worked sooo hard.You can not be any more stupid than that, I promise you!

Because of that I had little personal growth, struggled along and was not too successful in my early business adventures.

Even thou I had a lot of ideas, I never really moved into true action. That way I couldn’t fail but I also could not learn much. For quite a while I did not understand that I was not moving forward.

Since I’ve realized and accepted that my perfection was holding me back my whole life has changed.

Let me give you a tip if you desire more freedom and momentum in your life.

Make your goals smaller.

Do not look at Mount Everest from the valley or do not always focus on the big goals only. Better to focus on each phase of your goal and then celebrate each small victory. Take it step by step.

Nobody was on the top overnight even though some of the Internet success stories might suggest that. Any great athlete be it Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, or Michael Schumacher will tell you that big success comes through a lot of small wins added up.

But you need to get the engine started in life.

Take one new action today even if it seems tough to do, but you know you need
to do it. And take another new action tomorrow. Step by step will truly get you the desired results.

To your success

Barbara Hofmeister

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