German Family Christmas Traditions

Today is a very special day. It is Christmas Eve and it is snowing outside, just as it “should” be 🙂 I have been cooking and baking preparing my self for the special family time tonight. In Germany the most important Christmas event is Christmas Eve. It is purely family, we go to church, have a wonderful dinner everybody contributes to and sing traditional Christmas songs before opening our gifts. Since my parents have both passed on I spend Christmas Eve with my favorite aunt and her offsprings. You can watch us if you want to see how we celebrate Christmas in Germany.

For now I want to wish you a happy, peaceful Christmas and a very successful, fulfilled 2011.

Be blessed
I love you – from my heart to your heart!

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3 thoughts on “German Family Christmas Traditions

  1. Merry Christmas, dear Barbara!!! I wish you a lot of success and may all your wishes come true!!!

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