Grateful for the Upgrade

After the near missed flight to London I spent an extremely enjoyable 2 days there attending a seminar of Topher Morrison. I left it slightly early as I had learned my lesson and wanted to make sure I arrive with plenty of time at Gatwick airport.

But I missed the airport train at Victoria Station and again arrived slightly late at the check in of British Airways – but this time I was in luck. They upgraded me to Business Class because the flight was fully booked and some people insisted on sitting together. Good for them and great for me as I flew back very comfortable and with excellent service.

But can you imagine that we had to leave all cosmetics behind – for security reasons? My bag shrivelled to half its usual size and I am not even into cosmetics. When I asked what one could do with a lipstick they told me I could stick it in someone’s eyes. I mean, please, this is crazy. I had 3 bolis in my bag and each were much more likely to do harm if I stuck them in someone’s eye. Which of course I would never do.

These security checks are getting a little out of hand and the rules are changing almost daily. There was a program on that on TV last night and it showed that if someone has set out to do harm they will find ways around the system because it is just impossible to check everything. But like those people could find ways to do damage we can find ways to do good.

Let’s not concentrate so much on the danger and on the negative. By doing that we only give it power. Let’s concentrate on the good in people, on the power each and everyone of us has to change this world for the better – one step, one small action, one helping hand at the time.

I love you all
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