Meet Napoleon Hill

Do you know the classic “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill?

It is the most read book on success until today. THE book on success and it was written because he was challenged by the great Andrew Carnegie (Steel magnate who donated most public libraries in the US, had Carnegie Hall build and much, much more).

In this video you will actually meet Mr. Hill as he talks about how he made the commitment to devote 20 years of his life to study success:

A full chapter of the book is dedicated to the concept of the MASTERMIND. In my eyes (and in his) mastermind groups or partnerships are extremely powerful, actually there is almost no over Achiever that has not had a mastermind partner in some way or other.

It is also one of the most mis-used words in today’s coaching and mentoring environment. To make sure you understand the concept fully – in the way it was meant to be – I will give you the chapter of Napoleon Hills book that talks about the concept of the Mastermind as my gift. Just add your name and email in the box underneath and the Mastermind Chapter of Napoleon Hill’s classic will be on the way to you.

F*R*E*E Chapter of “Think and Grow Rich”

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Enjoy it and if you are interested to join a true mastermind group (small group of like minded success seekers) get in touch with me. The TO BE Mastermind is our most exclusive group which rarely has openings. You can become a member only after having gone through a pre-qualification process because masterminding means commitment to your success and that of the group.

You deserve the success you desire. If you believe that 2011 is your year to succeed join our next Mastermind Focus Group now. You will start with a one on one pre-meeting to find out if masterminding is for you. If it is not, you will get a prompt refund. If it is for you, you will join a group of like minded success seekers that work together  and hold each other accountable in order to truly live their dreams.

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