How to truly manifest your goals

Just deciding to change something does not automatically change things but the decision is definitely the first step and needs to be made before anything can change.

To effect a change in our powerful subconscious mind action is required and when you take the action to write down your goals they become affirmations.

We call this process “Imprinting,” It is the beginning of taking deliberate control of our thoughts. We picture (visualize) the kind of changes we want to make before we actually make them. When our “picture” is really vivid, our emotions rise and our subconscious sees it as real.

Imprinting is a three-step process:

1. You select your goal and affirm it by writing it down,
2. You picture the outcome you want to achieve
3. You feel the emotion that comes with actually accomplishing the goal.

And now you take massiv focused action until you have actually reached it.

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