Loving Memories

I just watched a film about the Maldive Islands and all my memories from my time on the Maledives washed over me. Some were good, some great and some were sad.

Some of you may know that I was working in Tourism for over 20 years: I worked for the largest tour operator in Europe in over 20 countries and one of them were the Maledives.

Go and check some of the photos and you will realize that these islands truly look like paradise but as in most things there are two sides to the coin. It is paradise IF you scuba dive, and if you take your Adam or your Eve with you. I went alone, did not know how to dive and within 2 months I begged my company to please send me to another destination because paradise without Adam seemed hell. They took that serious and send me to Ibiza – THE party island – in the middle of high season. A real culture shock after the peaceful Maledives. After less than 2 weeks I had a physical breakdown because I not only worked hard; I played even harder 🙂

After a few months in the party turmoil of Ibiza I went back to the Maledives. This time knowing what to expect and looking forward to it. I learnrd how to scuba dive and wind surf and I learned to enjoy my own company. All in all I spent 8 seasons on these beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, became a diving instructor and went back twice since for a vacation.

Tell me, what is the lesson in this story? I would love to hear from you.

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