Only 1 year to live…

A friend of mine was told by his Doctors that he had terminal cancer and had only one year to live. His first reaction was to give up but after a few days of struggling with his fate, he decided to use his remaining time to do all the things had had always wanted to do but never ha done because they had not been “the sensible thing to do”.

He quit his job, sold his apartment, his car, his furniture and spent his life savings travelling the world, sky jumping, learning how to fly a helicopter, scuba diving, heli-skiing and all the other things he had always wanted to do but had never dared to before.  I got cards from all over the place and he was obviously having a blast of a time.

By the way, in less than a year his cancer disappeared. Dave is still alive and kicking living the life of his dreams because that one moment, that one decision made all the difference.

So ask yourself the question Dave asked himself:

If I only had one year to live, I would ………………

and then go out and do it!

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