Real change starts with the small stuff

When we are unhappy about our life or dissatisfied we tend to want radical changes and we tend to want them NOW. But that is not usually how changes happen. Let’s say you want to tone your body. That will not happen overnight. You will start with some easy exercise and step up as your body gets used to the training.

All other changes can be made like this. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead of trying to change your whole life, improve one thing at a time. Take a broad area of discontent, figure out the one facet that really bugs you, then take action towards changing that one thing.

Let’s say there are issues in your relationship. Don’t try to change the relationship; instead pledge to yourself to remain calm when your partner forgets to close the toothpaste. Is it really important enough to ge in a fight for it and ruin the whole day? Get your own toothpaste and put it in a different place so yours is always the way you want it and let him or her do whatever they do. The less pressure there is the more likely it becomes that they will eventually follow suit.

Change that is made slowly, step by step has the greatest chance of success.

Keep changing. That is what our life is all about

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