Successful Goal Selection – Avoiding Self-Sabotage

Successful goal selection stems from our inner perceptions and the congruence of our actions. If what we want and how we go about accomplishing our goals is incongruent, then we are likely to experience a degree of self-sabotage.

In order for success to be achieved, ones intentions and actions must be in alignment when selecting and committing to a goal. It is important to take time to consider if the results you desire will actually be processed effectively by your goal choice.

Ask yourself these 3 questions when contemplating a goal:

* Do I truly want what I think I want?

* Do I earnestly believe that I can achieve my goal?

* Do I deeply feel that I deserve to have what I want?

It is certainly better to be clear about your answers to the above questions than to forge ahead and then have nagging doubts. Otherwise, you may become a candidate for self-sabotage. So, how do you explore your true intentions so that ultimately your actions will be in successful alignment?

The answer is to take a close look at your real intentions, your level of belief, and your feelings about deserving the outcome. Lets take a look at each of these points.

Explore your real intentions. Why are you acting on this particular goal? Is it actually your goal or the idea of another person? Is the goal 100% what you want? Taking the time to consider this fundamental step is very important and can mean the difference between success and disappointment.

Explore your level of belief. In addition to wanting the goal, do you truly believe the goal is achievable? Do you believe down deep this is important enough to you to go after it? Have you thought about the tools and resources you will need for positive action? Can you commit yourself to what is necessary to accomplish the results you want?

Explore your feelings about deserving the outcome. While this may seem strange, if you do not completely feel that you are worthy of a successful outcome, all the time and energy invested simply will not bring the goal to fruition.

If you want the goal and believe in it, but have any doubt whether you are worthy of its success, figure out why you feel this way. Most likely, when honestly addressed, you can resolve this issue and move forward.

It is absolutely wonderful when your intentions and actions are in alignment and you know that you want a goal, believe in it, and deserve it. But, unless you consciously deal with these basic elements, then it is possible to sabotage your well-intended efforts.
David Schaefer is a success coach and writes on the topic of personal and professional development. He offers a free Audio CD about Breakthrough Success at — you may also visit his blog.

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