Changing Bad Habits into Good Ones

I came across another one of Jim Rohn’s powerful quotes. He was the master in saying a lot with a few simple words.

“Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with and good
habits are hard to form but easy to live with.” ~ Jim Rohn

How often have you wanted to exercise on a more regular basis but somehow never found the time or energy? I plead guilty to that too.

But as we all know time or energy are not “found” in the street or in a “lost and found” office. It is something we need to create, we need to make space for. Bad habits can be anything from getting up too late and rushing into the day without taking the time for a healthy breakfast that is supposed to keep us fueled all day. We all know it but few do it.

Coming home from work it is so much easier to flop on the sofa and turn the TV on to watch some senseless series than to do those exercise we did not make time for in the morning or to read that book we have sitting on our bedside table for months.

But like Jim Rohn points out, in the end these bad habit make our life hard. Living unhealthy eventually gives us an unhealthy body. Not taking care of our finances eventually makes us bancrupt. Not spending quality time with our loved once, often ends in a bad relationship or even a break-up.

So how do we form a new, a better habit?

First of all we make a decision that now is the time to do it. It’s got to come from us and not from the outside. Next we make a written commitment into our journal and declare that

I, ……………………………………., on …………………………….. commit 100% to ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

because it will ………………………………………………………………………………..

The reason why you want to form this new habit is important as that is what will get you over the bumps and hurdles when you don’t feel like it.

Enjoy and be happy doing it!

If you don’t have one start a gratitude journal in which you write things you are grateful for every single day. That takes a minute a day but gives you so much motivation and inspiration to fuel the energy you need to break some bad habits.

The Festival of Enlightenment

I have been invited to speak at the FESTIVAL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in June of 2011 in Colorado. This is a big honor for me and I am super excited. Some big names are involved like Janet Attwood, Gregg Braden, Bob Geldorf, Marianne Williamson,  Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Paul Scheele, Marcie Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch and many many more.

It will be a whole week full of great music, teachings and learnings, of spending fun and reflective times with like minded people in a stunning setting. The goal is to really help transform the lives of thousands by getting the message out there that we all have a choice.

We have the choice at any moment of our life to turn our life around; to go into a different direction than the one which has not served us too well.

NOW is the moment to change. It is the only moment we have any influence over. Make it your BEST moment.

Join us in June 2011 in Colorado so we can transform the world by first transforming our self.

Remember, we are powerful beyond measure!!!

Your playing small does not save the world!

Who are you really investing in?

Posted by Lisa Sasevich on

If anyone should be well compensated, it’s those of us who are doing the work that we were put here to do. But we heart-centered entrepreneurs can find it difficult to monetize our mission, because we love it and we love people and we care, so it’s easy to just give it all away.

Another problem we have is how to price our services. We may look at what others are charging and ask, “Am I worth $100/hr.? $200? $2,000?” But that’s the wrong question because your clients are not investing in you. They’re investing in themselves through you.

So you don’t have to spend time asking if you’re worth it. Am I worth $20,000/day? It doesn’t matter; I don’t have to think about that, because they’re not investing in me. The people who hire me are ready to invest in themselves through me at that level.

I learned this very profoundly in 2008 when I signed myself up for a Diamond level Mastermind program to the tune of $100K. Did I have that money sitting in my sock drawer. NO! Was I up late at night evaluating whether the gal leading the group was worth $100K. NO! That wasn’t even part of the equation. I remember lying in bed the night before turning in that application, pondering the investment I was about to make in MYSELF. Not in the group leader, not in the group, not in the deliverables of the mastermind, but in ME.

Once you realize that your clients are investing in themselves, you have the freedom to charge based on the value of the outcome or transformation that your service provides.

Isn’t that a relief? You don’t have to raise your self-esteem before you can raise your rates. You only have to stay focused on the transformation that you facilitate for your clients.

Whether your business is new or established, I’d like to offer you a gift. The questions below are taken from a process I walk through with my VIP clients. If you take the time to answer them in depth, you may be surprised to discover your offer on a deeper level than you’ve ever seen before, and to discover the value of that offer as seen through your client’s eyes.

Discover Your Offer and Its Value

  1. Imagine a specific client who is your best success story. What exact results did she or he get as a result of working with you? Spend some time here and really write it out in detail.
  2. Now, what other transformations happened because of those results? These are the bonuses, perhaps unexpected benefits from what you offer. For example, perhaps the person got married, or reconciled with his family, or sailed around the world, something she’d always wanted to do. Once you start thinking about this, you’ll find many of these extra results.
  3. Finally, what would have been the cost to that person had she or he not accepted your offer? Imagine all those wonderful outcomes that never would have happened.

My friends, really let yourself sit with the answer to #3, because this is the true VALUE of your offer. In most cases…priceless!

What are you worth?

Today I want to share with you a post I read on Lisa Sasevich’s blog. I think Lisa hit the nail on the head with it as most coaches I meet – and that included me for a very long time – do not dare to charge anywhere near enough for them to live a decent lifestyle from their coaching efforts. Very few make a good living and only a handfull make a fortune.

What is the difference? The difference is their mindset about the value of their work.

Let me give you an example:

What is the value of the coaching session I gave to a fellow coach who had just been left by her future husband? She was so devastated and not able to take care of her children and her life, let alone her clients. For 45 Minutes she kept telling me her version of what happened and how she hopes to fix it. No matter what I said, nothing got through to her until I told her that I will end the session so she can continue to wallow in her sorrow for a little while longer.  That got her attention and I was able to take her through some processes that totally changed her perception of the situation.

From that one coaching session her life turned around. She started a social life, became pro-active with here children as well as in her business and within days told me that I had done wonders. Obviously she had done the wonders herself but that one session got her on the path she could not see by herself.

Another example:

In a business seminar I attended in London I was paired up with a young man who owes a garage for high end luxury cars. We had to do write our elevator pitch and when he delivered his I was surprised there was nothing about him in the pitch at all so I gave him some coaching. It only took a few minutes but as he changed his approach I could see the sparkle turn on in his eyes and the pride return to his shoulders. I met him again a few months later in another event and he told me that those few minutes really changed his life. Because he sees himself in a different light now, he started doing things differently and is well on his way to financial freedom.

What are those results worth?

Obviously you do not always get the break through in 5 minutes or in one single session but you do get it as long as you have a good coach and you are open and willing to work with them.

As my preliminary turned out longer than intented I will post Lisa’s post tomorrow so we will continue on this topic. If you feel stuck, unhappy, unsatisfied… do consider getting yourself a coach and remember, you always get out of it what you put into it – be it money, time, attention and intention. Do not haggle with yourself or your coach. Be open.  The advice you get can be… priceless.

Master your self talk

We all know it – the little voice inside of us. I call it Yebut = Yeah, but…

…you are not good enough!

…your don’t know enough!

…who do you think you are?

We question whether we are worthy enough, have enough knowledge, deserve what we desire etc. etc. etc.

You, like me, have a book, a play, a song, a message inside of you that wants  to get out. Unfortunately we resist letting it out and the reason for that is the value (or lack of value) we place on ourself.

But you have a gift to give and giving it is not only important to you, it is also important to the human race. Too many of us resist their whole life to letting their gift out. Why is that? It has to do with confidence or lack thereof.

I have wanted to write my TO BE book for years but kept putting it off. It was easy to find good excuses why I could not do it but that is all they were – excuses.

Still the fire (the idea) was burning inside of me and I really wanted to do it so I was always of two minds.  One day a friend from the US stayed with me in my house in Spain and over breakfast we talked about my book idea and he said: “When are you going to start with it Barbara?” First I only shrugged my shoulders, but later he asked me again and again so I made a decision and on that same day I sat down and wrote the outline for the book and the table of content. And as they say the rest is history…

To be or not to be - the choice is YOURS!

Get it now. It is truly changing people’s lives.


Awe Inspiring Alaska

The first port of call was Ketchikan, apparently the wettest town in North America and true to its legend it rained.

The ship is larger than the highest building in Ketchikan

Probably the most impressive day on my Mastermind cruise to Alaska was the day we were in Misty Fjord. I swear the ship was almost as wide as the Fjord and our Greek captain did a great job turning it around just in front of a massive glacier.

This is how close we were to the fjord walls

We watched as large chunks of ice broke out of the wall  while seals were sunning themselves on the small ice bergs floating in the fjord.

Seals on an Iceberg

It was truly MONUMENTAL!

I was very moved to see the power and beauty of nature which we are responsible for maintaining. We must preserve and not destroy further.

Return from Mastermind Cruise

First of all let me appologize for having been gone for so long. As most of you know I was in the US and Canada, actually I was on a Mastermind Cruise in Alaska with some great people like Liz Lynn, Warren Whitlock, and last but definitely not least Coach Carter (the real one!).

Having Alaskan King Crab with Coach Carter

The nature was just simply amazing. We saw whales, seals, and lots of icebergs and I learned a lot about the gold diggers. We are so soft today compared to what hardships they had to go through in the “good, old days”.

They actually dragged a full years supply across the Rockies – pretty unbelievable and no wonder so many did not make it. You had to burn your bridges and be seriously committed to your future to survive those tracks. Made me think…

Skagway Brothel

I loved every minute of this trip – be it on board or during the excursions – and could easily have stayed on.

Full of great assignments

I have just read To Be or Not To Be – The Choice Is Yours.  The book started off with an impressive forward by Personal development giant T. Harv Eker.
The author then took me on a great journey of self exploration and discovery.

Some events in life can have a profound positive impact on you, for me this book was one of those events.
The book was written by someone who I could relate to, someone who still had goals and dreams and someone who has had success and failure in their lives.

This book puts the `Personal’ into personal development.

The book is full of great assignments, some of which were easy and others that needed some real soul searching. Barbara tells us early on that this is a ‘work book’. You really will get out of this book what you put in.

One of Barbara’s dreams was to help transform the readers life into the life of their dreams: Well Barbara your wish has come true, I am on my way to living the life of my dreams. Thank you.

By the end of the book I felt like I knew the real me. Once this happened I knew what path to take in my life and I felt passionate about doing it.

On the acknowledgements page of To Be or Not To Be – The Choice is yours, Barbara thanks experts such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, and Mark Victor Hansen, after reading this book Barbara Hofmeister has earned her place beside these other giants in personal development.

Damien Thomas

Dublin, Ireland

Thought provoking and clarifying!

Barbara Hofmeister has written a book that is more than merely passive reading. While it is filled with wisdom and wonderful quotes, the real gems lie in the many exercises she has throughout the book. Anyone can easily follow and do these techniques. They are thought provoking and clarifying.

Barbara takes you carefully step by step through the information and exercises. By the time you are done with the book you will have achieved a clear understanding of what you want, how to deal with your blockages and move into inspired action. This is a life-changing book for those who are willing to accept the invitation to delve into the processes and make the changes!

Estra Roell, USA


For Anyone Willing to Facilitate Positive Change in Their Life, Amazon, July 13, 2010

By Dr. Michael J. Shapiro  “” (Bronx, NY United States)

The To Be Book by Barbara Hofmeister is as she states “A Workbook to Freedom”. It is an enlightening, practical gem with detailed instructions.
Her life experience examples, help guide you through the exercises. You have to work, you have to be pro-active and put some time and effort
into what Barbara has given us. It will empower your life to a greater level. One of the best and most easy to follow self-help, personal development books I have be honored to add to my library.

Dr. Michael J. Shapiro

Bronx, New York