If you can’t change what is going on… achieve goals

“If you can’t change what is going on around you,
you have to change yourself.” – Victor Hugo

Have you ever noticed that nowhere and now here are spelled exactly the same? Isn’t that interesting? From nowhere to now here…

Dr. Wayne Dyer said that on a conference call and it gave me plenty of food for thought. How often have you worked your xxx off and still didn’t seem to get anywhere? You got nowhere but are you HERE NOW?

What am I driving at?

The only time we can achieve anything is when we are really 100% focused and concentrate all our energy to hit one single target at the time.

Let me give you a simple example. A few years ago Bon Jovi was on tour in Europe. Being a big fan I wanted to see them as often as possible while they were here. A friend got me a ticket for Luxemburg. He was doing the power for the concert and told me he would have no time to see me. But I had driven 5 hours to Luxemburg to see Bon Jovi and now that I was there I also wanted to see my friend who I had not seen in about 3 years. He was backstage somewhere and I had no pass. I made a decision to see him and set out on achieving that.

You cannot imagine the stories I invented to talk my way past at least 6 security guards but my focus was so much on finding my friend that I never questioned getting to him. I did not think once how near impossible it is to get backstage unless you are a beautiful young blonde -.) and even then it is difficult.  All I wanted was to see my friend and I did.  As an added bonus for being so persistant I not only had a great reunion with my friend but  also got a glimpse of Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora as they walked past us plus got to be right in front of the stage for the whole concert. Paradise, I tell you even at my age!

The next concert was in Cologne and with the same intensity I talked my way into the stadium, the VIP area with full catering and again got into the fenced off part in front of the stage. Don’t ask me how I did it. I just did because that was my sole target for the day and I gave it all my energy.

One would think after 2 such “successes” I could do it again anytime but I tried it again the next day – this time without knowing anybody – and I got in as far as the press booth but there was no way I could talk them into letting me back- or even front stage. I had done it – my focus, my energy for this particular target was gone. Everything that I had aimed at was achieved and I could not muster the same energy for a result that was not really important anymore.

And that is the difference. We cannot be 100% focused at all times but when we know exactly what we want; when we see the target clearly; we can achieve anything!

Do you think Gandhi believed he could change the history of his country when he started his campaign for the freedom of India? Or Nelson Mandela when he was a violent youth fighting for the freedom of his people? No, they could not but they could see a vision bigger than themselves and they tackled it step by tiny and often difficult and painful step. They did not get deterred even by torture and long prison sentences because they could always and under all circumstances see their big dream in front of them.

Are you like that? Can you stay focused and concentrate only on your vision?
Most of us can’t so let’s make a test.

  • Get yourself a small notepad that fits into your purse or pocket and take note each time you get distracted from the task at hand – by a telephone call, a chat with a friend or colleague, getting stuck in a flood of emails, surfing the web longer than planned…
  • Write down your most important one week and your one to three months targets and observe DAILY in writing what you did to get closer to it and how you diverted from reaching it.

You will be amazed how often you get sidetracked even by your own thoughts and suddenly the day is finished and you wonder what you actually did all day.

From nowhere to NOW HERE! The only time we get things done efficiently is when we are 100% in the HERE and NOW – on target in the present moment with our full attention and energy.

Try it out and let me know your resul

Have a focused week
Barbara Hofmeister
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