Who are you really investing in?

Posted by Lisa Sasevich on http://www.theinvisibleclose.com/articles/who-are-they-really-investing-in/

If anyone should be well compensated, it’s those of us who are doing the work that we were put here to do. But we heart-centered entrepreneurs can find it difficult to monetize our mission, because we love it and we love people and we care, so it’s easy to just give it all away.

Another problem we have is how to price our services. We may look at what others are charging and ask, “Am I worth $100/hr.? $200? $2,000?” But that’s the wrong question because your clients are not investing in you. They’re investing in themselves through you.

So you don’t have to spend time asking if you’re worth it. Am I worth $20,000/day? It doesn’t matter; I don’t have to think about that, because they’re not investing in me. The people who hire me are ready to invest in themselves through me at that level.

I learned this very profoundly in 2008 when I signed myself up for a Diamond level Mastermind program to the tune of $100K. Did I have that money sitting in my sock drawer. NO! Was I up late at night evaluating whether the gal leading the group was worth $100K. NO! That wasn’t even part of the equation. I remember lying in bed the night before turning in that application, pondering the investment I was about to make in MYSELF. Not in the group leader, not in the group, not in the deliverables of the mastermind, but in ME.

Once you realize that your clients are investing in themselves, you have the freedom to charge based on the value of the outcome or transformation that your service provides.

Isn’t that a relief? You don’t have to raise your self-esteem before you can raise your rates. You only have to stay focused on the transformation that you facilitate for your clients.

Whether your business is new or established, I’d like to offer you a gift. The questions below are taken from a process I walk through with my VIP clients. If you take the time to answer them in depth, you may be surprised to discover your offer on a deeper level than you’ve ever seen before, and to discover the value of that offer as seen through your client’s eyes.

Discover Your Offer and Its Value

  1. Imagine a specific client who is your best success story. What exact results did she or he get as a result of working with you? Spend some time here and really write it out in detail.
  2. Now, what other transformations happened because of those results? These are the bonuses, perhaps unexpected benefits from what you offer. For example, perhaps the person got married, or reconciled with his family, or sailed around the world, something she’d always wanted to do. Once you start thinking about this, you’ll find many of these extra results.
  3. Finally, what would have been the cost to that person had she or he not accepted your offer? Imagine all those wonderful outcomes that never would have happened.

My friends, really let yourself sit with the answer to #3, because this is the true VALUE of your offer. In most cases…priceless!