Today we are talking about common fears and doubts.

The fact is we all have fears. It’s a necessary emotion without which we
would not be truly alive. Think about it – and you’ll realize that there have
probably been times when fear has steered you away from making bad
decisions. In its truest sense, fear is meant to protect us from danger and
help us survive. The real danger lies in allowing that protection to rule our
life. We all want to be safe and secure, but what is security? We have discussed
this before when we talked about our comfort zone.

For each of us it has a different meaning. If you are a Formula 1 driver,
speeding will be unlike what the rest of us experience driving a regular car.
The F1 driver has stretched his speed (fear) limits to double or even triple
our normal capacity and he has done so out of his own choosing. He had
to open his boundaries to make this possible and he did.

To change, to become better, stronger and happier human beings we must
step outside of our comfort zone in order to live the life we want to live.
Otherwise it is highly likely that we will live one created from fear, from
doubt and from holding back.

All too often we give in, sometimes without even realizing it. We give our
fears much too much power. Sometimes, because of our culture and tendency
to compare ourselves to others, we see our fears as signs of weakness
and inferiority, which further strengthens their power over us, and we
fall into the trap of continual self-doubt.

People who assert their opinions on you, holding you back with
their negativity and judgments are the dream steelers keeping you
from living your life vision – from being the real you.


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Find a strong reason WHY

Frequently people find it easier to come up with excuses (they call them reasons) for not doing things they know must be done than with ideas on how best to do them.

Could you one of those?

Jim Rohn said: “When your WHY is strong enough the how becomes easy.”

This means when your reasons why you need to do something are bigger than your excuses, you will make progress toward your goals. Logical, isn’t it?

It also means you have to come up with the reasons why you really should accomplish something before there is time to come up with the excuses that will for sure hold you back.  Works best if you read this twice!

You see, your subconscious is much more powerful than your conscious logical mind and it will work on achieving whatever you give it to work on. In most cases we give it doubt, fear, scarcity, and other negative thoughts.  What do people who lack money most often think about? Money. But not in an empowering way, caring and sharing way.  They think of their lack of it, sometimes look at others who have more with envy, are frustrated because life is not as “it should be” etc.

If you give yourself great positive reasons why you want to achieve a specific goal, your subconscious will immediately take you at your word and begin working toward that goal. And it will keep working on that goal until instructed to do otherwise (and “otherwise” means until those negative excuses sneak back into your thinking).

That is why you need to feed your subconscious with great care because no matter what you feed your mind on it works incessantly on getting you the results it believes you want. The challenge is that those are also the thoughts you planted into it. For instance, when you watched a violent film on TV, or read about a disaster in the newspaper or watch a mindless cheating show. But those are not the results you want, are they? Or are they?

Take a minute, right now, and write down what it is you really want.


Write down all the reasons why you should have it and how it would benefit you and others


If you go through these steps you imprint your positive thoughts on your subconscious mind. And please don’t write out your excuses, they will come up by themselves more often than is good for you. Just focus on your positive reasons why and write those down to internalize them into your subconscious.

And then – Take action RIGHT NOW.

Take one first small step and experience how good it feels to move forward, to move towards your goal, without worrying about excuses or other roadblocks.

Did you take your first action? GREAT – you got your first result.

If you didn’t – why not?
I will leave some space here so you can fill in your excuses…

Move in the right direction! As always, the choice is yours!

Wishing you a fantastic WHY

Barbara Hofmeister

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