Follow your Dreams

Good Morning or is it evening where you are?

I got up at 5 am today with really inspiring thoughts, dreams and ways to get to them and I thought I just have to share all this with you. So I wrote my heart out – unfortunately in livejournal and not here – and after all this the b…… entry disappeared when I clicked on one of the questions marks on my blogging page.

I mean really, shouldn’t a question be opened in another window as it is on other services? Or could they not at least have warned me? What a frustrating way to go into such a wonderful day. I was really inspired when I got up but now…

Fortunately frustration never stays with me for long so just voicing my frustration to you makes me smile again. But I have run out of time to give you more of my thoughts so please forgive me for this short and not too pleasant or insightful entry and I will speak to you another day about following your dream. I have to run to follow mine now -.)



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Keep a Confidence Journal

Still low on confidence? Learn how you can build up your confidence and start to believe in yourself by keeping a confidence journal. Remember, you will only get as far as your confidence let’s you. It is now time to build it so it supports your desires and dreams.

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Do you want more Success?

Everyone has at least One but many (if not most) never go for their dream. They are not really committed to achieving their dream and have given up.

Some will start on the path to achieving their dream, but get discouraged by the lack of support from their  friends, family, teammates, colleagues etc. because they tell them, their dream is crazy, impossible to reach, or just not for them. Consequently they abandon their dreams and settle for mediocrity

Others actually begin the journey only to have distractions get in their way…. and they too give up.

All these people are willing to settle for “good enough,” however good enough never is. There will always be that nagging doubt in your mind asking you “What if…?” There has to be more to this life than just good enough!

And then there are the dreamers

who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams.

Having dreams is important:

  • Without them you will not strive to get anywhere!
  • They provide you with the passion you need to reach your goals
  • They give you hope and direction
  • They help you be disciplined

Discipline is important if we want to achieve more in life. Discipline means doing the right things at the right time and for the right reasons. Sounds easy but we all know it isn’t always that easy. What is easy, is to get distracted and lose precious time and focus. That is why we need to be accountable – for our action and our in-actions. One of the most powerful success concepts is the Mastermind Principle which the famous author Napoleon Hill in the all time classic “Think and Grow Rich” dedicated a whole chapter too. For good reason.

Let me just recap the essentials:

The “Master Mind” may be defined as “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” – Napoleon Hill

It has been scientifically proven that by joining or creating a Mastermind group you are 8 times more likely to succeed!

8 times more!!!

Why? Because you will be accountable to your mastermind partners and of course, to yourself.¬† By helping and supporting each other, each member achieves more! It’s an amazing concept and proven to work. There are thousands of examples in history and around today’s Top Achievers. Nobody achieves extreme success by her or himself.

Who belongs to your Mastermind group?

Who are you accountable to?

Who supports you?

Join me and other like minded individuals on our journey to truly live our dreams!

Remember what Nike says: “Just do it!” And do it NOW.

Be blessed


Take the next step

The other day I was talking to my friend John who is a very successful NLP trainer and coach. I asked him if he had any words of wisdom for my readers about overcoming fear and taking action.

He reminded me that inaction is a symptom of fear. Predominantly a fear of failure. He said that often times we are not clear in our desires to succeed. That is, deep down we can’t believe that we can be successful and therefore we take no action.

How do we get rid of this fear I asked John eagerly. Isn’t it what stops most of us moving towards our dreams?

“Look inward”, he said “Find in yourself those limiting beliefs that are causing you doubt. In doing this know that you are a unique and special person with knowledge, traits and perspective that ONLY you have and as soon as you believe in yourself and use your unique skills you will succeed.”

As long as you are afraid to take the next step in pursuit of your dreams you are inactive. Things go stale and you move away from what you want so take a careful self assesment and add up all the things that make you unique and understand that it is exactly this uniqueness that will help you reach your goals.

Dare and jump

To your unlimited success

Barbara Hofmeister

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