Define what you really want clearly

New Year is coming up when we usually make New Year resolutions. Naturally we all want to succeed but the majority doesn’t know how to clearly define success.

We have talked about this before. If you don’t really know what you want you are highly unlikely to get it. You need to have real clarity about your intentions … what it is you really, really want to experience in your life.

Most people desire to be rich. What does rich mean to you and why do you want wealth?

Years ago I saw a beggar in the streets of Sri Lanka and I could see from his eyes and his smile that he was rich – not rich in worldly goods but rich in true happiness and contentment. What type of wealth, what type of riches do you want and most importantly WHY? Apart from the obvious THINGS like dream holidays, a nice house or a new car but that is just a small part of wealth, isn’t it?

Why do you want wealth?

Do you want wealth in order to have lots of money in the bank or do you want it for the joy and freedom it gives you; for the experiences you can have because you are wealthy and don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s food or roof over your head? Give this a moment of thought.

Why do you really want wealth?

If people have everything they want, it is because they were very clear about what they wanted to experience. Everyone else who still feels unfulfilled, and this is about 99% of the population, needs to get true clarity about what they want to experience. Only real clarity is power.

Many people talk only about things, about the objects they want in their lives, like a beautiful house but in fact, what really makes people happy is the experience of living in that beautiful house.

Let me give you an example – I love sailing and have always dreamt of having a really sleek sailing yacht but I never bought one. First because I did not have the money and later because I did not really want the responsibility that goes with maintaining a boat. Still the yearning remained until I realized I want the feeling of absolute peace and oneness with nature that signifies sailing for me and I don’t need to own a yacht to have this experience. I can charter one whenever and wherever I feel like it. It is the experience of being on the sea listening to the water glide past and the sound of the sails that turns me on, that gives me this sensation of utter peace – not the yacht itself.

The strange thing is that if you focus on the object only, like the yacht or the dream home, you are actually limiting yourself because the strongest manifestation is through emotion, is through sensation, through the experience itself. The object is just the vehicle.

Unfortunately most people think the vehicle is what they want and therefore manifest that but what we really want is the feeling, the experience of peace, freedom, and joy. If we concentrate on that, we find that we are able to get these emotions in a variety of ways, and may have but don’t need to have the object itself to feel the satisfaction. If I had no money I could work on a yacht to get that feeling, couldn’t I?

Ask yourself what it is you really want? What do you want to experience in your life and then think of ways how to achieve that.

Happy experience,

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