Festival of Enlightenment Program

Festival of Enlightenment Program – June 13th to 19th

They’re calling it the Woodstock of Consciousness

We’re planning some wonderful experiences at the Festival of Enlightenment, starting on the very first day with an amazing opening ceremony on Monday Morning and continuing right through to the climax of the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Each day has a theme, and we’ll be starting at the beginning of the week focussing on you, the individual and what you need to do to be fully empowered and living to your full potential. Then as the week progresses we’ll be transitioning into what we can achieve together with the power of the collective consciousnness and how we can make positive changes in the world. We’re going to build an amazing energy and feeling of community over the week and we plan to deliver a truly memorable, inspirational and transformational experience.

Here is the list of speakers and performers who will be appearing each day. Full details of each session will be coming soon. Gates open at 9am each day, with an opening ceremony at 9.30am to celebrate the theme of the day and the day’s activities finish around 9.30pm.

Mon 13th June Theme of the Day: Initiation & Invocation
Deborah King Carol Fitzpatrick Dr Princess O’Dilia Frank Huguenard
Panache Desai Simran Singh Randy Ferguson Kuumba Nia
Barbara Hofmeister Nicola Masters Judy Julin Shawn Gallaway
Art Giser Nicky Pattinson ‘Beyond Me’ Film
Tues 14th June Theme of the Day: Appreciation & Gratitude
Deborah King Christine Arylo Gina Citoli Beyond Belief World Premier
Art Giser Carol Fitzpatrick Barbara Hofmeister Oneness Blessing
Simran Singh Geofrey Collins Panache Desai Kuumba Nia
Edie Raether Neil Shah Dr Linda Backman Eric Profitt
Lizzi Vandorpe Nicola Masters Fiona Maguire Mark Torgeson
Judy Julin Sunny Dawn Johnston Dr Princess O’Dilia
Wed 15th June Theme of the Day: Allowing
Edie Raether Barbara Hofmeister Christine Arylo Allison Stillman
Art Giser Nicola Masters Tracy Quantum Sunny Dawn Johnston
Geofrey Collins Simran Singh Dr Linda Backman Cheryl Valk
Gina Citoli Fiona Maguire Lizzi Vandorpe Dr Princess O’Dilia
Carol Fitzpatrick Heyoka Merrifield Neil Shah Eric Profitt
Nicky Pattinson Bobbi DePorter Randy Ferguson Here II Here
Kuumba Nia Jennifer Kolari Wake Up (Film) Shawn Gallaway
Thur 16th June Theme of the Day: Harmony
Eldon Taylor Bobbi DePorter Allison Stillman Michele Blood
Dr Princess O’Dilia Geofrey Collins Lizzi Vandorpe Fiona Maguire
Sunny Dawn Johnston Kuumba Nia Christine Arylo Jennifer Kolari
Simran Singh Edie Raether Annie Burnside Gina Citoli
Carol Fitzpatrick Joel Young Nicola Masters Eric Profitt
Neil Shah Heyoka Merrifield Art Giser Here II Here
Nicky Pattinson Cheryl Valk Mark Torgeson
Fri 17th June Theme of the Day: Collaboration
Eldon Taylor Rikka Zimmerman Dr Princess O’Dilia Faith Rivera
Brigitte Mars Joel Young Geofrey Collins Christine Arylo
Simran Singh Edie Raether Nicola Masters Tracy Quantum
Howard Martin Michele Blood Panache Desai Heyoka Merrifield
Neil Shah Barbara Hofmeister Annie Burnside Eric Profitt
Sarah McLean Art Giser Marc Bekoff Here II Here
Sunny Dawn Johnston Allison Stillman Jayla
Sat 18th June Theme of the Day: Action
Barbara Hofmeister Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Carol Fitzpatrick Dr Lynne Kitei
Sarah McLean Joel Young Dr Princess O’Dilia Sunny Dawn Johnston
Michele Blood Edie Raether Art Giser Jennifer Kolari
Shelly Lefkoe Simran Singh Tracy Quantum Faith Rivera
Panache Desai Howard Martin Lizzi Vandorpe Jayla
Annie Burnside Sarah McLean Nicola Masters Here II Here
Allison Stillman Brigitte Mars Rikka Zimmerman
Nicky Pattinson
Sun 19th June Theme of the Day: Beginning
Sarah McLean Joel Young Sarah McLean Ariana Strozzi
Howard Martin Carol Fitzpatrick Sunny Dawn Johnston
Brigitte Mars Panache Desai Jennifer Kolari
Barbara Hofmeister Tracy Quantum Art Giser
Nicky Pattinson Dr Princess O’Dilia Shelly Lefkoe

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Festival of Enlightenment FREE Tickets!

Great NEWS !

Do you know that I am going to be speaking at the Festival of Enlightenment in June in Colorado? This is going to be the biggest Festival of its kind – ever! 7 full days and nights of inspiration, motivation, transformation and some amazing musical acts. You really don’t want to miss this.

The reason for writing to you today is that they have just announced a fantastic Valentine’s Day offer! And what could be a more loving gift than an investment in your and your loved ones soul’s journey?

So if you missed the chance to get two tickets for a mere $100 (donation) in December, here is the last chance to get this incredible offer… go to www.festivalofenlightenment.com

The donation tickets are a special block of tickets and are limited to first come first served… when they’re gone they’re gone so I recommend you get yours immediately! As soon as the regular ticket sales start this offer will be gone forever.

Check out the website at www.festivalofenlightenment.com to see the latest line up of speakers and performers. I am one of them!!!

This is going to be the most energetic gathering of positive like minded people and could easily be THE catalyst for global transformation.

The organizers made sure that all the speakers and performers who will be there actually ‘Walk their Talk’ and are donating their time to your transformation and world change.That means the speakers actually speak for F*R*E*E to keep prices as low as possible but as this is a very large event regular pricing will be 777 US$ after Feb. 14th or whenever this special offer is sold out.
One of our staunch supporters said this about the Festival: “There comes a time in each of our lives when enough pieces of our cosmic jigsaw puzzle come together and in a few moments all of the universe opens up to reveal all that ever was, is and ever will be.” Gaspar Magistar

Please join me at this magnificent event to celebrate your talents and creativity, to embody the highest aspects of humanity and to restore harmony on our beautiful, living planet and within the universe.

See you in June. Make sure to come up and introduce yourself. I will be there for the whole week.

Love and Blessings

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The Festival of Enlightenment

I have been invited to speak at the FESTIVAL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in June of 2011 in Colorado. This is a big honor for me and I am super excited. Some big names are involved like Janet Attwood, Gregg Braden, Bob Geldorf, Marianne Williamson,  Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Paul Scheele, Marcie Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch and many many more.


It will be a whole week full of great music, teachings and learnings, of spending fun and reflective times with like minded people in a stunning setting. The goal is to really help transform the lives of thousands by getting the message out there that we all have a choice.

We have the choice at any moment of our life to turn our life around; to go into a different direction than the one which has not served us too well.

NOW is the moment to change. It is the only moment we have any influence over. Make it your BEST moment.

Join us in June 2011 in Colorado so we can transform the world by first transforming our self.

Remember, we are powerful beyond measure!!!

Your playing small does not save the world!