It’s December 31st, 2016 and you…

Let’s do a little experiment today. Imagine  today is the last day of next year or if your read this in the middle of the year, imagine it is 12 months from now… so put in the date 12 months from now. We are taking today for this example.

It’s December 31st of the year 2016 and you are ….    (write down where/what/who you want to be 12 months from now)

Now answer the following: What would you need to have DONE and who would you need to have become in order to be the person you are DELIGHTED TO MEET on December 31st, 2016?

Please, do yourself the favor of writing this down while we wait for you. Try to think a little utside the box.

I hope you needed more than one sentence for that little exercise because the more detailed you describe “what happened” in the coming year, the more likely it is to really happen.

Remember, what you focus on expands


Only what you have imagined beforehand can actually manifest!

Just think of how a house is created. First it’s an idea in someone’s head, then it is roughly drawn on paper. As planning progresses the drawing becomes more and more detailled until one day the building begins in the physical world and stone by stone (remember, I am European and we build stone houses) the building is created just the way you can create your dreams.

To help you, here are the areas in your life you might want to grow, change, contribute, serve, or learn in:







Personal Growth

Physical Fitness

Brainstorm what you want to achieve in all these areas of your life. What is closest to your heart?


And the most important question you need to answer yourself is ….


Take YOUR TIME to reflect and be specific when you “build” your vision for 2012. Be honest and truthful to youself, especially when you answer the “most important question”. Always remember, you gravitate towards your most dominant thoughts and aspirations!

Have an amazing 2012


Attitude of Gratitude

In the USA Thanksgiving is the most important family holiday. It is also a day on which many celebrities share food with those less fortunate than they are and I know from my own experience that this is a very rewarding experience.

Giving thanks to all the good that already is in your life is probably the easiest ways to find happiness. One of the first things I ask of my coaching clients is that they keep a gratitude journal. Each day they have to write at least 3 things they are grateful for. The more the better.

Why do I ask them to do that? Because I want them to start feeling good about themselves and their lives. I want them to appreciate what they already have so the gap between that and their goals seems smaller.

For most people it seems easier to find things to complain about than to find things to give thanks for. But it is exactly that which keeps them from happiness and fulfillment. What we concentrate on is what we get. When we complain and concentrate on what doesn’t work, we enforce exactly that. That is why when people have financial challenges and don’t stop to concentrate on their lack of money, things get worse and worse. Whatever they try, they don’t seem to get out of that situation and even when they make money they loose it again.

What you focus on expands. When you focus on lack, lack is what you get. When you focus on abundance, abundance will come into your life. Start giving even if you have little and give without expecting anything back. If you give and expect gratitude it will not work.

Our subconscious does everything to fulfill our wishes but it cannot understand a negation. If you say “I don’t want to smoke” it understands “I want to smoke” and helps you with that. If you think “I don’t want to have financial problems” etc. it understands only the basic which are financial problems. Therefore it is omni-important to focus only on what you want and never on what you don’t want.

As I said in the beginning giving thanks, feeling grateful is the easiest way to feeling happy. Look at what you already have in your life and say thanks for that – each and every day. Be grateful when the sun shines and when rain gives water to the land so our food can grow. Give thanks for having a roof over your head, for the food you eat, for having family and friends in your life, and for your health and whatever wealth you have accumulated so far. Give thanks for being alive and kicking. For the flower you see grow out of the cracks of the asphalt, for a beautiful sunset, or the perfect snowflake that lands on your nose.

There are thousands of moments and things in every day of our lives that we can and should be grateful for. Start writing them down in your gratitude journal every night before you go to sleep and again in the morning before you start your day. Do that for 21 days and your life will change. That is a promise.

Happy Changes!


Be Pro-Active!

“We cannot cross the sea merely by staring at the water.”

Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Nobel Prize Winner for Literature

No, we have to move, we have to take action and implement what we have learned from the past. Do not let yourself be stopped by your nagging self doubts or your relatives and friends. Each have their reason BUT you have your own reason for doing things your way. Do not let people drown your dreams. They are yours and you have the resources to make them come true even if the others could not!

You are able to do anything you want to do. You just have to trust yourself and sometimes take a leap of faith = believe that all will come to pass. Once you make a firm decision that you will really go for it, the right action plan will follow so don’t focus on the how, focus much more and the what and the why.


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Why the Law of Attraction always works

Why the law of attraction always works:

Have you heard “What you focus on expands”? I hope you have because it is the foundation to understanding the law of attraction. In today’s Moments TO BE I will explain how that works in details:

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Are you willing to take inspired action today?

…and every day from now on?

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If you can’t change what is going on… achieve goals

“If you can’t change what is going on around you,
you have to change yourself.” – Victor Hugo

Have you ever noticed that nowhere and now here are spelled exactly the same? Isn’t that interesting? From nowhere to now here…

Dr. Wayne Dyer said that on a conference call and it gave me plenty of food for thought. How often have you worked your xxx off and still didn’t seem to get anywhere? You got nowhere but are you HERE NOW?

What am I driving at?

The only time we can achieve anything is when we are really 100% focused and concentrate all our energy to hit one single target at the time.

Let me give you a simple example. A few years ago Bon Jovi was on tour in Europe. Being a big fan I wanted to see them as often as possible while they were here. A friend got me a ticket for Luxemburg. He was doing the power for the concert and told me he would have no time to see me. But I had driven 5 hours to Luxemburg to see Bon Jovi and now that I was there I also wanted to see my friend who I had not seen in about 3 years. He was backstage somewhere and I had no pass. I made a decision to see him and set out on achieving that.

You cannot imagine the stories I invented to talk my way past at least 6 security guards but my focus was so much on finding my friend that I never questioned getting to him. I did not think once how near impossible it is to get backstage unless you are a beautiful young blonde -.) and even then it is difficult.  All I wanted was to see my friend and I did.  As an added bonus for being so persistant I not only had a great reunion with my friend but  also got a glimpse of Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora as they walked past us plus got to be right in front of the stage for the whole concert. Paradise, I tell you even at my age!

The next concert was in Cologne and with the same intensity I talked my way into the stadium, the VIP area with full catering and again got into the fenced off part in front of the stage. Don’t ask me how I did it. I just did because that was my sole target for the day and I gave it all my energy.

One would think after 2 such “successes” I could do it again anytime but I tried it again the next day – this time without knowing anybody – and I got in as far as the press booth but there was no way I could talk them into letting me back- or even front stage. I had done it – my focus, my energy for this particular target was gone. Everything that I had aimed at was achieved and I could not muster the same energy for a result that was not really important anymore.

And that is the difference. We cannot be 100% focused at all times but when we know exactly what we want; when we see the target clearly; we can achieve anything!

Do you think Gandhi believed he could change the history of his country when he started his campaign for the freedom of India? Or Nelson Mandela when he was a violent youth fighting for the freedom of his people? No, they could not but they could see a vision bigger than themselves and they tackled it step by tiny and often difficult and painful step. They did not get deterred even by torture and long prison sentences because they could always and under all circumstances see their big dream in front of them.

Are you like that? Can you stay focused and concentrate only on your vision?
Most of us can’t so let’s make a test.

  • Get yourself a small notepad that fits into your purse or pocket and take note each time you get distracted from the task at hand – by a telephone call, a chat with a friend or colleague, getting stuck in a flood of emails, surfing the web longer than planned…
  • Write down your most important one week and your one to three months targets and observe DAILY in writing what you did to get closer to it and how you diverted from reaching it.

You will be amazed how often you get sidetracked even by your own thoughts and suddenly the day is finished and you wonder what you actually did all day.

From nowhere to NOW HERE! The only time we get things done efficiently is when we are 100% in the HERE and NOW – on target in the present moment with our full attention and energy.

Try it out and let me know your resul

Have a focused week
Barbara Hofmeister
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25 Minutes of Exercise Can Beat Depression

By Richard Alleyne / Source: The Telegraph

Just 25 minutes of vigorous daily exercise can help beat depression, claim doctors.

Researchers found that a workout reduces stress and anger and boosts the sense of physical wellbeing.

They claim physical exercise should be more widely prescribed as a treatment to tackle depressive or anxiety disorders.

Professor Jasper Smits, a psychologist, at the southern Methodist University in Dallas said that physical therapy could be prescribed instead of or as a supplement to medication.

“Exercise can fill the gap for people who can’t receive traditional therapies because of cost or lack of access, or who don’t want to because of the perceived social stigma associated with these treatments,” he said.

“Exercise also can supplement traditional treatments, helping patients become more focused and engaged.

“Individuals who exercise report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, and lower levels of stress and anger.

“Exercise appears to affect, like an antidepressant, particular neurotransmitter systems in the brain, and it helps patients with depression re-establish positive behaviours.”

The team from the university’s Anxiety Research and Treatment Programme analysed past studies and found traditional treatments of cognitive behavioural therapy and drug treatments do not reach everyone who needs them.

However exercise could help relieve symptoms such as “fears of fear and related bodily sensations such as a racing heart and rapid breathing”.

“The more therapists who are trained in exercise therapy, the better off patients will be,” Prof Smits said.

Patients were subjected to either 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity activity.

He said: “Rather than emphasise the long-term health benefits of an exercise program – which can be difficult to sustain – we urge providers to focus with their patients on the immediate benefits.

“After just 25 minutes, your mood improves, you are less stressed, you have more energy – and you’ll be motivated to exercise again tomorrow. A bad mood is no longer a barrier to exercise – it is the very reason to exercise.”

As well as an exercise regime, patients also benefit from a daily schedule and targets which may also help in combating the mental illness.

The findings were presented at the annual conference of the Anxiety Disorder Association of America in Baltimore.

Focus on Solutions

I get asked: “How can I be successful?” all the time. One of the first things is to stop whining and complaining and instead search for solutions and take action. On my last flight back to Spain I found a good quote by Edward E. Hearn in my monthly Toastmaster magazine. It describes beautifully what I mean. It says: “Everybody has problems in life. But the real key to life is not crying over your problems. The key to life is overcoming problems, and bouncing back from them!”

It is what I keep telling my assistants. DON’T FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM, FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION!

Let me give you a few typical examples from my travels in Ukraine. One time I needed to change my international flight and once that was changed I needed a flight from South Ukraine to Kiev to catch my new international flight. 2 Assistants were supposed to take care of that and let me know in the morning what time I was leaving. At 08.30 am I was packed and ready to leave. 9.30 came and still no flight confirmations. I called my assistant. She said they were working on it and that she will call me as soon as she knows the details.

By now I knew I could not catch the morning flight anymore so I relaxed and started to work on a couple of articles but when it turned 11.00 and I still had no news I called her again. She said it is impossible to change my flight so they are trying to buy a new one but the price was over 1200 Euros for the one way and they could not buy the ticket because they did not have sufficient funds.

“Why didn’t you call me?” I asked. “I did not want you to think I can’t do this”, was the answer. “There is nothing wrong with not being able to do something Katya. But there is everything wrong with not admitting to it and therefore not getting things done”, I said. “Time is getting precious as I need to be in Kiev by the evening.”

It was 3 hours from my house to the local airport and still no solution in sight. I asked my assistant to come to where I was staying and that we would find a solution together. Meanwhile I looked for a number for the Alitalia office in Kiev. Unfortunately their website was down so I searched for any Alitalia office anywhere and I found a number in Rome. By this time my assistant had arrived. She told me she had called Kiev airport but there was no Alitalia office there (which turned out not to be true) She also said she had spoken to Alitalia in Italy and they had told her my Internet ticket could not be changed. I could not believe that and called the number I had found from Rome. They passed me on to Alitalia reservations department who changed my Internet ticket within minutes. All I had to do is pay 50 Euros penalty. My assistant watched me with amazement. She could not believe that I had solved the issue within minutes that she and another girl were not able to find a solution for since yesterday.

But that’s not the end of the story. Now we needed the flight ticket from Sevastopol to Kiev for the afternoon. My assistant called the companies travel department and asked them to buy the ticket for me. As I still needed to speak with a TV producer we went to the office and, once there, wanted to pick up my ticket.

But nothing had happened yet. They did not know how to pay it and again they did not call me. I told them to go to the accounts department and get the funds there. The girl went and I really thought that now all was in order but when it was time to leave, my limousine was there but no ticket. The girl was not back. When I called her she said accounts did not understand what she wanted and refused her the funds. One phone call later she had the money and we went to meet her downtown at the airline office to pick up the ticket. Again, the situation was solved once we focused on a solution and did not concentrate on the problem.

Well, to make a long story short, I caught the last possible flight at the last possible minute – once we had concentrated on the solution.

1st visit in Kiev, Ukraine 2007

My limo to the airport

Exactly the same thinking seems to be the challenge in most people’s lives. Most concentrate on the problem and not on a solution. They look at the process and not beyond but if you stare at the obstacle instead of the overall objective, you cannot find ways to overcome the obstacle as that is all you can see and you get stuck in the process.


Always look at the big picture. Always keep the end result in mind so short term obstacles are nothing more than hurdles you need to take to get to the finishing line. For everything there is a solution. It might not be ideal and it might not be the direct line to the mark but as long as it moves you in the right direction it is much better than whining, complaining and hoping without taking action.

The Power of Concentration

Do you ever get distracted?

Do you ever mean to do one thing and then find yourself doing another?

Do you ever lack concentration?

If you can say no to any of the above – CONGRATULATIONS! You are fairly unique.

There are not many people out there who are truly able to fully concentrate for any length of time. Research shows it is only between 1-3 % of the population. Could that be the 1-3 % of the population who truly make it in life?

Would you agree that it would be of the greatest value if we learned how to concentrate? The amount of focus you have on your important tasks determine your success. To make a true success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person that is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration and got distracted from his main objectives.

Yet we all know that in order to accomplish a certain task we must concentrate on it. So it is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate especially when working on a new idea or a new business. As soon as we are laser focused we will move forward but if we are wishy washy and half hearted nothing will happen except frustration because so much valuable time has passed without seeing results.

Let me repeat: To make a success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working out. Do not become discouraged, if you are unable to hold your thought on the subject very long at first. There are very few that can. It seems a peculiar fact that it is easier to concentrate on something that is no good for us, than on something that is beneficial.

This tendency is overcome when we learn to concentrate consciously. If you will just practice a few concentration exercises each day you will soon develop this wonderful power. Success is assured when you are able to concentrate for you are then able to utilize for your good all constructive thoughts and shut out all the destructive ones.

Have you ever made a decision to do something – could be in your work, hobby or family life and then set out to do it with the unwavering belief that it will happen? You probably have but in case you do not remember let me give you an example. When I started the Achievers Toastmasters Club I was laser focused because I really wanted a Club that stood for all the positive things Toastmasters offers. The first Club I had belonged to had turned bitchy and unpleasant and I did not want to be part of it anymore.

After making the decision to start a new Club I did not take No for an answer anymore. My only thoughts were on how to get the right people to join and I did everything in my power to achieve that.

The club that still lives my vision today

The club that still lives my vision today

Within 6 weeks we were chartered and should you ever come to the Costa del Sol, you must visit The Achievers TMC because it really stands for the positive, learning environment Toastmasters International propagates. The Club is now more than 7 years old and even though our members change (and I left the country) the vision I had of the Club has not changed and it can be felt at each meeting.

It is of the greatest value to be able to think only that which will be beneficial; that which you really want and not how to avoid what you don’t want. Did you ever stop to think what an important part your thoughts, concentrated thoughts, play in your life? We are wonderful creatures, but we must continue to train and develop to reach our goals. Anything can be accomplished by every man if he can be awakened to do his very best.

That is why Anthony Robbins talks about “Awaken the Giant within” but the greatest man would not accomplish much if he lacked concentration and effort. If you study success you will know that people with very bad grades in school have achieved incredible things. You will have read the stories of the timid young man who became a powerful entrepreneur even though outside his field he is still shy. Dwarfs can do the work of giants when they are transformed by the magic power of great mental concentration. But even giants could only do the work of dwarfs when they lack this power.

We accomplish more by concentration than by knowledge; the man that is apparently best suited for a pposition does not always fill it best. It is the man that concentrates on its every possibility that makes an art of both his work and his life. As in all other good things in life your real advancement will come from your individual effort.

Therefore make a plan each day of the most important tasks that will get you where you want to go – set clear priorites. Make this time a time in which you will not be disturbed by phone calls, meetings, children, spouses or your favorite telenovela. This time is only for you and your goals. Depending on how good your power of concentration already is start with a minimum of 30 minutes and work yourself up bit by bit. Find out what your best time of day is to concentrate.

For me it is first thing in the morning, for one of my best friends it is in the late evening. Use that time to move you forward – towards your dreams and goals.

Today is your day! Use it wisely
Love Barbara

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Create the right Habits

“It is not impossibilities that fill us with deepest despair, but possibilities that we have failed to realize.” – Robert Mallet, poet

Only a tiny percentage of the world unleashes the full potential in their life. Statistics say it’s 2% or 3%, which is a very small minority.

What do the other 97% do? What do they have in common?

One of their biggest commonalities is that they choose ‘pleasing methods’ over ‘pleasing results’.

How do I mean that? Well I mean success isn’t natural, sitting on your butt and failing consequently is.
97% of the world want to do just the easy things and they want to use only the easy methods. That is why everybody is looking for the quick fix and prefers an unhealthy pill over a more healthy lifestyle.

But isn’t it much more interesting to find our what the other 3% have in common?

The biggest differences between the 97% and the 3% is the 3% make a habit of doing the things they don’t like to do first.

You have heard right. Better read it again.

The biggest differences between the 97% and the 3% is the 3% make a habit of doing the things they don’t like to do first.

Naturally nobody enjoys doing the things they don’t want to do, so why do the 3% take action?

The answer is because they don’t focus on the process, they focus on the result; on the benefits they get out of taking that action. And this shift in focus turns the ordinary into extraordinary, mediocrity into abundance. When you focus on the process, procrastination becomes your best friend.

Action Steps
1. What is ONE thing I don’t want to do today, but if I did it, it would move my life or my business forward?
2. How will I benefit from doing it?
3. Write it down
4. and DO IT.

Taking action and doing one thing a day you don’t want to do is worth fighting for.

Remember, people form habits and habits form futures. Cultivate habits that lead to wisdom, happiness, and riches. If you need a push once in a while let me coach you in creating your new habits because habits predict the outcome of our lives. We have to form the right personal and financial habits to be able to live our full potential.

I trust you to do the first thing first – I believe in YOU.


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