Do you plan to live a happy, fulfilled life?

Jim Rohn, one of my most important mentors, says:  “Most people spend more time planning their holidays than they spend on planning their life.”

What about you?

Do you plan to live a happy, fulfilled life or is it just a dream?

I didn’t really start living my purpose fully until I was over 50 but since then I have published a book and spoken to over 15.000 people in 8 countries and loved every minute of it.

If you had all the money you would ever need, had traveled to the places you wanted to go to and had all the material things money could buy what would you do? What would get you up in the morning? What would keep you up at night?

Take pen and paper and write it down!

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TRUTH is supposed to be objective and verifiable. It reflects present circumstances so may I ask you, is your present situation desirable? Is it what you have wanted it to be?

For many it is not. They have lack of love, lack of money, lack of freedom, lack of …

But does “this truth” have to stay the same forever?

NO, it doesn’t!!!

Things can change because we can change.

Ask yourself where you could be in 3 months, 6 months, even 12 months from now if you would change the way you do things. What will your truth be then?

There are only two ways you can get different results

  1. Do different things
  1. Do things differently

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Because if you continue to do what you have done until now, you will continue to get the results you have until now.

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You can do it alone and struggle, maybe struggle for many years or we can do it TOGETHER. What do you think will be faster? I think it was Tony Robbins who said T.E.A.M. means Together Each Achieves Mircacle.

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