How you truly achieve your Goals

It is at this time of year – during the holidays – that most of us reflect on the past year and look at our plans for the New Year. Unfortunately many do not have a plan. They might go as far as to set some half hearted New Year Resolutions just around midnight on the 31st but often these are already forgotten by the middle of January.


Because your resolutions are not really what you want. It is more what you think you need to be or do, i.e. “Starting from January I will exercise three times a week, go on a diet, call my parents on a regular basis” etc. But you don’t really want to exercise that much or go on a diet, do you? What you want are the results these actions will bring you!

This is why we need to start with the results we desire before we set goals or set New Year Resolutions. We always have to start with the desired end result in mind.

When you are clear on the result you desire then and only then can you start filling the gap from where you are today to where you want to go and break these necessary actions down into small, achievable steps. That is all really. You just have to make sure you really know what outcome you want to achieve before you start setting goals.

Hear what Brian Tracy has to say about goal setting:

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Radom Thoughts on Goals

Today I want to share some thoughts on goal setting and goal achieving. Let them inspire you and help you attain your goals in 2010

  • We rarely hit anything unless we aim for it
  • There is no sense in aiming for a goal if you have no arrow in your bow
  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
  • If you don’t plan your future, it likely that you will live someone else’s
  • A genius is the person who aims for something no one else even sees.
  • If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?
  • Failure is not when something doesn’t work, failure is when you aim too low.
  • If you have no plan, your life can’t go according to plan.
  • Success has little to do with speed but much to do with direction.
  • Your life is like sailing a boat. You need to check your direction continuously if you want to reach your destiny.

From Goal Setting to Goal Achieving

I always say that you can only go as far as your confidence let’s you. Apart from the obvious what do I mean with that?

In the film the Secret it is said that the Law of Attractions works as follows: ask – believe – receive. Which part of these 3 steps do you think is our biggest challenge? The believe part of course.

We normally have no problem asking and when we get what we want, we also have no problem receiving but we do have a big issue with believing. And it is here where we also have our challenges when we set goals.

So let’s look at some scientific facts to help understand the reason why so few of us reach the goals we have set for ourselves. Scientists found that only 2-4 % of what we do actually comes from our conscious mind. This is where our willpower and persistence originates from. But 96-98 % of what we think and do comes from our non-conscious. Most people do not achieve their goals because their 2-4% willpower and persistence against an overwhelming 96-98% is just not strong enough. We are driven by our non-conscious mind or as it is called in neuroscience our implicit memory system.

Let me explain. Our implicit memories are locked in our subconscious. They consist of memories necessary to perform events and tasks, or to produce a specific type of response or emotion. Driving a car becomes an implicit memory once it has become automated but these implicit memories cannot be looked up or remembered so we cannot use them for conscious actions or reasoning.
That is why the “believe” part of the Law of Attraction is so omni-important. As soon as we truly believe that we can achieve/be/have whatever it is we desire, the emotion, this feeling of ‘knowing’ that it will happen, will actually help us make it happen. It activates the 96 – 98 % non-consciousness to act in our favor. And when that happens we become truly unstoppable!

So instead of beating yourself up when you do not reach your goals find the WHY you want to reach it. Find the true reasons, the ones that get you exited and your blood boiling and focus on that. If you believe you can achieve – you will! If your why is strong enough, the how becomes easy.

Happy achieving!
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