How to live your perfect Life

Last week at one of my workshops I asked who had a perfect life. Nobody raised their hand. I then asked the participants to describe their ‘perfect’ life. What came out were some vague ideas like:

“I would have a perfect life if I had more money than I needed.

“How much do you need and will that need stay the same as you earn more?

“…if I live with my family in our dream home.” What does it look like and where will it be?

“…if I have lost all that weight and am more attractive to my partner again.”

“…if I had a job I loved”

You have probably heard about the movie ‘The Secret’. They say for the Law of Attraction to work you need to ask then believe and you will receive. But how can the Universe give you what you ask if you are so vague, if you do not give clear instructions in what it is you want? In most cases it is already in this first part where we lose out. We do not ask clearly enough.

But that has another consequence. If we cannot ask clearly enough we also cannot believe 100 % in it becoming our reality because we cannot SEE it happening. It is nothing but a vague idea. And if the first 2 steps are not done properly we cannot go to the third, to the receive either, can we?

I know it is a very simplistic view of the Law of Attraction but it is what stops most of us getting what we want. We are not crystal clear about what it is. We cannot see our changed life in our mind’s eye.

In order for it to work in our favor we have to visualize what our ideal life looks like in crisp, precise detail and watch our self in that movie. If we do that often enough, we can skip the willpower or positive thinking stuff, and get to our goals…without having to overcome enormous obstacles and struggles!

But, in all probability you only hope, wish, desire for a better life; for things to “get better”, or for you to “become rich”, “happier”, or some other vague and non-specific goal. You have no specific, clear and unshakable vision of what “better”, “rich”, or “happier” means, and therefore cannot turn it into a mental movie you watch in your mind’s theatre over and over and over again.

One of the main principles we talked of in earlier posts is that your mind cannot distinguish an actual experience from a fantasy experience. And if you live the vision with great clarity and specificity in
your mind often enough, your mind becomes fooled into thinking you’ve already been there, done that and allows you to skip the struggle and get straight to the thing you dream about!

So, what can you do to start working towards the life you might describe as ideal?
<!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–>
<!–[endif]–>First of all, you have to write down everything that a perfect life, as you define it, would
contain. Then, use this list to start day-dreaming a movie with you as the star, and the story board
containing all the things on your wish list. This is what I call your Vivid Vision.

Watch this movie of your ideal life over and over, every chance you get but especially before you get up and just before going to sleep. Watch it when you feel good and when you feel bad. No matter what goes on now, watch your vivid vision, your internal movie as often as possible because this is where the second step – the believe sets in. Do not be impatient. It will happen, it will manifest but not necessarily in the time frame you had in mind or in exactly the same way you wished for but happen it will.

You can build your life the way YOU want it if you take action!

Build your dream story board and play your internal movie because if you procrastinate and leave it until you have time or whatever other excuse you come up with now, your dream life can never happen. So, no more reading about it; you know more than enough. Get yourself a pen and paper and start writing your story board, start seeing your life movie and DO IT NOW!!!

You are the Star!

Happy Manifesting

Barbara Hofmeister

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From Goal Setting to Goal Achieving

I always say that you can only go as far as your confidence let’s you. Apart from the obvious what do I mean with that?

In the film the Secret it is said that the Law of Attractions works as follows: ask – believe – receive. Which part of these 3 steps do you think is our biggest challenge? The believe part of course.

We normally have no problem asking and when we get what we want, we also have no problem receiving but we do have a big issue with believing. And it is here where we also have our challenges when we set goals.

So let’s look at some scientific facts to help understand the reason why so few of us reach the goals we have set for ourselves. Scientists found that only 2-4 % of what we do actually comes from our conscious mind. This is where our willpower and persistence originates from. But 96-98 % of what we think and do comes from our non-conscious. Most people do not achieve their goals because their 2-4% willpower and persistence against an overwhelming 96-98% is just not strong enough. We are driven by our non-conscious mind or as it is called in neuroscience our implicit memory system.

Let me explain. Our implicit memories are locked in our subconscious. They consist of memories necessary to perform events and tasks, or to produce a specific type of response or emotion. Driving a car becomes an implicit memory once it has become automated but these implicit memories cannot be looked up or remembered so we cannot use them for conscious actions or reasoning.
That is why the “believe” part of the Law of Attraction is so omni-important. As soon as we truly believe that we can achieve/be/have whatever it is we desire, the emotion, this feeling of ‘knowing’ that it will happen, will actually help us make it happen. It activates the 96 – 98 % non-consciousness to act in our favor. And when that happens we become truly unstoppable!

So instead of beating yourself up when you do not reach your goals find the WHY you want to reach it. Find the true reasons, the ones that get you exited and your blood boiling and focus on that. If you believe you can achieve – you will! If your why is strong enough, the how becomes easy.

Happy achieving!
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