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Great NEWS !

Do you know that I am going to be speaking at the Festival of Enlightenment in June in Colorado? This is going to be the biggest Festival of its kind – ever! 7 full days and nights of inspiration, motivation, transformation and some amazing musical acts. You really don’t want to miss this.

The reason for writing to you today is that they have just announced a fantastic Valentine’s Day offer! And what could be a more loving gift than an investment in your and your loved ones soul’s journey?

So if you missed the chance to get two tickets for a mere $100 (donation) in December, here is the last chance to get this incredible offer… go to www.festivalofenlightenment.com

The donation tickets are a special block of tickets and are limited to first come first served… when they’re gone they’re gone so I recommend you get yours immediately! As soon as the regular ticket sales start this offer will be gone forever.

Check out the website at www.festivalofenlightenment.com to see the latest line up of speakers and performers. I am one of them!!!

This is going to be the most energetic gathering of positive like minded people and could easily be THE catalyst for global transformation.

The organizers made sure that all the speakers and performers who will be there actually ‘Walk their Talk’ and are donating their time to your transformation and world change.That means the speakers actually speak for F*R*E*E to keep prices as low as possible but as this is a very large event regular pricing will be 777 US$ after Feb. 14th or whenever this special offer is sold out.
One of our staunch supporters said this about the Festival: “There comes a time in each of our lives when enough pieces of our cosmic jigsaw puzzle come together and in a few moments all of the universe opens up to reveal all that ever was, is and ever will be.” Gaspar Magistar

Please join me at this magnificent event to celebrate your talents and creativity, to embody the highest aspects of humanity and to restore harmony on our beautiful, living planet and within the universe.

See you in June. Make sure to come up and introduce yourself. I will be there for the whole week.

Love and Blessings

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How to succeed…

“TAKE TWO ACORNS from the same tree, as nearly alike as possible; plant one on a hill by itself, and the other in the dense forest, and watch them grow. The oak standing alone is exposed to every storm. Its roots reach out in every direction, clutching the rocks and piercing deep in to the earth. Every rootlet lends itself to steady the growing giant, as if in anticipation of fierce conflict with the elements.

Sometimes its upward growth seems checked for years, but all the while it has been expending its energy in pushing a root across a large rock to gain a firmer anchorage. Then it shoots proudly aloft again, prepared to defy the hurricane.

The acorn planted in the deep forest shoots up a weak, slender sapling. Shielded by its neighbors, it feels no need of spreading its roots far and wide for support.

Take two boys, as nearly alike as possible. Place one in the country away from the hothouse culture and refinements of the city, with only the district school, the Sunday school, and a few books. Remove wealth and props of every kind; and, if he has the right kind of material in him, he will thrive. Every obstacle overcome lends him strength for the next conflict. If he falls, he rises with more determination than before.

Life a rubber ball, the harder the obstacle he meets the higher the rebounds. Obstacles and opposition are but apparatus of the gymnasium in which the fibers of his manhood are developed. He compels respect and recognition from those who have ridiculed his poverty.

Put the other boy in a Vanderbilt family. Give him French and German nurses; gratify every wish. Place him under the tutelage of great masters and send him to Harvard. Give him thousands a year for spending money, and let him travel extensively.

The two boys meet. The city lad is ashamed of his country brother. The plain threadbare clothes, hard hands, tawny face, and awkward manner of the country boy make sorry contrast with the genteel appearance of the other.

They meet again as men, but how changed! It is as easy to distinguish the sturdy, self-made man from the one who has been propped up all his life by wealth, position, and family influence, as it is for the shipbuilder to tell the difference between the plank from the rugged mountain oak and one from the sapling of the forest.”

– Orison Swett Marden

Founder of Success Magazine

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