Creating empowering Habits

Why does it seem that it is so much easier to fall into a bad habit than a good one?

I don’t have the answer either but I know for a fact that to change a bad habit into a good one  needs a clear decision. If you want to stop smoking, if you want to eat healthier food, if you want to work less, or if you want to exercise more – in all cases you first have to make a decision and then you have to stick to it.

Obviously the sticking to it is the difficult part. We know that from our New Year resolutions, don’t we? How often have we made promises to ourselves and have forgotten all about them by the middle of January?

There is a wonderful program out there that I use to keep me on track and to move me forward at all times and that is called Simpleology. It was created by Mark Joyner, the father of Internet Marketing. For me this guy is an absolute genius. Simpleology is a multi media course – that takes about 15 minutes every day and you do it first thing in the morning.

If you tend to get distracted easily, if you procrastinate on certain issues, if you are looking for ways to bring yourself forward – THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! He calls it “the simple science of getting what you want”. I would say it will do all of us good. I use it at least 6 days a week and the result so far is that I am more focused, clearer on my goals, see immediately where I stray and consequently get much more done! It is very easy to follow. You just have to stick with it until the results become obvious.

Give it a go. It is free
Just click here and sign up for free and off you go.

Enjoy the journey

Achieve EVERY goal you set yourself!!!

We have talked about goals many times. But as it is such an important topic and there are many approaches, I want to give you one approach that really works and keeps you motivated every single time:

1. Define your major goals. Make sure your objectives, your outcomes are clearly stated using positive, forward pointing language. And please MAKE SURE YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE!

2. Set a date on which you want to have accomplished your goal. Be a little more than just optimistic but don’t be too unrealistic. I’ve had a lot of clients who are in debt and expect to become Millionaires in a year. It’s possible, especially today with Internet Marketing, BUT it’s highly unlikely if you just start out. First you need to gain momentum.

The problem is that we frequently overestimate what we can accomplish in 1 month or 1 year but we vastly underestimate what we can achieve in 3 or 5 years. Remember, Rome was not build in a day. Your dream will not be build in a day either.

3. Establish 3 alternate situations in which you feel you have achieved your desired goals:

a) should be your minimum target (be realistic on this one)

b) should be your true desired outcome

c) should be the most outrageous outcome you can imagine (i.e. the BEST, outrageous achievement of your goal)

That way you are highly likely to achieve at least the minimum target and if you break your goals down into small achievable steps for every month and set minimum, regular, and outrageous outcomes for them, you will very soon notice how you gain momentum.

Remember, success (like money) likes speed. Once you pick up momentum your goals will happen faster than you can imagine BUT first you need to take the small steps and focus ONLY on the outcomes you desire while taking small achievable steps.