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Career Self Development

Career Self Development is becoming more and more important as less people stay in the job they study for or start their working life with.

In traditional countries in the “old world” it was completely normal that someone who had learned how to be a steel worker or a secretary and stayed in that position all his/her working life. Today that has changed as we have gone from the industrial age to the information age.

Positions, Jobs and Companies are in constant flux. In Germany we have a publicly traded company that started of in the steel business and is now a venture capitalist. What they are today has absolutely nothing to do with what they started off as nearly 80 years ago. And the changes did not happen gradually; they happened in the last 8 years.

The same goes for our jobs. Just look at what I do. There were no Personal Life Coaches 10 years ago but today it is a widely known and much respected profession.

As our jobs change we have to change with them to adjust to the new situation. It is essential that we keep up with what is happening in our profession and find out how we can stay on top of the game. A personal Life Coach can help us with our career self development even when s/he is not in the same profession. They can give us a different more detached perspective and thus create awareness.

In German we have the saying “You can’t see the forest because of the trees”. That is similar in work. We are so involved, so focused on the details of our own everyday working life that we do often not hear the warning bells nor see that the market is changing. Your coach as an outsider can see that with much more clarity and detachment.

If you are in a moment of change – whether in your career or in your life, give it a try and get yourself a personal life coach.

Happy changing
Barbara Hofmeister