Create the right Habits

“It is not impossibilities that fill us with deepest despair, but possibilities that we have failed to realize.” – Robert Mallet, Poet

Only a tiny percentage of the world unleashes the full potential in their life. Statistics say it’s 2% or 3%, which is a very small minority.

What do the other 97% do? What do they have in common?

One of their biggest commonalities is that they choose ‘pleasing methods’ over ‘pleasing results’.

How do I mean that. Well I mean success isn’t natural, sitting on your butt and failing consequently is.
97% of the world want to do just the easy things and they want to use only the easy methods. That is why everybody is looking for the quick fix and prefers an unhealthy pill over a more healthy lifestyle.

But isn’t it much more interesting to find our what the other 3% have in common?

The biggest differences between the 97% and the 3% is the 3% make a habit of doing the things they don’t like to do first.

You have heard right. Better read it again.

The biggest differences between the 97% and the 3% is that the 3% make a habit of doing the things they don’t like to do first.

Naturally nobody enjoys doing the things they don’t want to do, so why do the 3% take action?

The answer is because they don’t focus on the process, they focus on the result; on the benefits they get out of taking that action. And this shift in focus turns the ordinary into extraordinary, mediocrity into abundance. When you focus on the process, procrastination becomes your best friend.

Action Steps

Ask yourself:
1. What is ONE thing I don’t want to do today, but if I did it, it would move my life or my business forward?
2. How will I benefit from doing it?
3. Write it down
4. and DO IT.

Taking action and doing one thing a day you don’t want to do is worth fighting for.

Remember, people form habits and habits form futures. Cultivate habits that lead to wisdom, happiness, and riches. If you need a push once in a while let me coach you in creating your new habits because habits predict the outcome of our lives. We have to form the right personal and financial habits to be able to live our full potential.

I trust you to do the first thing first

I believe in YOU.

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Do yourself a favor

You know I keep talking about making your dreams come true and I really wish that for you. But in my coaching I come across quite a few clients who have no dreams anymore. People who are stuck but don’t really know what they want different – except to become unstuck.Barbara Hofmeister

Unstuck from what? They must know that something is missing in their life as otherwise why would they go to a life coach?

Well you see since we were small children we were held down. This is not done consciously. It is done by our parents, grandparents, teachers etc. to protect us but we cannot differenciate the protective NOs from the diminishing Nos. Over the years the bubbly, exciting confidence and self esteem we held when we were small children and believed the world belongs to us subsides and makes room for self doubts and fears.

But today you are an adults and you can form your own opinion of how you and the world around you should be. Every one of us has that right and is actually making that decision – whether it is conscious or unconscious. Your present life is the result of your decisions and choices.If who you are today is not to your liking, change it!

No matter where you are you yourself have brought you here.

By making a different decision – taking a different choice or moving along a new and different path.

You don’t know how to?
That is probably because you have heard people change overnight and that seems impossible for you. Let me put your mind to rest. The “overnight” change is usually like the tip of the iceberg. Before it broke through the waters surface a lot of growth had to happen underneath. In humans many small decisions, choices have to be made before the results break through to be seen on the surface.

If you want to change anything in your life make a decision now to change one small little habit. You are not likely to go from no sports to running a marathon but you can easily start with 15 minutes of excercise 3 times a week, then move from there to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes etc. It is the small step approach that brings the true results.

The same if you want to lose weight. Like you did not put on the excess weight overnight you will also not lose it Forget about looking like a model. They are exceptions and many of them suffer physically because they are too thin. Decide how you will feel comfortable, what it takes to fit back into your favorite clothes and go for that goal by improving your diet bit by bit, meal by meal.

True, the decision can be made in a instant but the changes happen step by step. That is why life coaching works so well because your personal life coach will hold you by the hand and make sure you are staying on the track YOU decided to take.

That is why I am asking you to do yourself the favor and make a different, more empowering decisions NOW!

To your life

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Career Self Development

Career Self Development is becoming more and more important as less people stay in the job they study for or start their working life with.

In traditional countries in the “old world” it was completely normal that someone who had learned how to be a steel worker or a secretary and stayed in that position all his/her working life. Today that has changed as we have gone from the industrial age to the information age.

Positions, Jobs and Companies are in constant flux. In Germany we have a publicly traded company that started of in the steel business and is now a venture capitalist. What they are today has absolutely nothing to do with what they started off as nearly 80 years ago. And the changes did not happen gradually; they happened in the last 8 years.

The same goes for our jobs. Just look at what I do. There were no Personal Life Coaches 10 years ago but today it is a widely known and much respected profession.

As our jobs change we have to change with them to adjust to the new situation. It is essential that we keep up with what is happening in our profession and find out how we can stay on top of the game. A personal Life Coach can help us with our career self development even when s/he is not in the same profession. They can give us a different more detached perspective and thus create awareness.

In German we have the saying “You can’t see the forest because of the trees”. That is similar in work. We are so involved, so focused on the details of our own everyday working life that we do often not hear the warning bells nor see that the market is changing. Your coach as an outsider can see that with much more clarity and detachment.

If you are in a moment of change – whether in your career or in your life, give it a try and get yourself a personal life coach.

Happy changing
Barbara Hofmeister

How life can change fast

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – Mike Murdock 

 As you are reading this I know you are willing and ready to change some things in your life but as we all know – alone – it is difficult. That is why life coaching is so extremely successful.

When I first had a life coach – and yes, I still have one – I started just for fun to see how it worked. I wanted to know what the buzz was all about and Oh boy did I realise what a great help a coach can be.

You see to change our habits and the believes we have grown up with takes more than just an idea, a self-help book or good intentions. It takes true commitment and continuous reminders of that commitment. That is why AA and Weight Watchers work. They are asking people to make, sometimes drastic changes in their drinking or eating habits and support them in their weekly meeting.

Life coaching is similar. Your coach is your partner in the change process. She/he will support you, remind you, prod you and mastermind with you each step of the way. They will help you get unstuck and keep you moving forward.

Sometimes it takes only a few coaching sessions and you have overcome whatever obstacle was in your way and can now continue by yourself – you are unstuck! Other times you might make it a longer relationship because there is more than one area in your life that you want to change; that you want to improve on. You decide! After all it is your life, isn’t it?

It is an undebatable fact that life coaching works extremely well as long as you have the right coach. I suggest to try a couple before you start. Most of us offer a free introductory session.

Give it a go – life will never be the same!

To your unlimited success

Barbara Hofmeister

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