Living a Life of Choice

Time to get even clearer on where you want your life to go. Have you ever written your “Rocking Chair Story”? If not, now is the time…

Imagine you are 95 years old and sitting in your rocking chair with your great-grandchildren at your feet listening raptly to your life’s story.

What story would you want to tell them?

Once again please write it down in every little detail.

Who do you want to have become in this lifetime?


Why do I keep asking you to write things down and be detailed about it?

Because the main challenge people have is that they are too fuzzy about their plans – if they have any at all. But to succeed you need to be crystal clear on what you really want and who you want to become.

The more detailed you are the clearer you will become!

Take your time over answering the questions I posted here this week. They can transform your life and give you answers to questions you have never dared asked yourself.

Full of great assignments

I have just read To Be or Not To Be – The Choice Is Yours.  The book started off with an impressive forward by Personal development giant T. Harv Eker.
The author then took me on a great journey of self exploration and discovery.

Some events in life can have a profound positive impact on you, for me this book was one of those events.
The book was written by someone who I could relate to, someone who still had goals and dreams and someone who has had success and failure in their lives.

This book puts the `Personal’ into personal development.

The book is full of great assignments, some of which were easy and others that needed some real soul searching. Barbara tells us early on that this is a ‘work book’. You really will get out of this book what you put in.

One of Barbara’s dreams was to help transform the readers life into the life of their dreams: Well Barbara your wish has come true, I am on my way to living the life of my dreams. Thank you.

By the end of the book I felt like I knew the real me. Once this happened I knew what path to take in my life and I felt passionate about doing it.

On the acknowledgements page of To Be or Not To Be – The Choice is yours, Barbara thanks experts such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, and Mark Victor Hansen, after reading this book Barbara Hofmeister has earned her place beside these other giants in personal development.

Damien Thomas

Dublin, Ireland

Thought provoking and clarifying!

Barbara Hofmeister has written a book that is more than merely passive reading. While it is filled with wisdom and wonderful quotes, the real gems lie in the many exercises she has throughout the book. Anyone can easily follow and do these techniques. They are thought provoking and clarifying.

Barbara takes you carefully step by step through the information and exercises. By the time you are done with the book you will have achieved a clear understanding of what you want, how to deal with your blockages and move into inspired action. This is a life-changing book for those who are willing to accept the invitation to delve into the processes and make the changes!

Estra Roell, USA


For Anyone Willing to Facilitate Positive Change in Their Life, Amazon, July 13, 2010

By Dr. Michael J. Shapiro  “” (Bronx, NY United States)

The To Be Book by Barbara Hofmeister is as she states “A Workbook to Freedom”. It is an enlightening, practical gem with detailed instructions.
Her life experience examples, help guide you through the exercises. You have to work, you have to be pro-active and put some time and effort
into what Barbara has given us. It will empower your life to a greater level. One of the best and most easy to follow self-help, personal development books I have be honored to add to my library.

Dr. Michael J. Shapiro

Bronx, New York

Barbara is that rare breed of person; not only a woman who has a clear vision of where she is going and what she intends to achieve but also one who can clearly implement a plan and bring it to fruition.

Most of us have strengths that make us effective to initiate a project, or run with it for a certain distance, or complete and manage different parts of a project.

Barbara manages all stages and with equal enthusiasm and commitment – this is quite a rare talent. She does not give up when the going gets tough and she ensures that you don’t give up either. This clarity, commitment, tenacity and tidiness are wonderful qualities in a personal life coach and trainer. With Barbara you get the whole team in one person!

– Sharon Macnish

Director of Professional Education,

Letchworth Centre for Complementary Medicine, England


Barbara helped me through a painful break-up and led me quickly to new perspective ensuring that I was able to move on.

Her book is inspiring, practical and challenging from the start. It makes you ask yourself questions.

Barbara’s aim is for you to move forward on the path to creating the life you really want. No one will do it for you but this book is about making your choices. If you make the right choices based on the answers you find, your life will change from reading this book. If you just read the first chapter, as most people do of any book, then your life will stay in your perhaps uncomfortable comfort zone. If you seriously want things to change, then I recommend Barbara Hofmeister’s practical advice and wisdom to you.

From reading this book, I know myself better and I have reached the point where I know what I want to do and why. I will not accept a life of doing what others want me to do. Over the weeks of reading and applying this book, I have reached peace and contentment. You can too. The Choice is Yours!

Antonia Stuart-James, Belgium

This book is a good friend

“TO BE OR NOT TO BE – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!”,  Amazon July 22, 2010

Dear Barbara

In life we often need a new good book “as a friend”. This is the moment when we go to the bookstore and we know there will be something that brings us forward; something that inspires us to keep going on and to make the right choice in the next moment in our life. With “TO BE OR NOT TO BE – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!” you never feel alone, because you, the writer, starts to communicate directly with us, the readers. I’m happy to have a new excellent “Book Friend” with “TO BE OR NOT TO BE – THE CHOICE IS YOURS!”.  With your strong message in your Book, TO BE OR NOT TO BE, I keep on going to do the best I can in my life.

I like to invite and inspire everybody to do the same.

Anne-Kathrein Gürtler
Executive President’s Team Herbalife International