What is our essence?

This is a very personal post so if you are afraid of learning too much about my inner world, please do not read it.

During my 43-hour return journey from Malaysia I had mini-break-through after mini-breakthrough until, at one moment, I was flooded with LOVE – unconditional love, total love, nothing but love – for self and for everything and everyone around me.

I appologize if this sounds weird and not my usual down to earth style but it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. For once I WAS COMPLETE! ALL WAS GOOD. ALL WAS AS IT SHOULD BE!

The aftermath of this feeling lasted for a couple of hours and everything looked clearer, more beautiful than normal. I fell in love – again – with my home country, with our efficiency, with my trip, with the experiences I had just made and – with myself!

Attention! This is important. I fell in love with myself.

I felt a very deep feeling of unconditional love for myself. Do you know that this is a FIRST? Isn’t that shocking? For the first time in my life I was flooded by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for myself. A lovely voice said: “I love you Barbara” and I knew it to be true. Not intellectually but on a cellular level – I just KNEW it and felt it in every cell!

My God, this is a massiv breakthrough for me. 32 years of personal growth, of working on myself, on my self-esteem and confidence, and finally I knew there is nothing but LOVE that matters. When you have accepted that unconditional love for self, everything else falls into place. And the crazy thing is that it was always there, I just burried it under all the should do’s and must do’s of my life.

Love for self is all emcompassing. As soon as you feel that you have space for everything and everyone you want in your life. You are the creator. You are the one!