Create a positive work space

As adults, most of us spend more time with our colleagues at work than we do with our families. Therefore loving what we do and being a member of a great team is essential for a fulfilled life.

Today we will look into the qualities of great Teams and how to build and lead them because with the exception of your family, no other relationship will have as profound an impact on the quality of your life and the joy you can experience at work.

Here is what one of the greatest teamplayers of history, Henry Ford, had to say:

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. “

Unfortunately, like most families (the divorce rate in most western countries is around 50%) corporate teams tend to be pretty dysfunctional. Instead of developing a motivated team of individuals sharing a common goal and everyone driving their energies in the same direction, most teams are poorly trained and tend to compete instead of cooperate which makes them implode under pressure.

Let’s look at the components of a great Team.

First of all you have to feel responsible (respons-ability = ability to respond)

Remember, it is your team whether you lead them or are just a member

Be a leader

It is not alway the boss that leads. You can be a leader too. Contribute with ideas and suggestions and help to implement them.

Show your willingness to cooperate without being subservient

Enjoy building “your team” and remember how much time you spend at work and that it’s worth while enjoying. Starting tomorrow, become an active team member who leads her/his team in the best direction… one worthy of everybodys involvement! Inspiring your team is in your hands – you have the choice!

How to bring out The BEST in People

Whether you’re in a small team, a large organization, or a family, you will need a lot of motivation to get things done and achieve a certain level of success.  But motivation can be a tricky thing – while it’s not complicated, it certainly is not something that a lot of people have automatic understanding for.  If you are in the job of getting others excited and inspired, here are tips on how to motivate people and bring out the best in them:

  1. Find the current level of motivation of the person you wish to motivate

Each person, whether it’s an employee, a co-worker, a team member or a family member, has some amount of motivation in him.  Try to identify this level.  What makes them tick?  What do they find exciting, interesting or worthwhile?  What are their goals?  How do they hope to achieve them?

Do not try to approach the challenge in a generic way because you will be met with a lack of enthusiasm or even resistance.  Use a personalized approach if you want to motivate an individual.  With a group, look for a common denominator – a common goal or interest – that you can use to motivate them and get them to perform.

  1. See things from their point of view.

It’s easy to explain things based on what you perceive.  But what about what others see, think or feel?  Each time you present an idea or concept to the person you want to motivate, ask them for their opinions and listen to what they have to say.  You can then usen the information obtained to create a motivational plan that has real appeal to them.

  1. Use positive reinforcement

Between pleasure and pain, people will always choose pleasure.  Try to steer away from using negative motivational tactics such as fear or threats.  These could work initially but they are not very effective for motivating people over a long term.  Besides, using negative reinforcements might result to a feeling of annoyance, anger or exasperation.  If not corrected early, this could even lead to aggression and rebellion which we don’t want in any setting.

Use rewards instead.  To motivate people, give recognition, acknowledgment, gratitude, even gifts or citations.  People want to know that you notice their efforts.  Didn’t you say you expected the best?  When someone has risen to that level of excellence, give them the recognition they deserve.  You’ll be surprised at how effective this technique is in keeping people motivated.

Show and do, don’t tell.

If you want to know how to effectively motivate people, show them through example.  What sort of behavior do you expect from them?  Why not show them by doing it yourself?  They will be more willing to believe than if you just lecture and never show.

Don’t push – pull

It is said that you can’t lead a horse to water.  When you’re trying to motivate people check once in a while to see if their willingness is still there.  There is a point in every endeavor when you begin to meet with resistance.  This could happen for a number of reasons, including boredom, distraction, discovery of other more interesting things or just simply lack of interest.  It could also be that your motivational efforts have reached a plateau.

Should this happen, learn to let up, step back and if necessary, let go.  People will be more motivated if they don’t feel pressured.  If you sense resistance, stop and check for identifiable factors that might have created the resitance.  Once you have found them, create a different approach.

Copyright 2011 Barbara Hofmeister.

How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is not something that comes naturally to us, at least not in tough times. But those are the times we especially need to be motivated. However, motivation is key to many human activities. For one, you cannot simply sit back, relax, and watch your deadlines fly by if you want to get anywhere in life. You need to take action and to do that it helps a lot when you are motivated.

So what are the best ways to motivate yourself?

  1. Know what exactly it is you want. What are you motivating yourself to do? Do you merely want to finish a job, or do you want to live your dream life? Set clear and tangible, or at least manageable goals for yourself. If you know exactly what you want, you can get it, and you can motivate yourself to do whatever it takes.
  2. Live a a life of purpose. The problem with a lot of people is that they work hard but they don’t know what they work for. Often they are simply working for the money but that will only motivate us short term. You need to know the reason why, for what purpose you want the money. Give yourself a tangible purpose so that you can know what you are really working for. Striving for money is an empty goal; striving for money so that you can get your dream home might be more tangible; striving for more money so that you can help your family or a cause of your choice will be even better.
  3. Take a break. Sometimes, being burned out means that you need to stay away from things for a while, have some time alone to yourself, and get an outsider’s view of your situation. When you start getting fatigued more often, your body might be telling you to slow down; and slowing down can mean re-energizing yourself by taking a vacation, or even just taking a walk. You may want to set aside some alone time each day for you to recharge, so that you are not constantly being barraged with work.
  4. Don’t be afraid to say NO when you already have “a full plate” Sometimes, you can have so much to do that you are saturated with stress, and you reach the point where you simply want to give up and not even start working – you feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and delegate even if that seems impossible when you first do it!
  5. Reward yourself for a job well done! Plan out a trip for yourself, or promise to take yourself to the movies of your favorite restaurant if you complete a certain job. Little rewards, such as snacks and a cup of hot chocolate, will work too.

Over all BE NICE TO YOURSELF AND TREAT YOURSELF WITH RESPECT even when things do go wrong at times.

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