Second Step to Success – Your WHY

Friedrich Nietzsche said: “He who has a Why to live for, can bear almost any How.”

Jim Rohn said: “If the WHY is big enough the HOW becomes easy.

Both mean the same thing. We need a strong WHY, a strong drive that will cary us past hurdles and obstacles.

So now that you’ve hopefully become clearer on WHAT you truly want to do with your life; who you want to become I suggest you continue your journal by writing down all the reasons WHY you want what you want.

Only when you are clear on the WHAT and the WHY will you be able to really get there. It is not your will alone that will move you towards your dreams. It is your burning desire and your passion that will keep you moving continuously even when the going is tough at times.

If you need help I recommend you consider getting yourself some coaching or join our Mastermind Focus Group. Both will help you immensely and will make sure you stay on track.

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