A World without Money?!

The Occupy Wall Street action is a clear indication that we are reaching the end of the MONEY road.  But what do we do when it all collapses?

UBUNTU Contributionism – A blueprint for a NEW Social Structure – A World Without Money

On the 22 Sept 2011 I had my first ever public appearance to speak about Contributionism and the foundations of UBUNTU in a world without money. It was an interesting experience, because most of the people who were present have never heard of me or my research before. So it was a real challenge to convey a complex message in a few minutes, to many who would normally be sceptical about some stranger with a radical message. But seeming it went well and I believe that a seed of consciousness was planted.

Every day we see the undeniable signs of the economic structures around us collapsing and people around the world are rapidly waking up we need an new system. Many are also waking up to the fact that money is a maliciously constructed tool of enslavement, by thos who control the supply of money. The banks, central banks, stock trading establishments and the legal system has been carefully crafted over thousands of years to bring us to this point in time.

A prophesised moment of global awakening, along with the rapid rise of consciousness is making millions of people around the world realise that this system cannot continue. Its imminent collapse presents us with real challenges. What will we replace it with – if there is NO MONEY?

Many economists are baffled by the fact that the global economy somehow keeps crawling along. Refusing to collapse. This is simply because of the desperate measures taken by those who control it to somehow keep propping it up with empty promises. This simply means that once it crashes, it will be a monumental mess of unimaginable proportion.

If we do not have a plan of how to survive in a world without money, billions of people will die like flies. The urban and metropolitan jungles are most vulnerable – no food, no water, no heat, electricity, no transport… people will kill each other for a slice of bread. We have seen snippets of this in the past decade when power supply failed in north America.

Part of the UBUNTU Contributionism plan is a rapid decentralising programme, where people live in smaller towns that are virtually completely self sustained. Water, food, housing, free renewable energy, and all the communal resources that the people contribute towards the greater benefit of all. Abundance for all – in all aspects.

The answers to the problems are simple. As in science and physics, the simple answers are mostly always the right ones. But because of MONEY, the solutions to the global problems are not implemented – because they are not “financially viable”. This has been the biggest obstacle to all progress. All the basic human needs and services required by communities are denied to the people because – there is not enough money. Everything is possible, all problems are solvable, but because of NO MONEY we are denied our basic rights.

Engineers, scientists, bakers, farmers, manufacturers are producing stuff all the time. The shops and malls are full of stuff – full of food … and yet people go hungry all the time and millions of tons of food gets discarded every year, because people could not afford to buy it. Money is the hurdle to all progress. Most of the global population lives in quiet desperation, misery, deep depression, waiting for some kind of miracle to save them from their lot.

Once money has been removed from society, everything becomes easy – NOT difficult. No obstacles to progress means “abundance for all”. Instead of using all our energy and most of our time chasing money, we will be spending most of our time to contribute to the abundance on all fronts. Whether it is food, science, technology, housing, energy, arts, culture, and all the other new human activities that are not part of our current structure, will emerge – because of “no money”, they will now be financially viable.

I call this the “natural order of things”. The way that nature has designed it. But the balance has been disturbed by human EGO. Those that are consciously awake and connected to the higher cosmic etheric fields know exactly what this means. But consciousness has a wonderful way of effecting all things, without us even realising it. Our DNA is constantly being activated by the energy waves and frequencies that now reach us from the galactic centre. Frequencies that have not been felt by humans in about 13,000 years.

This is really the main reason why so many millions of ordinary people are suddenly “waking up” from what was a long and dark period of ignorance and separation from the universal source and UNITY. The feeling of reckless abandon is evident in the many protests all around the world. People have had enough. They instinctively know that there is a better way.

SO – in this darkest moment in human history there is the brightest opportunity for change. Let us embrace it with all our hearts, leave any doubts behind, and swoop the sceptics along – everyone will eventually see the light. It is inevitable.

Since we all come out of unity, UNITY is the only way ahead. We are a deeply divided and abused species. Divided on every possible social level that we can imagine. We have to cross these deep divisions and find unlimited UNITY. We are all one and the same divine spirit is in all of us – the unifying spirit of the divine source of things. Some people call it GOD.

God is in all of us and we are all part of god – all the great masters of the past have tried to teach this principle to the people of their time. From Krishna, the Buddha, Christ and many others. WELL – the time has come again to embrace this simple principle of unity. Only a unified community will survive and find abundance on all levels which will allow them to rapidly move towards enlightenment. Anything else is doomed to failure.

Any future world in UNITY and abundance, cannot operate within a system of money, or anything remotely related to it. Any such notion is simply flying in the face of the laws of nature. But our minds have been so severely poisoned by capitalism and democracy, success and other feel-good expression that drive the crazy consumerist society, that most of us do not realise the deep traumatic strangle-hold of this poison. But the road to healing begins with realisation that we need to be healed. So… let us begin the healing from capitalism and separation.

I say this not in arrogance or ego, but simply because we all come from the same unity – the same source. All the physical matter in the universe, including our bodies, are made up of the same stuff. Electrons – make up the atoms that make up the molecules and cells and minerals that make up everything we perceive. We are all just a mass of electrons – arranged in different configurations – that vibrate at a specific frequency to produce a specific kind of matter.

Scientists sometimes call this source of all “the Big Bang”. But according to the great masters and ancient texts, it is the breath of God, or the word of God, or the sound of God, that has created all this stuff. And God does not take credit cards, debit cards, cash or gold. God just is. Infinite creation of abundance.

So, let us clear our poisoned minds of capitalism and embrace a new world of abundance. So many people, doing so many amazing things. Join the UBUNTU movement and spread the message of abundance for all… in a world without money – filled with ever-growing knowledge and UNITY, towards higher consciousness and enlightenment. www.contributionism.org

Michael Tellinger  –  4 October 2011

My ONEness Experience

Yesterday I shared Sperry’s ONEness experience that transformed his life. Today I want to share my own, my most recent one. I will do that in a video and hope I can convey some of the deep love and connectedness I felt.

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An Experience in ONEness

Today I want to share something very special. I want to share the experience of a friend of mine, a scientist who has been researching global consciousness for over 20 years. This was the experience that started it all:

“When I was thirty two, after a year living in Western Australia, I moved to Hobart, Tasmania. I was then at the same latitude South as my birthplace was North. The presence of Antarctica taught me there can be radiant cold.

Its icy presence pierced my bones, until it seemed like they could snap. I took a plane North up the coast to Cairns, North Queensland and found a free ashram in Mount Molloy – up in the table lands – run by an English couple. They gave me a garden shed to live in on the edge of their property where I could meditate without being disturbed.

I felt an overpowering need to do absolutely nothing other than be awake and aware. When taking walks out into the bush, I’d sit for long stretches. The more still I became inside, the more Nature came alive.

A couple of months passed and I settled down. One night I was reading a passage from Jiddu Krishnamurti – wherein he suggested to make “no effort”. I felt compelled to experience effortlessness.

By the next morning, having laid awake all night, without need of sleep, a turgid cloud of psychic matter gathered in front of my face – a few inches away. It seemed to contain all that I had withdrawn my attention from, all of what I had not been conscious of until then. It was awesome to be hallucinating my “dis-owned” self. I’d never experienced anything like it before. There was a mental/emotional, as well as physical desire, to turn away from “it”. By sustaining effortless awareness – within the space of a minute or two – the cloud dissolved into the awareness I was witnessing it with. Free from what I had hidden from – who and what I knew my self to be became infused with the radical presence of impersonal awakeness.

This continued throughout the day and into the night. And then suddenly, as if by magic, I lost all limitations, becoming a boundaryless Void, seemingly the source of all possibilities and potentialities, without beginning or end. Everything was made of this one consciousness. Sounds outside my body also seemed to come from inside of me. There was not one place within that did not contain everything without – and nothing. The most serene bliss came over every cell in my body and heart. My mind was utterly silent. I was indistinguishable from all I was perceiving. I was not any one thing, yet I was this universe, unfolding as a spaceless timeless awakeness.

Stepping outside into the night, I decided it was as good a time as any to go look at a used car I’d seen in the paper.

The owners lived over an hour a way and I had no phone to call them. I decided to do something I’d not done since I arrived. I walked to the one and only road, to hitch a ride to a phone. At eight or nine at night, standing on the side of an empty road, there were no cars. The moon and stars were high overhead, yet they felt every bit as much inside me too.

Throughout all this, there were no thoughts, only direct perceptions. I felt and saw the moon was as much in my knee as it was in my heart and hands. There was a distinct sense that the whole universe was within every part of my being – this vast formless featureless awakeness and awareness.

It was then I saw a car’s headlights in the distance and I had one of my first and only thoughts. I wondered, innocently, “Wouldn”t it be nice if this person stopped their car, picked me up and took me to Atherton – an hour away. The car approached and its brakes engaged, bringing it – skidding on the dirt – to a sudden halt next to me. A small Japanese woman rolled down her window, seemingly disoriented. “Where are You going?” she asked. When I told her, she added that she lived just up the road, but she’d take me (two hours out of her way). It was uncanny, though it felt right somehow.

Once in the car, I could feel her sensing the effect of our presence.

As she started to drive, she asked: “What are you doing?” I answered, saying: “I”m just noticing, I am everything I’m conscious of.” Energetically, I could feel her recognize our combined consciousness. All she said was, “oh.” Then there was only one of us. We both clearly sensed the sound of each others’ words actually arising from within our common body.

She told me how frightened she had been of everyone, as her husband had brought her here from Japan to live and she knew no one. That her neighbor from time to time would take care of her newborn baby. She explained how she suffered terribly from thoughts of her neighbor intending harm to her child. Asking, did I think it was true or not ? I said I did not sense it was, and we entered into a deeper peace together.

We maintained a unified consciousness all the way to Atherton. Before dropping me off, we stopped and shared something to eat, while we waited for the car owner to come get me. She and I agreed to meet again in few days time, and said good night,

The people selling the car invited me to spend the night. It was a forty mile round-trip for them to come and get me.

Back at their home, they sat me down and started sharing their deepest conflicts. He kicked their cows and what did I suggest they do about it. Both of them were on the edge of their seats hanging on my every word and movement. I had certainly never experienced anything like this, yet it flowed so effortlessly. I was acceptance itself. Reflecting their dilemma seemed to bring clarity and they felt remarkably resolved.

It was after 11 when they showed me to a room with a bed. When I closed my eyes, I did not sleep. It was like being the night sky – light years in every direction – but instead there was only the sparkling beauty of pure objectless consciousness. The night passed without dreams, as if time did not exist. When I opened my eyes again, the manifest universe re-appeared around me.

This quality of experience lasted for several days. I found I could move in and out of “it” by noticing I was everything and everyone I was witnessing – or not.

A week later, I was no longer in this consciousness. I was back to being just a separate self again.

The Japanese woman was coming over to take me out to lunch. She was so tense, she felt like she was electrified with fear. To make a long story shorter, we were not able to communicate the way we had, and eventually she became so scared she could not stand to be around me. I had to hitch a ride “home”. The insecurity of being “unconscious together” seemed almost unbearable for her. It saddened me.

The difference between that one night and this day a week later was astounding. I was so profoundly moved by how she had picked up a total stranger – a 6’2” man nonetheless – on a lonely road, and drove him two hours out of her way.

The only difference was the quality of “my” consciousness. If I’d been more awake, she’d have been able to relax.

I unmistakably realized – from this experience – I was 100% responsible for ending fear in relationship. That how awake I am is more important than anything else I might do or say.”

-experienced by Sperry Andrews

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We are one consciousness!

The following is from a dialogue I am having with my friend Sperry Andrews who has been researching global consciousness for the last 20
odd years. Hear what he has to say:

Hola Barbara

My findings raise questions that have profound implications for social health and well-being.

Is the unconscious division of present moment awareness evidence that humanity is suffering some form of ‘multiple personality disorder? We know now from extensive research that receiving love and abuse at unpredictable times ~ without self/Self awareness ~ favors the development of poorly integrated part-selves. The introduction of interconnectedness through heightened present moment attention can resolve this, yet it requires steady practice to re-condition learned behavior.

The reference frame of the speed of light is considered to be a spaceless/timeless reference frame seamlessly functioning as our own present moment awareness. In other words, the absence of spacetime is the presence of awareness. Attention acts as both a gravitational and electro-magnetic lens, focusing a phase-transition we commonly recognize as our witnessing consciousness.

In this physical model of developmental consciousness, observation ~ arising from a spatio-temporal energetic and material mind/body structure ~ literally transforms that structure, in space over time, leading to the progressive evolution of perception, in a way that can be rigorously modeled in both classical and quantum formalism, as well as tested ~ experimentally. I have explored how ‘forms’ arise and are coordinated by their own inherent ‘formlessness’.

In this view, we are each, and all, accelerating the quantum vacuum, literally localizing the non-local whole, as the axis of momentum for both our internal ‘Youniverse’ and external Cosmos. We are literally re-creating our ‘selves’ and ‘each other’ and the cosmos, in whole and in part, by the passive/activity of observing and experiencing. Freely focused attention and intention extend our ability to advance civilization and make the synergy ~ we call ‘Love’ ~ happen.

Point your finger at your head. When I look where my finger is pointing, I do not see my head. Do You ?

I see the capacity of awareness. It is colorless, silent, featureless and still, space for the whole world.