It’s December 31st, 2016 and you…

Let’s do a little experiment today. Imagine  today is the last day of next year or if your read this in the middle of the year, imagine it is 12 months from now… so put in the date 12 months from now. We are taking today for this example.

It’s December 31st of the year 2016 and you are ….    (write down where/what/who you want to be 12 months from now)

Now answer the following: What would you need to have DONE and who would you need to have become in order to be the person you are DELIGHTED TO MEET on December 31st, 2016?

Please, do yourself the favor of writing this down while we wait for you. Try to think a little utside the box.

I hope you needed more than one sentence for that little exercise because the more detailed you describe “what happened” in the coming year, the more likely it is to really happen.

Remember, what you focus on expands


Only what you have imagined beforehand can actually manifest!

Just think of how a house is created. First it’s an idea in someone’s head, then it is roughly drawn on paper. As planning progresses the drawing becomes more and more detailled until one day the building begins in the physical world and stone by stone (remember, I am European and we build stone houses) the building is created just the way you can create your dreams.

To help you, here are the areas in your life you might want to grow, change, contribute, serve, or learn in:







Personal Growth

Physical Fitness

Brainstorm what you want to achieve in all these areas of your life. What is closest to your heart?


And the most important question you need to answer yourself is ….


Take YOUR TIME to reflect and be specific when you “build” your vision for 2012. Be honest and truthful to youself, especially when you answer the “most important question”. Always remember, you gravitate towards your most dominant thoughts and aspirations!

Have an amazing 2012


Look for the message

Last night I watched the film “Troy” on TV. I had seen it once before on DVD and the one scene that had stuck out for me was the scene where Brad Pitt sprang at the giant he was supposed to fight and slit his throat without a moment of hesitation. It had been the only way to win.

On the TV version they had cut this scene out. For me it changed the whole film. Why? Because I always try to learn something and the lesson I got from Achilles the first time I saw the film was

When you have made a decision to do something do it whole heartedly and without hesitation!

Of course I don’t mean to slit anyone’s throat, on the contrary, but have you ever noticed that the truly great movies – the ones that become classics and usually are nominated for Academy Awards – have one thing in common?

Do you know what that one thing is?

They have unforgettable moments with a strong message in them.

Seems obvious, yet these moments can be quite subtle – so subtle that we may overlook them, both in the movies and, more importantly … in our lives.

What makes these moments so extraordinary is that they touch the core of who we are. When we are attentive they can provide the shift we need in the right direction. They are wings for our spirits, for our longing to dare and move forward – out of our comfort zone and into that new space we might fear but at the same time want so much.

Look into the moments that stop you, become aware of why something failed and learn your lesson from it so that next time you will make a better decision and “go for gold” whole heartedly and without hesitation.

Life is great – if only we let it be!

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Real change starts with the small stuff

When we are unhappy about our life or dissatisfied we tend to want radical changes and we tend to want them NOW. But that is not usually how changes happen. Let’s say you want to tone your body. That will not happen overnight. You will start with some easy exercise and step up as your body gets used to the training.

All other changes can be made like this. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead of trying to change your whole life, improve one thing at a time. Take a broad area of discontent, figure out the one facet that really bugs you, then take action towards changing that one thing.

Let’s say there are issues in your relationship. Don’t try to change the relationship; instead pledge to yourself to remain calm when your partner forgets to close the toothpaste. Is it really important enough to ge in a fight for it and ruin the whole day? Get your own toothpaste and put it in a different place so yours is always the way you want it and let him or her do whatever they do. The less pressure there is the more likely it becomes that they will eventually follow suit.

Change that is made slowly, step by step has the greatest chance of success.

Keep changing. That is what our life is all about

Why you need a Mentor – Walk your Talk

My mentor reminded me of something this week…

People think once you are successful you don’t need a mentor or a coach but exactly the opposite is the case. You want me to walk my talk, don’t you? Why would you use me as a coach or a mentor if I don’t use one or as it is more than one? Because I am already there? No, remember the journey is the destination and there is always room for improvement. I could not be a personal growth coach if I would not strive to grow myself every single day. At the moment I have 2 mentors and 2 coaches in different areas of my life. You can do the same or take an older one like me (blush) that has experience in many areas.

And let’s talk about another misconception and that is fear is weakness. This is a big myth! Most people think that admitting their fear somehow makes them weak or unsuccessful. On this I agree with my mentor …. this is total baloney.

Here’s his advice on this one:

“I feel fear regularly…especially when I’m in the midst of creating a lot of cool, new stuff. When you step outside of the norms in business and life, expect some fear. Just don’t let it stop you. The best thing to do is to gently call yourself out on it and more importantly, call a friend or your coach.

The secret is to share your fear from a neutral place instead of feaking out and believing your fearful thoughts.

A philosophy that serves me well is the idea that every “failure” offers an opportunity to learn and grow. In fact, the Chinese symbol for “crisis” also represents “opportunity”, isn’t that interesting?

When something goes wrong or doesn’t unfold according to plan, rather than view it as a failure and get caught up in feeling bad or sorry for yourself, look for the lesson and take action acordingly.

Here’s what I mean…

Rather than continue to moan and groan and feel frustrated with the negative reaction re-focus on your goals and dreams and use your learning to do it better next time. Because there will be a next time, won’t there? And for those you need someone by your side that has been there and done it.

To your success


You have EVERYTHING to Gain!

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Stop complaining about your life and take action. This book is the only tool you’ll need. God bless you Barbara!

Mastermind to Success – Take the Opportunity NOW

Masterminding allows us to lean on each other and live our life with efficiency and clarity of purpose. It provides us with tools for self-discovery, growth and transformation.

The concept of the Mastermind was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s through his book “Think and Grow Rich” It is an extremely powerful concept that has been somewhat diluted and misused in business and personal development circles in the last few years. Let me explain what a real Mastermind group is and how it works.

In a true Mastermind group you will find synergy, commitment, and support.  The beauty of Masterminds is that participants raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, to brainstorm ideas, and to support each other with integrity, respect and compassion.  Members of our Mastermind groups hold each other accountable and act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues!

In his timeless classic, “Think And Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill  wrote about the Mastermind principle as:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

He continues …

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

In a Mastermind Group, the agenda belongs to the group, and each person’s participation is key to it’s success.  Your peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that keep you focused and on track. You create a community of supportive colleagues who brainstorm together to move the group and each of its participants to new heights.

You’ll gain tremendous insights, which can improve your business and your personal life. Your MasterMind Group is like having a objective board of directors (something you will not find too often in business 🙂

What will you gain from being part of a true Mastermind group?

  • Experience, skills and confidence
  • Real progress in your business and personal life
  • An instant and invaluable support network
  • A sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there!
  • Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as people say they “should” be
  • accountability and a stronger commitment to the outcome you desire

Who should participate?

People who:

  • still have dreams and goals they want to achieve
  • have the desire to make this year extraordinary
  • want a supportive team of Mastermind partners
  • who are willing to work with others
  • want to reach or exceed their goals
  • are ready to overcome their fears and doubts
  • want to move our of their comfort zone and into an empowered life

How does it work?

–  We meet online on a weekly basis for about 1 hour

–  We have a special message board only for our group

– Our group is intimate and small – maximum 12 active members

Attention! The TO BE Mastermind group is by inviation only. We start the Mastermind together. anyone can join for the first few weeks while the group is forming. After one month the group decides by majorty vote who will continue. That way we make sure group members are compatible and commited.

Special Bonus: You get access to the Success Cycle weekly Gold Membership (47$ value per month)

It has been scientifically proven that it is 7 times more likely

that you stay on track  when you are accountable!!!

If you want to succeed

If you want to succeed faster

If you want to succeed faster in life

If you want to succeed faster in life and in business

JOIN the TO BE Mastermind Group NOW!

It has since been researched

Don’t forget to get started

Too many of us never get started because we keep waiting for the perfect moment.

I used to be a so called “perfectionist” – someone who always wanted to make things perfect before showing them to anybody. That way I had plenty of excuses to never really get started and consequently nothing much happened in form of results even though I worked sooo hard.You can not be any more stupid than that, I promise you!

Because of that I had little personal growth, struggled along and was not too successful in my early business adventures.

Even thou I had a lot of ideas, I never really moved into true action. That way I couldn’t fail but I also could not learn much. For quite a while I did not understand that I was not moving forward.

Since I’ve realized and accepted that my perfection was holding me back my whole life has changed.

Let me give you a tip if you desire more freedom and momentum in your life.

Make your goals smaller.

Do not look at Mount Everest from the valley or do not always focus on the big goals only. Better to focus on each phase of your goal and then celebrate each small victory. Take it step by step.

Nobody was on the top overnight even though some of the Internet success stories might suggest that. Any great athlete be it Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, or Michael Schumacher will tell you that big success comes through a lot of small wins added up.

But you need to get the engine started in life.

Take one new action today even if it seems tough to do, but you know you need
to do it. And take another new action tomorrow. Step by step will truly get you the desired results.

To your success

Barbara Hofmeister

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When the student is ready…

I am sure you heard the saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Meaning, when you are ready to understand you will hear the message.

Have you ever attended a workshop or seminar, gone home and never used anything you had learned there?
Have you ever read a book or listened to a CD course, thought it was great stuff but never used it in real life?

Most of us who are working on our personal growth will have had this experience to a certain extend. Often we are just not ready for all that books, audio programs or workshops try to teach us and we only get part of the message. But that is ok as long as we get that part and integrate it into our lives.

But more often than not people attend seminars or workshops to get all hyped up and after being back in their everyday life, all is forgotten and they are looking for the next “shot”. Even though some of my collegues might not be too happy with what I say here but if you don’t take at least one thing from a book you liked, a course you did or a seminar you attended and put it into action, you have probably wasted your time.

I suggest that after each training event you attend, each self-help book you read, each course you listen to, make sure you take at least one lesson and integrate that into your life before you move on.

Time is so precious and there are so many lessons to learn in life that we really have to take what is offered to us and use it to the best of our abilities.