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Author: Vincent Genna  |  Category: Spirituality

Did you know that the most key ingredient in making everything we attempt become a reality, that the most fundamental and innate ability we have, that the most talked about and taught practice in every self-help and spiritual book, that the number one most important element of our spiritual and physical existence, most of us have completely lost tract of? Before I tell you what that innate ability is, I would like to conduct an experiment to attempt to bring that most important trait back into light.

With your help, I am going to attempt to create a miracle in your life! If you would like to change or add something in your life, get clarity about something about a decision, see a dream come to fruition, get a promotion at work, or heck even get a new job, then this is where you need to be for the next four weeks. It will not take much of your time each day at all. In fact, it will help you to practice some of those things- you-should-be-doing-everyday-for-your-well-being anyway.

Here is what is going to happen. Every Monday for the next four weeks, I am going to give you a VERY simple exercise to practice each day for the week. THEY WILL BE SIMPLE PRACTICES, THOUGH THEY MAY BE DIFFICULT TO DO CORRECTLY!

Here is my declaration. Within the next four weeks, if you follow ALL I say to do and with passion and belief, you will begin to see your desire or dream coming to pass! Suddenly and unexpectedly, over the next four weeks, or possibly sooner, you will see or hear your desire begin to come to fruition! Give me just four weeks of your time and heart, and I will give you the ability to create a miracle in your life! It’s that simple!

It works all the time for everyone who puts the time in. Let’s discuss that point for a minute… Several people told me in the past when I did this that they wanted to do this or started to do this, but then ran into time constraints. Really? You can’t take the time to create a miracle for yourself? There are four primary reasons why you won’t have the time for this:

1) you already have all the miracles you want or need. Really? Then you need to be a guest on my show to help others create their dreams!

2) you don’t believe you can create anything.  If you are on my website reading this, something is telling you this may be a possibility. Besides, you may be tired of being a victim in your life. Now you want to be an active participant controlling the moves;

3) you’re afraid you won’t be able to make it happen. Self-doubt is a very normal fear. However, it speaks to a deeper issue of not believing in yourself and who you truly are. Then for sure, you need to be doing this and listening to my show. Let’s conquer that fear together! And,

4) you’re afraid it will happen! In actuality, this is the majority of people’s fear. As Marianne Williamson wrote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” This is very true. Admitting this gives you the responsibility of having to live up to being co-creators with God, and that scares the hell of you! You know the saying, “Ignorance is bliss?” Here is why this is a realistic fear. You have gone through your life learning how to cope with what has come along. Ok, so you dealt with the good as well as the garbage that has come your way. If you acknowledge that you had the ability all along that you could have created it differently, that would make you kick yourself where the sun don’t shine even more than you already do. Also, since you have learned to cope without creating the life you wanted or fulfilling your dreams, you would go through such disappointing pain if you were able do it once, but then lost the ability to do it again. So, you’d rather not try altogether. WELL, IT’S TIME TO GET OVER YOURSELF AND START LIVING UP TO WHO YOU TRULY ARE-MAGNIFICENT AND POWERFUL BEYOND BELIEF!  You know you are miserable NOT being who you are.

Whichever one of these four fears you fit in, what do you got to lose to try? The least that will happen is that you will be no worse off than you are today, but you will have an amazing stress-reduced four weeks from my exercises. The best can be is that you learn how to create the life and miracles you want!

To be continued tomorrow…

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Ongoing Personal Development with the Expert

Do we need another Self Development Program?

Let’s face it, with all the hundreds, no thousands, of personal development programs out there – does the world really need another one?

Despite the plethora of books and programs on this subject, there is still a lot of people who aren’t following the path of their dreams, who are not completely happy with the way their lives are going; people who know deep inside that they could do better and they are ready to go forward but just don’t know how to do it.

To be or not to be – the Choice is YOURS! is a Self Development System that will help you to break down your boundaries and really live the life of your dreams; whatever age you might be. It is always the right moment to take that vital step forward.

But why should you take this big step with me?
What qualifies me to give you advice?

My life and my love for it does (apart from my studies). Since an early age I have been aware that even small obstacles can stop us going anywhere and I didn’t like that. Instead I looked for and found practical ways to overcome my fears, doubts and other hurdles and have shared my findings with – first my friends, later my local clients and now I will share them also with YOU.

  • Do you ever procrastinate or have self doubts?

I imagine that the answer is yes. We all do, what makes the difference is how we deal with it.

  • Do you ever fail, stumble and fall?
Again the answer is – we all do. What makes the difference is how fast we get up again.

Am I perfect?

Far from it but I really love my life. It is the only one I have and I might as well live it happily, don’t you agree? You too have this Choice! You can create and live the life of your dreams and with my help will do so. Like you, I have days when things just don’t go right, but I never lose sight of my life’s purpose and mission – and with my guidance, you too will be able to build your “perfect” life.

So the answer is YES

This program is needed. It can make a visible difference in your life.

Unfortunately I am not a Genie, I can’t just give it to you as much as I would like to. Only you hold that power. Only you can commit to a path of change that will ultimately release your true potential and let you achieve all that you are capable of achieving in life. All I can do is guide you and be by your side when you want help.

The vital difference to any other Personal Development Program is that you will not get a book or CD and be left alone. NO – I will actually be there to “hold your hand” during the journey. We will personally meet live in our virtual Conference room on a regular basis to exchange ideas and solve your challenges and I will follow up on your development.

And I will not kid you. Even though it is simple, it is not an easy process. It requires you to reflect and change in some areas. And change is never easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But I am here with you, helping and encouraging – and yes, perhaps sometimes even bullying you along the path towards a fulfilled life, and a better, happier YOU.

Some say, change is hard work. I am nor sure if they are right because the end result really justifies the means; that much I can promise.

Are you ready to walk the path with me?

If your answer is YES – Then let’s get started right here and NOW!

I will see you inside!

To a great(er) life

Barbara Hofmeister

Creating a better World – one Dream, one Vision at a Time!

PS. I like to work with small groups of individuals who are really serious about changing their lives for the better and I believe in giving back. That is why I think it is my obligation to share my findings with you. But be aware I cannot take on more than 100 coaching clients at a time! MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.
10 % of ALL I make go directly to Charity organizations like
by helping yourself you are also helping them – a real win win for everybody