Look for the message

Last night I watched the film “Troy” on TV. I had seen it once before on DVD and the one scene that had stuck out for me was the scene where Brad Pitt sprang at the giant he was supposed to fight and slit his throat without a moment of hesitation. It had been the only way to win.

On the TV version they had cut this scene out. For me it changed the whole film. Why? Because I always try to learn something and the lesson I got from Achilles the first time I saw the film was

When you have made a decision to do something do it whole heartedly and without hesitation!

Of course I don’t mean to slit anyone’s throat, on the contrary, but have you ever noticed that the truly great movies – the ones that become classics and usually are nominated for Academy Awards – have one thing in common?

Do you know what that one thing is?

They have unforgettable moments with a strong message in them.

Seems obvious, yet these moments can be quite subtle – so subtle that we may overlook them, both in the movies and, more importantly … in our lives.

What makes these moments so extraordinary is that they touch the core of who we are. When we are attentive they can provide the shift we need in the right direction. They are wings for our spirits, for our longing to dare and move forward – out of our comfort zone and into that new space we might fear but at the same time want so much.

Look into the moments that stop you, become aware of why something failed and learn your lesson from it so that next time you will make a better decision and “go for gold” whole heartedly and without hesitation.

Life is great – if only we let it be!

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Create a Miracle in your Life

I just met Vincent Genna and like what he does. It is very much in line with what I believe and teach. Therefore I will post it here over the next few weeks but if you prefer you can go directly to his blog too. It is http://www.vincentgenna.com

Here is your first exercise for week 1:

Everything in life was NOT created by thought. It was created by BELIEFS. If thoughts alone were our creating powers, than all the screaming babies in the world would have no voices, and everyone who cut you off on the road would be dead! We have a lot of thoughts every day, including daydream and fantasy thoughts. They don’t all come to fruition after having them. That’s because they are not powered by anything. Beliefs empower your thoughts! Thoughts focus the energy we create from our beliefs. Since, we are connected and one with a Greater Power, Higher Source, Unlimited all Loving Being, God, or whatever you wish to call it, we create everything in our lives either consciously or subconsciously. I am attempting to help you learn how to create your life consciously. That way, you will create the things you want, rather than the things you don’t want.

Edgar Cayce was a famous contemporary “Sleeping Prophet” who said, “Spirit is life; mind is the builder; and physical is the result.” In other words, what you believe (spirit), gives life and empowers what you think (mind). And what you think, creates your physical world (result). So, for your first exercise this week, you’re going to empower your desire statement by believing it is a real part of you that you truly believe you want.

Part 1-Read your desire statement out loud, not just silently in your head, and say it with as much feeling and desire as you can. Feel it as a real and meaningful desire, not just as a flippant want. Change it from being just words, to being a real part of you. Say it with passion!

Part 2-Then close your eyes and envision the pad or piece of paper you wrote your desire statement down on in your mind. Then, make yourself see a cord coming out of the pad or piece of paper and connecting right to where your belly button is, just like an umbilical cord! It doesn’t make a difference what type of cord it is, but I want you to see your desire statement actually attached to your body and as if you are feeding your words your energy. When you are visualizing this, you can see electrical energy radiating from your body to your desire statement, light radiating to it, or even blood. Whatever you choose or want, just see your desire statement attached to you and you feeding it. It is best to attach it to your belly button because that is actually your solar plexus chakra and where your energy flow converges.

This is how we were fed and kept alive in utero, so that how we are going to feed our desire statement for this purpose. I know it may sound funny, but try to make it as real as possible for you. It’s ok if your visualization goes in and out. Just keep trying to see it as best you can. The better you can do this, the more you will be empowering your desire. Remember, do both parts of this as often as you can throughout the entire day for the whole week, and let it be one of the last things you do before you go to bed tonight. It becomes easier each day. Also, jot down anything you notice during the day that may be different, as well.

Good luck to all!

I second that! Have a wonderful day and an even better life!



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NEW Personal Development Program

Do we need another Self Development Program?

Let’s face it, with all the hundreds, no thousands, of personal development programs out there – does the world really need another one?
Despite the plethora of books and programs on this subject, there is still a lot of people who aren’t following the path of their dreams, who are not completely happy with the way their lives are going; people who know deep inside that they could do better and they are ready to go forward but just don’t know how to do it.
  • Do you ever procrastinate or have self doubts?
I imagine that the answer is yes. We all do, what makes the difference is how we deal with it.
  • Do you ever fail, stumble and fall?
Again the answer is – we all do. What makes the difference is how fast we get up again afterwards.

Am I perfect?

Far from it but I really love my life. It is the only one I have and I might as well live it happily, don’t you agree? You too have this Choice. You can create and live the life of your dreams and with my help will do so. Like you, I have days when things just don’t go right, but I never lose sight of my life’s purpose and mission – and with my guidance, you too will build your “perfect” life.

So the answer is YES

This program is needed. It can make a visible difference in your life.

Are you ready to walk the path with me?

Then let’s get started right here and NOW!

I will see you inside!
PS. I like to work with small groups of individuals who are really serious about changing their lives for the better and I believe in giving back. That is why I think it is my obligation to share my findings with you. But be aware I cannot take on more than 100 clients at a time! MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.

To a great(er) Life

Barbara Hofmeister

Creating a better World – one Dream, one Vision at a Time!

10 % of ALL I make go directly to Charity organizations like


Unfortunately I am not a Genie, I can’t just give it to you as much as I would like to. Only you hold that power. Only you can commit to a path of change that will ultimately release your true potential and let you achieve all that you are capable of achieving in life. All I can do is guide you and be by your side when you want help.

The vital difference to any other Personal Development Program is that you will not get a book or CD and be left alone. NO – I will actually be there to “hold your hand” during the journey. We will meet live in our virtual Conference room on a regular basis to exchange ideas and solve your challenges.

And I will not kid you. Even though it is simple, it is not an easy process. It requires you to reflect and change in some areas. And change is never easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But I am here with you, helping and encouraging – and yes, perhaps sometimes even bullying you along the path towards a fulfilled life, and a better, happier YOU.

Some say, change is hard work, but the end result justifies the means; that much I can promise.

To be or not to be – the Choice is YOURS! is a System that will help you to widen your boundaries and live the life of your dreams; whatever age you might be. It is always the right moment to take that vital step forward.

But why should you take it with me? What qualifies me to give you advice?

My life and my love for it does (apart from my studies). Since an early age I have been aware that even small obstacles can stop us going anywhere and I didn’t like that. Instead I looked for and found practical ways to overcome my fears, doubts and other hurdles and have shared my findings with – first my friends, later my local clients and now I will share them also with YOU.


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Why Self-Improvement doesn’t work

Why self-improvement doesn’t work! The answer lies already in the words themselves: self IMPROVEMENT. Sounds as if something needs to be improved, something that is broken or wrong but is that the case when get into self-improvement?

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In most cases we do not try to “fix” something broken, instead we see areas we want to get better in and work on those. The best way to improve is always to focus on what or who we want to became.


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Avoid Comparison and Excel

Moments TO BE

Have you ever wondered why great things happen to some but not for you? Are you one of the unhappy ones that compares her/himself to others?

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Don’t look at others people to give you the answers. Look at within. You’ve got the strength, you’ve got the power, you’ve got the ability! Now go out and use it.



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