You can do it! Don’t let anyone steal your dreams

Not long ago I was invited to be a guest on a Spanish TV show called “La vida sana” (the healthy life). Without ever having spoken to the other guests we all talked about the same thing – the importance of visualization and belief.

Some wise man said “What the human mind can conceive it can achieve.” and that is really true. The only thing that is holding us back is our belief system.

If we believe we can do it, we will attempt it. But if we think it is “impossible” we will not even try.

While I was typing this, I had a phone call. A friend asked me if I want to join him on his expedition to Mount Everest. NO WAY!!! was my immediate answer but had he asked me to sail around the world with him I would probably have gladly accepted that challenge. Different strokes for different folkes, right?

However both things would be possible if I put my mind (and my body) behind it, don’t you think?

Visualising their dream future

Visualising their dream future

My dream is to become a very well known change catalyst and after having spoken to over 15.000 people in the last 2 years alone I know I am getting there.  Hundreds of people told me that my trainings have changed their life, that I have touched their soul and made them move out of their comfort zone into a better life.  That is my dream come true!

What is your dream?
The one you have been hiding, maybe even from yourself!

Start sharing it with those around you. Making it public makes it more of a commitment and you are likely to be reminded should you stray off your path.

Making my dream public was not easy for me. I felt stupid wanting to be famous but as I want to help change the educational system into something more practical and student orientated I need a lot of cloud and fame gives you cloud, doesn’t it?

Good excuse but why would I need an excuse? Because it sounds conceited to want to be famous. Who says?… Get the trend?

Don’t let anybody, including yourself, steal your dreams!!!

You deserve a fulfilled, happy and abundant life and it is up to you to get it.
To be or not to be – the Choice is YOURS!
Today and any other day of your life!

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Be courageous and go for it!

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When the student is ready…

I am sure you heard the saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Meaning, when you are ready to understand you will hear the message.

Have you ever attended a workshop or seminar, gone home and never used anything you had learned there?
Have you ever read a book or listened to a CD course, thought it was great stuff but never used it in real life?

Most of us who are working on our personal growth will have had this experience to a certain extend. Often we are just not ready for all that books, audio programs or workshops try to teach us and we only get part of the message. But that is ok as long as we get that part and integrate it into our lives.

But more often than not people attend seminars or workshops to get all hyped up and after being back in their everyday life, all is forgotten and they are looking for the next “shot”. Even though some of my collegues might not be too happy with what I say here but if you don’t take at least one thing from a book you liked, a course you did or a seminar you attended and put it into action, you have probably wasted your time.

I suggest that after each training event you attend, each self-help book you read, each course you listen to, make sure you take at least one lesson and integrate that into your life before you move on.

Time is so precious and there are so many lessons to learn in life that we really have to take what is offered to us and use it to the best of our abilities.