How you truly achieve your Goals

It is at this time of year – during the holidays – that most of us reflect on the past year and look at our plans for the New Year. Unfortunately many do not have a plan. They might go as far as to set some half hearted New Year Resolutions just around midnight on the 31st but often these are already forgotten by the middle of January.


Because your resolutions are not really what you want. It is more what you think you need to be or do, i.e. “Starting from January I will exercise three times a week, go on a diet, call my parents on a regular basis” etc. But you don’t really want to exercise that much or go on a diet, do you? What you want are the results these actions will bring you!

This is why we need to start with the results we desire before we set goals or set New Year Resolutions. We always have to start with the desired end result in mind.

When you are clear on the result you desire then and only then can you start filling the gap from where you are today to where you want to go and break these necessary actions down into small, achievable steps. That is all really. You just have to make sure you really know what outcome you want to achieve before you start setting goals.

Hear what Brian Tracy has to say about goal setting:

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Do yourself a favor

You know I keep talking about making your dreams come true and I really wish that for you. But in my coaching I come across quite a few clients who have no dreams anymore. People who are stuck but don’t really know what they want different – except to become unstuck.Barbara Hofmeister

Unstuck from what? They must know that something is missing in their life as otherwise why would they go to a life coach?

Well you see since we were small children we were held down. This is not done consciously. It is done by our parents, grandparents, teachers etc. to protect us but we cannot differenciate the protective NOs from the diminishing Nos. Over the years the bubbly, exciting confidence and self esteem we held when we were small children and believed the world belongs to us subsides and makes room for self doubts and fears.

But today you are an adults and you can form your own opinion of how you and the world around you should be. Every one of us has that right and is actually making that decision – whether it is conscious or unconscious. Your present life is the result of your decisions and choices.If who you are today is not to your liking, change it!

No matter where you are you yourself have brought you here.

By making a different decision – taking a different choice or moving along a new and different path.

You don’t know how to?
That is probably because you have heard people change overnight and that seems impossible for you. Let me put your mind to rest. The “overnight” change is usually like the tip of the iceberg. Before it broke through the waters surface a lot of growth had to happen underneath. In humans many small decisions, choices have to be made before the results break through to be seen on the surface.

If you want to change anything in your life make a decision now to change one small little habit. You are not likely to go from no sports to running a marathon but you can easily start with 15 minutes of excercise 3 times a week, then move from there to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes etc. It is the small step approach that brings the true results.

The same if you want to lose weight. Like you did not put on the excess weight overnight you will also not lose it Forget about looking like a model. They are exceptions and many of them suffer physically because they are too thin. Decide how you will feel comfortable, what it takes to fit back into your favorite clothes and go for that goal by improving your diet bit by bit, meal by meal.

True, the decision can be made in a instant but the changes happen step by step. That is why life coaching works so well because your personal life coach will hold you by the hand and make sure you are staying on the track YOU decided to take.

That is why I am asking you to do yourself the favor and make a different, more empowering decisions NOW!

To your life

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