Breaking a bad Habit

What a glorious day!

At this time of year I usually wake up with the sunrise. Today it was absolutely stunning and I did my short exercise session on the terrace watching the sun rise over the sea and the colors of the clouds change. What more can one ask from life?

Not having to do exercise some might say and I would lie if I say that I never feel like missing a day. You see, it is only about 6 weeks since I exercise again on a regular basis. Before I did Yoga with my neighbor but that was very irregular, anything between 1 and 3 times a week. Better than nothing but nowhere near enough.

Before I moved to Spain in 2000 and got caught up working through the Internet (of course that was my own decision) I went to a fitness studio 3-5 times a week and was in really good shape. Since then I have gone through menopause and my body has changed and needs to move more than ever but it costs me more than ever to actually make myself do it. Why?

Because I broke what had been a very good habit and exchanged it for something new – my computer! Unfortunately those new habits were not very good for me. Then why did you do it, you might ask. Well, most changes, whether positive or as in my case, negative don’t happen overnight. Gradually I found more and more reasons why I couldn’t go the studio and within a few weeks I went from 5 to 3 times, to 2 times, to 1 time, to only occasionally and then I stopped altogether as I moved country. And of course being new there I had even more reasons not to train.

The less you do sports (or whatever it is you are supposed to do) the more difficult it seems. Just ask someone who is obese and loves fast food. The disempowering habit becomes so much part of them that they cannot imagine it any other way anymore. And if you ever become consciously aware what you are doing to yourself, you will easily find a good excuse why right now it really is absolutely impossible to change. And most probably you will add that it is not a problem because you can stop whatever you are doing and take up your good habit again anytime. And you can but it is not as easy as one might hope.

Moving into disempowering habits seems easier and is exactly how you get into the habit of smoking, drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs. You tell yourself: “I can stop it anytime”. In most cases “any time” never comes.

Until I seriously got into Simpleology I would find all kind of excuses as a way out of regular exercise. Each Mondy when I planned my week I tried to include some sports but somehow it always got thrown out for more “important” things. Doing my daily target praxis from this multi-media course by Mark Joyner finally got me more disciplined again and I can now see myself moving much faster towards my goals and dreams. And the best is the 101 course is FREE.

Like my “To be” system it is an ongoing program that nudges you gently in the right direction in tiny steps and before you know it you have broken out of a bad habit back into a good one. Try it out. You will need a little patience before you see real results but if you stick with it the results will absolutely astound you. It got me from rarely exercising to daily exercise and from occasional meditation to daily meditation, from weekly goal setting to daily targets etc. And seeing the small positive differences each and every day is what will drive you on. Remember, change 1 % a day means having changed 365 % in one year!

Have fun