Learn to love a rainy day

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…
it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”
-Vivian Greene

Isn’t it true that we all face adversity in our life? Even if it seems as if we are the only ones with challenges, rest assured that others also have their problems.  That being so how come that some people seem to overcome their adversities with ease while other’s struggle continuously?

It is because it’s not the adversity, it is how we react to the adversity that will determine the joy, happiness, and amount of success we have in our life.

And it’s really easy to become happier and more fulfilled through being grateful for what is. I talked about that before and shall do so again because it really helps overcome the down feeling we tend to have during tough times. Gratitude can help you enjoy any rainy day.

It almost sounds too simple but one word… GRATITUDE, can totally change your attitude and with it, your life, forever.

When we choose to focus on the good there is in our life instead of on what is missing, depression and frustration don’t get space. When we focus on all the incredible good things we have in and around us, we can find heaven on earth and even enjoy a rainy day.