Create a positive work space

As adults, most of us spend more time with our colleagues at work than we do with our families. Therefore loving what we do and being a member of a great team is essential for a fulfilled life.

Today we will look into the qualities of great Teams and how to build and lead them because with the exception of your family, no other relationship will have as profound an impact on the quality of your life and the joy you can experience at work.

Here is what one of the greatest teamplayers of history, Henry Ford, had to say:

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. “

Unfortunately, like most families (the divorce rate in most western countries is around 50%) corporate teams tend to be pretty dysfunctional. Instead of developing a motivated team of individuals sharing a common goal and everyone driving their energies in the same direction, most teams are poorly trained and tend to compete instead of cooperate which makes them implode under pressure.

Let’s look at the components of a great Team.

First of all you have to feel responsible (respons-ability = ability to respond)

Remember, it is your team whether you lead them or are just a member

Be a leader

It is not alway the boss that leads. You can be a leader too. Contribute with ideas and suggestions and help to implement them.

Show your willingness to cooperate without being subservient

Enjoy building “your team” and remember how much time you spend at work and that it’s worth while enjoying. Starting tomorrow, become an active team member who leads her/his team in the best direction… one worthy of everybodys involvement! Inspiring your team is in your hands – you have the choice!