Follow your Dreams

Good Morning or is it evening where you are?

I got up at 5 am today with really inspiring thoughts, dreams and ways to get to them and I thought I just have to share all this with you. So I wrote my heart out – unfortunately in livejournal and not here – and after all this the b…… entry disappeared when I clicked on one of the questions marks on my blogging page.

I mean really, shouldn’t a question be opened in another window as it is on other services? Or could they not at least have warned me? What a frustrating way to go into such a wonderful day. I was really inspired when I got up but now…

Fortunately frustration never stays with me for long so just voicing my frustration to you makes me smile again. But I have run out of time to give you more of my thoughts so please forgive me for this short and not too pleasant or insightful entry and I will speak to you another day about following your dream. I have to run to follow mine now -.)



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What is Life Coaching?

In the last few years Life Coaching has become more and more popular but as it is a new profession most people don’t know enough about it to decide whether it is right for them. We hope this article will clarify what coaching is so you can make an educated decision for yourself.

We have all heard of sports coaches. In the old days they were the sports “trainers” but today all high performance sport stars have a mind coach; a person who strengthens their belief in themselves and in their ability to win. Even though Life coaching is not primarily about winning or losing, it is about “winning” the life you choose to live.

Life coaching has become so popular because many of us are tired of doing what we thing we “should” do. We have become aware that we have a choice to do what we want to do!

Be aware that coaching is not a therapy. In therapy the goal is to give you an understanding of your past in order for you to have the awareness of how you became who you are today. Coaching is movement oriented and action based. Where therapy looks back, life coaching looks forward – towards your future and a “better”, more fulfilled YOU.

Your Coach will assist you to identify specific goals and objectives and will help you to stay focused so you can reach those goals faster. A good coach will provide you with the tools, structure and perspective to make the journey easier for you and she/he will make you accountable.

Did you know that people who are accountable are 7 to 10 times more successful than others?

Coaching works in all aspects of your life from relationships, to lifestyle, to career, health and wealth improvements. It focuses on strengthening your skills and improving and trusting your abilities. It helps you to meet and exceed your potential in order to be your best.

Coaching is similar to consulting. Yet, where consulting frequently provides only temporary solutions, coaching is consistent and on going. The Coach stays with the clients to help implement new habits, skills, and changes. Another distinction is that consultants usually give advice and tell people what to do while coaches focus on assisting their clients to discover the solutions themselves. Or in other words, we don’t give you the fish; we teach you how to fish.

We focus on what you want to achieve and help you maintain your commitment to yourself and your dreams and visions. We look at where you are now in relation to where you want to be. Are your ideas and goals based on your true core values? What are your strength and weaknesses and how can we use this knowledge to your advantage?

Our society is looking for a deeper meaning as we begin to understand that we  grow from the inside out. More and more people are freeing their time and resources to invest in themselves because they realize how simple it can be to accomplish something big if you “get a little help from a friend”.

So why not use a trusted friend? As wonderful as it is to have good friends, they are emotionally involved and do not have the objectivity and distance necessary to see where you stand and what type of assistance you need. Have your friends or family ever been shocked because you made a move in a new direction? Have they ever told you that something can’t be done or is not done the way you want to do it? Quite frequently our well meaning friends and family are the “dream stealers” not the supporters we need. Because of the emotional distance a coach is a trusted professional who works with you on improving the most important aspects of your life.

Why would you want a Coach?
You might want a coach because…

  1. you want to grow
  2. you want to be more productive
  3. you want to become more balanced
  4. you want to find new and more efficient ways to do things
  5. you want to make a mark
  6. you want to define and live a life of purpose
  7. you want new perspectives
  8. you want to change certain aspects of your life
  9. you want to reach new goals

How long do you have to commit to your coach?

It is not so much a commitment to your coach as a commitment to yourself. Give yourself time; 3-6 months at least. What has taken you a lifetime to become cannot be changed in a day. However sometimes even one single session can make a life changing difference.

If you need help on a specific short term project, you should consider one-on-one coaching to help you accomplish this specific goal faster.  If you need motivation and a step by step process to move you out of feeling stuck and unfulfilled, do group coaching.

Why does life coaching work?

  1. The synergy created between you and your coach creates momentum.
  2. Better and clearly defined goals support you to move towards your “dream life” faster and with less effort.
  3. You develop new skills and habits which translate into higher success and a more balanced life.

There is never a better day than today to start your “new” life. Sign in for your Membership at

Barbara Hofmeister
Author and Master Coach

Procrastination is not laziness

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would always do what we have to do when we have to do it?

I don’t know if you are a procrastinator. I never considered myself one except on a couple of issues I disliked doing so much that I kept putting them aside only to resurface again a few days later.

What are the consequences of this type of bahavior?

  1. You never feel you have done all your work because THIS is still undone.
  2. It might cost you money because you have gone past a deadline or lost an opportunity.
  3. Putting things that need to be done sooner or later off creates frustration and consequently drains you of energy.

What are the consequences if you do it NOW?

  1. Your desk and your life will feel less cluttered.
  2. You will eventually get much more done.
  3. If it is something you really hate to do, you will feel like a winner bursting with energy once it is done!

If you start doing “unpleasant” things as soon as they come in, you will soon see how satisfactory that is and if you are one of those “superhumans” that can keep this up on all issues, you’ve got it made. I am not bluffing because the reason why the people we admire get so much more done than we do is exactly that. They don’t leave stuff until the last moment or even past the last moment. And they focus and prioritize.

When they do one thing, it is the only thing they do. And they will always do the most important first. The Paredo principle says: You get 80 % done in 20 % of your time. The secret is to prioritize on what really moves us towards our goals and do that first before picking up the phone, reading our mails or whatever it is that steals our time so easily.

Very successful people get incredible amounts of work done. Fact is the more we do the more we get done but before we will become really productive we have to learn to set the right priorities and do the things we dislike doing whenever they need to get done.

Procrastination is not laziness. Procrastination is a killer of productivity. It is a choice we take; a decision we make that seems the easy way out at the time but in the long term will cost us dearly.

Look into your life and search for the areas in which you procrastinate. Make a decision NOW to stop at least one area and take one small action step NOW that will help you get out of that corner.

Did it? Congratulations!

Nobody is perfect so don’t expect wonders TODAY but if you take one small step away from your weak areas on a regular basis your results will improve drastically!

Love your life and life will love you!

Chip away to find your Destiny

Have you ever wondered how an artist is able to chip away piece by tiny piece of excess wood or rock to finally end up with a perfect sculpture like Michelangelo’s David?

The story has it that when Michelangelo was commissioned to do the sculpture of King David he looked at hundreds of blocks of marble before he decided on the “right” one. To most of us all those blocks shown to him would have looked more or less the same but for Michelangelo it needed to be a certain piece of marble – nothing else would do. Why was that?

It was because he knew exactly what he wanted his David to look like. He could see the end result in front of his eyes. When asked how he was going to create such a fine figure as King David out of such an enormous chunk of marble his answer was: “That’s easy. All I have to do is chip away everything that isn’t David.” Isn’t that incredible? And so easy…

But why am I telling you this story?

Because I want you to look at what your “David” looks like.

Do you know what your major life target is?
Do you have a clear vision of what you want from life?
Do you know where you are going with the actions you take every day?

Do you know that about 90 % of us do not have a clear goal;
do not have a clear vision of what we want?

But if we don’t have a very clear and precise picture of what we aim at how can we reach it?

  • How can we chip away at the rock that is our life to create David (our destiny) if we don’t know what our ultimate goal looks like?

Does that make sense?

Let me give you another example. Imagine you are on a nice sailing yacht and you want to go from Marbella to Mallorca (Spain) or from Miami to Cuba. The distance is only a few hundred miles but if you would go off course by only 1° you would miss the island altogether and might end up somewhere completely different. And exactly the same happens when you go even slightly off course on the path to your life’s destiny!

To summon it up: Before we can attempt to reach our destiny; before we can start walking towards what we most want in our life, we MUST KNOW exactly what it is we want! Only then can we sail towards it. This is absolutely fundamental.

Action Steps

Go somewhere where you have peace and quiet with 3 crisp pieces of paper and a pen

  1. Imagine you had all the money you might ever need and could do anything you wanted to do knowing that you could not fail, what would you want to do? Describe it in great detail, get emotional and let yourself get carried away. Nothing is impossible!
  2. Take a fresh piece of paper and write what you want to tell your great grandchildren about your life.
  3. Now write your own eulogy. What do you want people to say about you when you are gone.
  4. Now compare what you have written and merge the 3 pictures.

Can you see your “David” emerge from the crude block? Does what you have written sound like something to aspire to?

If you are not yet 100 % sure what it is you want from your life the above will help you find it. These might not be the easiest of exercise but they are extremely efficient and helpful. If you want more tips on these topics sign up for my “Success Nuggets”, short messages for a great(er) YOU.

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Grateful for the Upgrade

After the near missed flight to London I spent an extremely enjoyable 2 days there attending a seminar of Topher Morrison. I left it slightly early as I had learned my lesson and wanted to make sure I arrive with plenty of time at Gatwick airport.

But I missed the airport train at Victoria Station and again arrived slightly late at the check in of British Airways – but this time I was in luck. They upgraded me to Business Class because the flight was fully booked and some people insisted on sitting together. Good for them and great for me as I flew back very comfortable and with excellent service.

But can you imagine that we had to leave all cosmetics behind – for security reasons? My bag shrivelled to half its usual size and I am not even into cosmetics. When I asked what one could do with a lipstick they told me I could stick it in someone’s eyes. I mean, please, this is crazy. I had 3 bolis in my bag and each were much more likely to do harm if I stuck them in someone’s eye. Which of course I would never do.

These security checks are getting a little out of hand and the rules are changing almost daily. There was a program on that on TV last night and it showed that if someone has set out to do harm they will find ways around the system because it is just impossible to check everything. But like those people could find ways to do damage we can find ways to do good.

Let’s not concentrate so much on the danger and on the negative. By doing that we only give it power. Let’s concentrate on the good in people, on the power each and everyone of us has to change this world for the better – one step, one small action, one helping hand at the time.

I love you all
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Do you still have Dreams?

Do you still have dreams?

Do you remember when you were young and had all those big dreams? And you actually believed you could make them come true, didn’t you?

How do you feel about that now?

Yesterday I asked a friend who was feeling depressed and down if he still had dreams and his answer was “Of course I have dreams but that is all they are. What does that have to do with my present situation?”

In my eyes everything except when you lose the belief that your dreams can become reality. Once more someone focuses on the problems, on the challenges that all of us have in our lives and not on the solution.

When I work towards fulfulling a dream there is not time to feel depressed. Frustrated maybe when things move too slow or when there is a setback but depressed – No. However when you file your dreams away as too unrealistic or something you might consider doing at a later date when you have more time… your ideas, your dreams recede further and further into the background until they truly become unrealistic because you have lost sight of them.

Don’t let that happen to you. Take a piece of paper and imagine what life could be like if your biggest dream or goal became true. Write it down in full detail with all the emotions that come with it. How will you feel when you live with your soul mate? How will you feel when you are on stage with a full auditorium? How will you feel when you make substancial amounts of money every month even when you are on holiday?

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

How will you feel when you have dinner with Richard Brandson on his private island? How will you feel when you help drill a well that will give thousands of people drinkable water? How will you feel when…?

Without feelings nothing happens. First is the thought, the idea. Then comes the feeling, the emotion which fuels your potential that moves you into action. You need all 3 to make things happening. The thought, the feeling and the action. If one is missing you lose out.

That is why so many businesses struggle today. Most were just build to make money not to be of service or use to anyone. The ones that thrive in today’s tough economy are the ones that were build to serve, to make this world a better place, to help and fulfill a real need.

If you see a need and have a passion to fulfill that, grab the opportunity because you will be successful – for sure!

Live with passion


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Don’t despair!

Outside it looks gray and in my heart it also looks gray today. This is not one of my good days!

Why do we have good and bad days? I suppose it has to do with the flow of things. Like with all things in nature our days cannot always be the same and I consider myself very fortunate because most of my days are good to fantastic. But today is not one of them o.)

When I looked at my daily targets this morning I was quite optimistic but now a few long and not very successful (one was actually quite unpleasant) phone calls later I feel quite depressed. I feel I don’t get anything done. I feel that people don’t like me. I feel that it’s is all my fault. To be truthful I feel quite sorry for myself. That means today really is a bad day!

Fortunately I know even in these moments of gloom that the sun will come out again and I will feel wonderful once more. Even in the worse moments of my life I have known that I will survive and be better and stronger than before. There was never a moment that I was in such despair that I could not dream of the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light has always come! Even if you can’t see it when you are down in the pits. It is there and it will also shine on you again if you give it a little time.

Jim Rohn calls it the seasons of life. It is a good comparison because many of us forget spring when we are in the middle of our emotional winter. Just writing this down makes me already feel better. Today is not winter, just a gray day and I was only hit by a breath of chilly air – that is all.

Speak soon

Traveling is Fun or we must learn the Lessons

Traveling is fun or I must learn the Lessons

I woke before 6 am this morning. As there was no need to get up until 7 I plugged in my MP3 player and listened to a couple of “Lessons of Life” by Jim Rohm. Just before 7 am I got out of bed, took a steam bath, answered a couple of emails, packed my stuff and got ready to leave for the airport around 8.30 am for my flight to London at 10.25.

Normally it takes about 40 Minutes to the airport so I thought there would be plenty of time to stop half way and get a document from the land registry that I had asked for the week anterior. On hindsight I must have been insane to attempt this and it was here where the problems started.

I arrived at the registry 9 Minutes after they had opened thinking that I would be the first but there were several people in front of me. Fortunately my turn came fairly quickly and I handed the girl my request. She started to search in her basket where the document should be, then went into the back office. After a few moments she came back with another lady but still without my document. Together they searched the basket again. Nothing and back into the office they went. I started to get frantic and tried to find out what had happened but living in Southern Spain has its downside as here people will not be pushed to hurry even for a frantic German. Another few precious minutes passed and the girl came back with her superior. “Do you have the original notary document? We could print you what you need while you wait” he told me politely. But by now I was desperate and really did not appreciate his offer so I thanked him and run out of the office and back to my car. It was 55 minutes before flight departure!

Of course I got stuck in a small traffic jam trying to get back on the highway. Another 5 precious minutes passed until that moved. My nerves were frayed and I started racing down the highway passing cars left and right going way past the speed limit. After 15 Minutes the sign for Malaga airport appeared. Another 1,5 km and 40 Minutes till departure. With a bit of luck I might just make it. Just as that thought passed through my mind I realized that everyone seemed to be going to the airport today and another traffic jam build up. I could see the planes landing but only inched my way towards the airport. Desperation set in and I was beating myself up for so much stupidity.

The closer I came the more I got reminded that Malaga airport is an enormous building site with very limited parking facilities. If you have been there in 2006 you will know what I am talking about. Why didn’t I think of that before? I fly in and out at least once a month. Panic set in and only 30 Minutes to go.

I drove up to the departure terminal. Is everybody flying out today? In 6 years I never saw such chaos. You couldn’t even stop for a moment to discharge your luggage. The police was everywhere and tried to control what could not be controlled. A policeman made someone leave and I got in that slot and jumped out trying not to take notice of him. He shouted after me but to no avail. Only 25 Minutes to go.

The counter was already closed but there was still some one there. He was not happy but eventually re-started his computer and gave me a boarding pass telling me I had 10 minutes to get to the plane.

Out I went to my car. Thank god the police are not as fast in Spain as they are in Germany. The poor man was really mad at me but the tow car had not arrived yet so I left without further problems. But I still had the same issue – where to park the car while I was in London?

All 3 parking lots near the departure lounge were inaccessible. I was out of the airport before I knew it. Around the roundabout and back again. Did I see a slot there on my right? This is where the rent-a-car companies are stationed and I never attempted to park there but today was different – today I only had 15 minutes before my plane left.

There a parking sign! In I went but they did not want me to park there – only for rented cars of their company, they said. I pledged and pleaded but the gentleman was adamant. He insisted I leave. To turn around I had to go into their backyard and saw a small exit there into the bushes. Off I went bumping over rocks with my lovely Mercedes but who cared at this stage. All I wanted was to park for a couple of days.

I got my luggage out and as I locked the car the gentleman was back at my side. Now he was not so polite anymore and told me to get lost or he would call the police. A young man came up behind him and said I could not park here but he would help me – finally someone on my side! But you need a contract, he said. NO, I need to get to my plane RIGHT NOW I shouted but to no avail.

He drove me back to the departure lounge while I filled in the contract. Adrian, that was his name, insisted I check his documents but who cared in a moment like this. I sure didn’t. “But Senora, your car is worth over 30,000 Euros. You have to care.” He insisted. Isn’t it amazing how fast our perspectives change? In order not to lose a flight that cost about 100 Euros I entrust a car worth 300 times that much to a total stranger.

To cut the story short I crashed the line at security and ran all the way to the departure gate. By this time my face was red as a beetroot and I arrived there 5 Minutes after regular departure but fortunately – for whatever reason – or was it because of the constant prayers I had sent up to higher powers since realizing how stupid my idea of getting some documents on the way to the airport had been? – The flight was slightly delayed and I entered with the last 2 passengers. Fact is I got the flight – by a hairs breadth and with a lot of “luck” but…

  • What are the lessons to learn?
    Learn from past experience (this was the 3rd time I raced to the airport).
    Plan things that are important to you in a logical manner and follow through.
    Don’t stress yourself in an unnecessary way because it will drain you of all your energy.
    And don’t always think that manifesting your crazy ideas to the universe will help you make them real.


If you change perspective, everything changes!

Well, I could come up with several more lessons I hope I finally learned but for now enough is enough!

Do you still have Dreams? FREE pre-launch copy of book!

Do you still have dreams?

And do you want to make them come true? If you do, start by writing your dreams down – the clearer the better and please don’t judge on the possibility or probability, just write whatever comes to your mind. Remember, what the human mind can conceive it can achieve!

I’ve noticed that the majority of people still have some dream lurking in the background but most have given up on it. In many cases it has become so vage that it has totally faded in the background soon to be forgotten altogether. If you don’t want that to happen to you I have an irresistable offer for you. My book “To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS!” is coming out soon and it takes you by the hand and walks you through re-defining your purpose and living your own dream vision of life.  

To be or not to be - the choice is YOURS! book by Barbara Hofmeister
To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS! by Barbara Hofmeister


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