How to Create Your Future

Moments TO BE

“Give a lot of thought to your future because that is where you will spend the rest of your life” – Charles Kettering

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Yesterday we talked about creating a detailled vision of your perfect day, a vivid vision of your ideal day sometime in the future.  Keep working on this vision and make it as vivid, as descriptive and real as possible. You have to see it, hear it, touch it, smell it… and above all FEEL IT!

Read it every single day. Best is just after you wake up and just before going to bed at night. The more clear it is to you, the faster it will manifest in your life. Trust the process. It works!

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Hoping for better Results?

Before an architect can build anything he/she needs to have an idea which they turn into a clear vision, usually by making a drawing. When that has taken form they finalize it with all the technical details necessary BEFORE the first stone is layed.

That is what I suggested you do in my post yesterday – create a detailled vision of your future life; a detailled and clear vision of your ideal day!

I can promise you that this act alone can totally change your life for the better but I know that it takes time and focus to create and really mean it and it is so much easier not to do it and continue doing what you have always done – hoping for a better result.


Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Do I need to add anything?

Take time out of your busy life and really start creating the life YOU want.

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Create YOUR Ideal Day

We have often talked about the power of visualization. In my book “To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS!” I ask you to create a VIVID VISION of your ideal day.

What do I mean with that?

I mean it has to be so vivid, so descriptive that it comes alive inside of you. It needs to be so “real” that you can see yourself in that vision, that you can hear, see, smell, taste and feel that moment you are imagining.

For many that vision will not be in caleidoskope colors or in 3D – for me it isn’t – but all the same you will “be” right in the middle of it if your vision is clear and detailed enough.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to assist you in creating life on your terms.  Visualizing how you want to live will help activate your subconsious where 94 to 98% of your thoughts originate and whose potential we hardly use.

Creating a detailled and vivid vision will get into the right mindset and will help you to define a step-by-step set of daily actions you can use to then literally start living that ideal vision once you are crystal clear where you want to go.

So take action NOW!

Imagine yourself 3 or 5 years from today and decribe YOUR PERFECT DAY from the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to bed in every tiny little detail……………….


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Create you Vision for the coming Year!

Do you have the feeling life is pushing you in the wrong direction? That it is happening to you instead of you making it happen?

You are not alone! I hear that all the time but it does not have to stay like that. YOU CAN CHANGE IT! You are in charge as soon as you start creating your future and believing in it.

Watch the following short videos and START CREATING YOUR LIFE! There is no better time than now. Do not procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow. Do it immediately otherwise tomorrow might not be to your liking.

Happy New Year and Happy New Life!!! You deserve it…

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Anchor Your “Ideal Day”

I want to follow up on what I wrote about a few days ago. The creation of your “ideal day”. Did you do it?

If you passed on that opportunity I wonder if you really want change in your life? Remember what I wrote a couple of days ago?

Sometimes the short pain of effort feels stronger than

the long pain of failure.

Don’t let this delusion catch you. As Einstein said so eloquently: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

If you want different results than the ones you have right now, get up and move in a different direction. Move into the direction of your dreams, of what you consider a “perfect” life. In the long run it is easier than staying in an uncomfortable, dissatisfying situation.

Take the opportunity to write your personal vision of your ideal day now! And if you have already done it last week then make it more detailed, more colorful, more descriptive, more real…

When you feel excitement and warmth and a big smile is creeping into your face, that is when you are actually start seeing yourself in that ideal situation and as you come to the peak of that feeling, anchor it with a gesture and a sound. As you see, hear, smell, taste and feel what it will be like to live in that ideal situation, anchor this feeling, this vision of your ideal life with a gesture and a sound so you can get it back at any time.

Read your vision at least once daily and think about it as often as possible so your subconscious starts to take it for real and helps you create it.


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Create your Ideal Day

Is your life ideal?

Have you ever thought about what an ideal life would look like for you?

Today I want to invite you to create it.

How do we do that?

Let me give you a practical example we all know – that of an architect. Before an architect can build anything he needs an idea; he has to create whatever he wants to build first in his mind. In the next phase he will put it on paper and only when it is on paper with every little details, can he start to manifest it i.e. build it.

Exactly the same works for our life. We first need to clarify our ideas to make sure we know what we really want. I have posted some videos on this topic on and you can find the step by step process to become clear on your purpose and passion in my book “To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS!” and in other posts here on the blog.

Once you have a good idea of where you want your life to go, imagine what your ideal day would look like. Start from the moment you wake up until the moment you go back to sleep and write down every little detail – what you are doing, who you are with, where you are, your surroundings, your activities, your  feelings… everything! Paint a picture of the day – in words or in paint – whatever works for you but you have to be detailed. It has to really draw you in. It has to be YOUR day!

Do it now and enjoy!

Get the “TO BE” book NOW!

Today I want to make a shameless pitch. You are not used to that as I normally don’t sell but a girl must make a living 🙂

Seriously as you are following my blog and you are probably also following my facebook posts, you probably like what I do and my book “To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS” is the concentrated, step by step formula to get you from where you are today to where you want to go with your life. And it’s easy as the book is so clearly structured that you will go through it in a breeze while discovering what has been stopping you and how you can overcome it and walk towards your true destiny.

I wish from my heart that you will find the true, powerful you in the book. You can get the TO BE book either on Amazon or

Inside the TO BE book you will

  • start to see the greatness in you… page 8
  • see how well meaning advice is stopping you… page 53
  • have the right support to really live your dreams… page 83
  • paint a picture of your ‘perfect’ life… page 69
  • understand why NewYear resolutions don’t work… page 11
  • decide who and what is good for you… page74
  • learn how to balance your life… page 78
  • laugh at the worries you used to have… page 123
  • give an empowering promise to yourself… page 12
  • understand how powerful living in purpose is… page 43
  • stop being the victim once and for all… page 199
  • make sure you are going in the right direction… page 84
  • attain happiness through this very simple little habit… page  60
  • realize who and what is responsible for your life… page 15
  • understand that super achievers are no better than you… page 130
  • recognize who you truly want to become… page 23
  • become crystal clear on what needs to be done… page 169
  • learn how to grow your confidence… page 98
  • understand why you did not reach past goals… page 167
  • clearly see your future 5 years from now… page 29
  • recognize fears and overcome them… page 103
  • become aware of your values and beliefs…  page 135
  • appreciate the importance of failures… page 46
  • know what it is you really want… page 20
  • start living your vivid vision on a daily basis… page 182
  • become an expert in motivating yourself… page 57
  • realize what underlying beliefs create your self talk… page 62
  • know that you always have a choice in life… page 44
  • clearly define your destiny and purpose… page 146
  • learn that you can have anything you want… page 36
  • get a choice of different tools to balance your life… page 193
  • model the people you admire… page 67
  • make a personal declaration of independence… page 47
  • analyze 121 thoughts to focus only on positives… page 189
  • become clear how and when you make excuses… page 51
  • reward yourself for all your big and small achievements… page 86
  • look at your lost opportunites and how to avoid them… page 48
  • take first steps towards going from dream to reality… page 155
  • strengthen your belief in yourself and your abilities… page 91
  • define what are real opportunities… page 49
  • recognize how and when other’s disempower you… page 55
  • use a step by step process to achieve ANY goal… page 174
  • look forward instead of back… page 94
  • realize why we quit when we are adults… page 46
  • appreciate your positive qualities… page 95
  • realize that you are good enough… page 107
  • create a clear vision of your dream life… page 26
  • let go of worry… page 113
  • make a personal declaration of happiness… page 59
  • snap away your negative self talk… page 61
  • face your challenges and overcome them… page 117
  • learn which events made you into who you are today… page 16
  • declare your purpose to the universe… page 147
  • having total power over your life… page 204
  • discover the REAL POWERFUL YOU!

and be highly motivated to taking the right action steps


Do yourself a favor and get this book today and start truly living your dream

The Power of Discipline

Now that you know your passion and have developed a vivid vision of your perfect life, it is time to start living it.

Discipline is essential, meaning you need to start taking disciplined and focused action. But don’t overdo it because living a balanced life is at the heart of success. Discipline and having and keeping a daily plan is vital. It will let you become more focused on what’s really important on your way to realize your dreams and live an extraordinary life.

You have decided to find your purpose and live your passion. I comment you on that. Discipline is a key factor  but rest assured, taking steps towards your destiny and noticing how slowly at first but surely things fall into place,  will also be a great joy and give you plenty of satisfaction on the way.

Remember, every day is a day closer to your goals and dreams. Live by integrity in all you do and success will happen. The doors of opportunities will open before you and take you to your purpose.

If you want to learn more details of this process join us in your weekly coaching program or get the book “To be or not to be – the choice is YOURS!”

Be well


Create a plan and follow through

In my last post we talked about finding your true passion. Today we will look at the end result you want to achieve and how we can implant that into your belief system.

To be able to do that you need to create a beautiful and detailled vision of your ideal day. Imagine having reached your biggest goal, imagine living that life you want to tell your great grandchildren about when you are 95…

When you are imagining that, what would your ideal day look like?

Once you can really see that in front of your inner eye, enjoy it for a moment and then start writing it down in every little detail – and I mean in EVERY detail. Start from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Write down where you are, what you are doing, who you are with, location, weather, feelings, sorroundings etc. etc. etc.

Creating a detailled vivid vision can take days or even weeks. DO NOT GIVE UP OR LEAVE IT HALF DONE!

Clarifying your vision could take months but the clearer and more detailled it is, the more you will attract people and opportunities that will help you reach your dream. The clearer your vision is, the more each part of you will get involved. The better you focus on your vision, the stronger your commitment and excitement will become.

Now you can start making a plan and move forward step by step!

Be outrageous! Think big!

Be outrageous! Think big! You can do it – if you really want to.
Maybe I can demonstrate what I mean through a poem written by Marianne Williamson. Part of this poem was used by Nelson Mandela in his Inauguration speech in 1994. The words are very powerful:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves WHO AM I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be!
Our playing small does not save the world.

There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking,
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

You are born to make manifest to the glory of God that is within us;
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other’s permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fears,
our presence automatically liberates others.”

These are inspiring words, aren’t they? Let them inspire you to really go all out and reach whatever it is that you dream of. You deserve to reach it!
Actually, we all do but during the course of our life we seem to forget all the big dreams we had when we were young and believed we could do anything. The question is why does life get in the way? Why do so many of us arrive at a stage where there seem to be more obligations than motivations?

The main reason is that most of us have let ourselves be “programmed” for mediocrity. We have not been told or taught that we can be powerful beyond measure. Since early childhood we are conditioned to swim with the swarm, to stay in the crab basket we call humanity and there will always be enough people around us who will remind us of it – but in spite of all this, we have a choice at any one moment of our life.

We really can do what we are here to do – if only we do!

And exactly here is our next challenge. To dare something new we must move out of our comfort zone and believe me, that is not easy. We feel comfortable in what we know, we feel safe and secure even if we are in a miserable situation because the devil we know… I am sure you know the proverb. But if we continue to do…

Einstein put this very nicely: “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

To help you move out of your comfort zone visualize what it would be like when you have reached your big dream. Open your boundaries and dream in 3D. Visualize in every little detail, with all 5 senses what life could be like when you are actually there. Close your eyes and daydream and only when you can “see” yourself in your perfect day and have a wide grin on your face and a nice and warm feeling inside, open your eyes and write it all down. Every little bit of it. Where you are, what you feel, who is around you, what you do, is it warm or cold, are you in a city or in the country, is it a special day of celebration…

Make it a very vivid Vision of your perfect day. Imagination is the root of everything that we do and by far the most powerful tool to success. Unless you can imagine yourself being richer, happier, thinner, fitter, or anything else you want to achieve, the chances of you ever getting there are slim.

Your brain needs to ‘see’ the results of your actions before it will allow you to apply your time and effort on striving for them. But unfortunately, although we are all blessed with imaginative powers as children, those powers very often fade as we enter adulthood. Remember the 95 % confidence we have as children and only 5 % as adolescents.

Regaining your ability to imagine, to picture something in your mind so complete that all your senses can experience it, IS possible. It just takes a little bit of practice. The more detailed your written “vision” is the more it will draw you towards actually getting there. Mine gets longer and longer and I feel great when I read it – which you should do frequently.

Jim Rohn says: “If the why is strong enough, the how becomes easy.” It is up to you to create your WHY. Get yourself into the feeling. This is the strongest technique to create belief in yourself!!! My clients say it is like giving birth and it really is incredibly motivating.

Honestly look into the amount of time you give to your dreams every day? For most of us it is NONE so how can we expect to ever make them come true?

It is only when your vision is clear that you should ask yourself: What do I have to do to get there? Always start with the end result in mind! That is what most of us do wrong. We start walking before we know exactly where we want to go to. In consequence it is no surprise that we stray off and get discouraged.

Work with the secrets of those who have done the “impossible”. Change your programming from “What if I fail?” to “What if I succeed? Then what?” Would that scare you? It shouldn’t! You are the Best in whatever field you are passionately involved in. But first you must know exactly what you want. Your vision has to be crystal clear to you.

Sorry, if I get carried away but I really want you to get this.

Dr. Schuler, Edison , Mandela, Trump and a lot of other extremely successful people all have these 3 things in common.

The first key is that they know exactly what they want and start with the end in mind.
The second key is BELIEF. People who do the impossible believe they can do it and eventually they do!
And the third: They act in spite of their fears; in spite of their doubts and in spite of what their family and friends might tell them.

Always remember: These are your dreams not theirs. This is your life not theirs!

Dare to go further, dare to create new experiences, implant greater ideas. Act in spite of your fears and doubts – again and again. Move on even if you feel uncomfortable. It is in those moments that you grow.

I wish you to be ALL YOU CAN BE and that is anything you want to be!

To your success!

Barbara Hofmeister