Move out of your Comfort Zone

It takes some doing to make us change, to make us move out of what we know – our so called comfort zone.

Comfort zone has nothing to do being in comfort. However it has everything to do what we are used to, just think of how many couples live in bad even abusive relationships for years without doing anything about it. Moving out of our so called “comfort zone” is so difficult because we lived into it slowly and eventually got so used to it that we consider it normal and believe it has to be like that and there is nothing much we can do about it.

But I assure you we can do something! We have a choice!

We can change at any time we make that decision.

It is always in our hands.

To make change we are usually motivated by pain or by joy. Normally pain is more powerful. I call these moments our wake-up calls. Often they appear around important birthdays or special anniversaries, or in sad, difficult moments like a divorce, a bankruptcy, a serious illness or other dark moments in life.

It is in those moments that we are forced to take a closer look at our life. It is in those moments that we are forced to make choices – different choices.

We need to choose whether we want to continue as is or move on and do things different – hopefully with better results.

Tomorrow we will talk about how you can do that…

“If you don’t change the road you’re traveling on,

you’ll probably end up where you’re going.” – Confucius