Set SMART Goals + achieve them!

Before I get into this I want to wish you a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY, JOYFUL, ABUNDANT 2011!

Today is the day to make sure that 2011 is going to be your best year ever. Are you ready? Have you create your vision for this new year? That is where it all begins. If you can’t imagine it, it cannot happen. So before you can go into setting goals or anything practical like that, YOU MUST BE CRYSTAL CLEAR ON THE WHAT AND WHY. You must have your vision in place!

Michael Gerber, the author of the all times Bestseller “The E-Myth” says it in one sentence:

Ask WHAT and WHY not HOW and WHEN

I speak with way too many people who are not clear on what they want and why they want it. We have been discussing this over and over again and shall do so in the future as this is where manifesting, where creation starts.

There are way too many people who think that the “big dreams” are not for them; that they must be “realistic”. They admire it when others live them but cannot imagine them for themselves. Why not? I give you permission to be big enough, good enough, powerful enough to make it happen and today we will start breaking your vision down into SMART goals so that you will be able to take the necessary action steps to actually achieve them.

I just read the following on “Finer Minds” and must share it with you as it explains clearly what I mean:
“Realism is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of pessimism. The people with the most consistent track record of success don’t think in terms of what is. They think in terms of what could be”

Start thinking in terms of what could be. The good things are not only for others; they are for you too and 2011 is the year that you can manifest that – if you so choose!

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